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to a specialized workshop when you have to change  
any fluid or operating medium. Volkswagen dealers  
always receive timely information about any changes.  
window washer fluid  
Inappropriate or improperly used fluids and  
operating media can cause serious accidents,  
injuries, burns and poisoning.  
· Store operating fluids only in their original tightly  
closed containers.  
· Never store operating fluids in food cans, bottles  
or other empty containers, as they could be  
swallowed by someone.  
· Keep liquids and operating media out of the reach  
of children.  
Fig. 231 In the engine compartment: window washer  
fluid tank cover.  
· Always read and observe the information and  
warnings on the packaging of operating fluids.  
Check the level of the window washer fluid regularly  
and top up if necessary.  
· If you use products that emit harmful vapors,  
always work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.  
There is a strainer in the window washer fluid tank  
filler neck. When filling the tank, this sieve retains  
large dirt particles from reaching the ejectors. Do  
not remove the sieve except to clean it. If the strainer  
is damaged or not fitted, these dirt particles could  
get into the system during filling and clog the washer  
· To preserve the vehicle, do not use  
never fuel, turpentine, motor oil, nail polish  
remover, or any other liquid that will evaporate.  
These substances are toxic and highly  
flammable. They could cause fire and explosions!  
— Open the engine hood ÿ p. 317.  
— You can recognize the window washer fluid  
reservoir by the symbol on the cover ÿ fig. 231.  
· Use only suitable operating fluids.  
Never confuse operating fluids. Otherwise serious  
— Check if there is still enough fluid in the  
malfunctions and engine damage could result!  
— If replenishment is necessary, mix clean water  
· If accessories and other optional equipment are  
(not distilled) with an appropriate glass cleaning  
mounted in front of the cooling air inlets, the  
product ÿ in the correct proportion, as indicated  
on the packaging.  
cooling effect of the engine coolant is reduced. At  
high ambient temperatures and under heavy load  
— When the outside temperature is low, also add  
a special antifreeze liquid so that the water  
cannot freeze ÿ .  
the motor can overheat!  
Escaping operating fluids can pollute the  
environment. If you go out to  
The window washer fluid reservoir has a capacity of  
approx. 3 to 7.5 liters (3.1 to 7.9 quarts). depending  
on the equipment.  
any operating liquid, collect it in an appropriate  
container and dispose of it properly and in an  
environmentally friendly manner.  
Never mix coolant additives or similar unsuitable  
additives with the windscreen washer fluid.  
Otherwise, an oily film may form on the windscreen,  
making visibility considerably more difficult.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
window washer fluid  
· Store engine oil only in the tightly closed original  
· Use clean, clear water (not distilled) with an  
appropriate glass cleaning product.  
container. Also keep this in mind with used oil  
until it is disposed of.  
· If necessary, add a suitable antifreeze fluid to the  
window washer fluid.  
· Never store motor oil in food cans, bottles or other  
empty containers, as this could lead to someone  
swallowing it.  
· Never mix suitable cleaning products  
two with others. Otherwise, flocculation of the components  
could occur and the ejectors could be clogged.  
· Continuous contact with engine oil  
can damage the skin. Wash areas of skin that have been  
soiled with oil thoroughly with soap and water.  
· When replenishing operating fluids, make sure you  
pour the correct fluids into the correct fill ports.  
Using the wrong operating fluids can cause serious  
malfunctions and engine damage.  
· When the engine is running, engine oil is  
extremely hot and can cause severe skin  
burns. Always wait for the engine to cool down.  
Leaking or spilling engine oil can contaminate the  
environment. If any operating fluid leaks out, please  
collect it and dispose of it properly and in an environmentally  
friendly manner.  
engine oil  
Introduction to the topic  
Engine oils are adapted to the requirements of engines and  
exhaust gas cleaning systems, as well as the quality of the fuel.  
In all combustion engines, for technical design reasons, the oil  
comes into contact with combustion residues and fuel, which  
affects the aging of the oil. It is important for the function and life  
of the engine to use the correct oil. The engine is supplied from  
the factory with a special multigrade synthetic oil which can  
generally be used all year round.  
engine oil standards  
Note and , on page 315, and , at the beginning of this  
chapter, on page 320.  
As far as possible, use only engine oil approved by Volkswagen  
ÿ . If you wish to use the flexible oil change service, only use  
engine oils approved for this service that meet the relevant  
Volkswagen standard.  
Since the quality of the fuel differs from one market to  
Engine oils are subject to constant improvement. Volkswagen  
another, in part considerably, this aspect must be taken into  
dealers always receive timely information about any changes.  
account when choosing the appropriate motor oil.  
Therefore, Volkswagen recommends having the oil changed  
by a Volkswagen dealer.  
The use of engine oils conforming to the VW 504 00, VW 507  
00, VW 508 00 and VW 509 00 standards requires the use of  
fuels with a quality conforming to the following standards or  
At the end of the chapter, in the troubleshooting section, you  
will find information about warning and control lights that come  
on ÿ p. 324.  
— Petrol according to EN 228  
— Diesel according to EN 590  
For this reason, engine oils in accordance with the VW  
Improper handling of engine oil can cause severe burns and  
504 00, VW 507 00, VW 508 00 and VW 509 00 standards  
are not suitable for many markets.  
other injuries.  
· When carrying out work related to engine oil,  
always wear eye protection.  
service identification  
In distinctive vehicle data ÿ p. 394 or on the cover of this manual  
you can check if the flexible service QI6 (long duration) applies to  
your vehicle.  
· Engine oil is toxic and should be kept out of  
the reach of children.  
check and reset  

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