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steering wheel  
Improper use of the steering wheel position  
adjustment and incorrect steering wheel adjustment  
can cause serious injury or death.  
Adjust the position of the steering wheel  
· After adjustment, always press the lever ÿ fig. 80 1  
firmly upwards so that the position of the steering  
wheel is not accidentally changed while driving.  
· Never adjust the steering wheel while driving. If while  
driving you find that adjustment is necessary, stop  
the vehicle taking appropriate safety precautions  
and then adjust the steering wheel correctly.  
· In order not to limit the protective function of the  
driver's frontal airbag in the event of an accident,  
the steering wheel must always point towards the  
chest, never towards the face.  
· To reduce the risk of injury if the driver's front airbag  
deploys, always hold the steering wheel on the  
sides, on the outside, with your hands in the same  
position as your hands while driving. 9 and 3  
o'clock ÿ fig. 81.  
Fig. 80 Under the steering wheel, on the steering column  
trim: lever for manual adjustment of the steering wheel  
· Never hold the steering wheel in the 12 o'clock  
position or in any other way than indicated, e.g.  
For example, in the center. If the driver's frontal  
airbag were to deploy, you could sustain serious  
injuries to your arms, hands, and head.  
Fig. 81 On the balance wheel: position equivalent to 9 and  
3 o'clock.  
Adjust the steering wheel before setting off and only  
when the vehicle is stationary ÿ .  
— Pull the lever down ÿ fig. 80 1.  
— Adjust the steering wheel so that you can hold it  
with both hands on the sides, on the outside, in the  
position equivalent to 9 and 3 o'clock ÿ fig. 81 with  
arms slightly bent.  
— Push the lever up hard until it is flush with the  
steering column trim ÿ .  
steering wheel  

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