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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Model plate

It is located in the lower part of the windshield, on one side.  
driver's or passenger's door pillar. He is seen opening the door  
in question. Vehicles destined for certain countries do not have  
a model plate.  
On some models, and depending on the infotainment system,  
the vehicle identification number can be displayed in the Service  
menu or in the vehicle settings menu.  
In addition, depending on the model, market and engine, the  
vehicle identification number may be stamped in one of the  
following places:  
Vehicle data carrier  
— In the engine compartment, on the right rain gutter.  
— In the engine compartment, on the suspension turret  
— In the engine compartment, near the hood hinge, in  
the right side of the vehicle.  
— Behind the right front seat, under the floor covering.  
Fig. 266 Schematic representation: vehicle data label.  
model plate  
1 Vehicle identification number (VIN)  
2 Vehicle type, engine power and gearbox  
3 Distinctive letters of the engine and gear, reference  
rence of painting, interior fittings. In the example, the engine  
call letters are “CPTA”.  
4 Optional equipment, PR numbers  
The vehicle data carrier sticker is affixed to the inside of the  
owner's manual cover and in the boot area. Depending on the  
Fig. 265 Model plate (schematic representation).  
equipment, the vehicle data carrier sticker is affixed to the rear  
panel of the boot under the trim or in the spare wheel well under  
the boot floor or under the closing plate.  
Depending on the country, the approval number may appear,  
e.g. For example, the EC type approval number.  
1 Maximum authorized mass  
2 Maximum authorized mass of the towing vehicle and trailer  
Depending on equipment, the vehicle's engine code  
letters (MDL) may be displayed on the instrument cluster  
display ÿ p. 25.  
3 Maximum permissible mass of the front axle  
4 Maximum permissible mass of the rear axle  
Depending on the country and model in question, the model  
plate is located at the bottom of the  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
model plate  
Fig. 267 Dimensions (saloon)  
Fig. 268 Dimensions (Variant and Alltrack)  
The data in the table corresponds to the basic  
German model with basic equipment.  
optional equipment or model version, if accessories  
are retrofitted, as well as in special vehicles or  
destined for other countries.  
The indicated values may differ if wheels and  
tires of other sizes are fitted, depending on the  
Legend of fig. 267 and fig. 268:  
front track width  
rear track width  
1578-1586mm 1578-1586mm 1578-1586mm  
1562-1570mm 1562-1570mm 1561-1569mm  
B Width (without door mirrors)  
C Width (from one exterior mirror to the other)  
Technical data  

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