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pre-speed regulation  
Introduction to the topic  
· Always use current navigation data.  
· Always keep in mind the maximum speed allowed.  
In the case of speed limitations that are not  
included in the navigation data, the maximum  
permissible speed may be exceeded.  
Please also note the safety-relevant information on ACC  
ÿ p. 165.  
Pre-speed regulation adapts the speed to the speed limits  
detected and to the layout of the road (curves, junctions,  
roundabouts, etc.).  
Limitations of speed  
Pre-speed regulation is an additional function of ACC and uses  
the traffic sign detection system ÿ p. 29 and the navigation data  
from the infotainment system.  
Please note on  
page 170.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Pre-speed regulation is available depending on equipment, but  
not in all countries.  
In addition to the limitations of the traffic sign detection system ÿ  
p. 29 and the limitations of ACC, anticipatory speed regulation  
has the following limitations inherent to the system:  
The intelligent technology of pre-speed control cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and only works  
within the limits of the system. Never let the increased comfort  
provided by this feature induce you to take any risk that  
compromises safety. If used carelessly or inadvertently, it can  
cause accidents and serious injuries. The system cannot replace  
the driver's attention.  
— Advance speed regulation only recognizes traffic signs that  
display a speed limitation. The advance regulation of speed  
does not take into account, above all, the rules of right of  
way or traffic lights.  
— Traffic signs showing indirect  
mind a speed limitation, e.g. For example, the entrance  
signs to towns are only recognized based on navigation data.  
Always adapt your speed to the conditions  
visibility, weather, road and traffic.  
— On roads not included in the navigation data, or inaccurately  
included, anticipatory speed regulation is not available.  
· Always remain attentive to traffic and always take  
into account the surroundings of the vehicle.  
· Always be prepared to regulate the speed yourself.  
If the traffic sign detection system is not working  
properly or the navigation data is not up to date,  
— If a speed limitation is reported based on the navigation data  
without being detected by the traffic sign detection system,  
the posted speed will be adjusted to the last saved speed.  
the speed may change unexpectedly and suddenly  
or may not adapt to the current traffic situation. In  
addition, the speed regulated by the system may  
not correspond to your driving style.  
— Pre-speed regulation is not available at speeds below 30 km/  
h (20 mph). If you drive more slowly, a message to this effect  
is shown on the instrument panel display.  
· Always be prepared to regulate the speed yourself.  
If you are driving without any active guided route,  
if you leave the route calculated by the navigation  
system, or if the position of the vehicle cannot be  
determined correctly because the GPS does not  
provide accurate data, the speed may change  
unexpectedly and suddenly. or that it does not  
adapt to the current traffic situation.  
Driver assistance systems  
it also adapts the saved speed even if ACC is  
deactivated. However it is not regulated.  
Activate speed preregulation  
If the speed at which you are driving exceeds  
the speed limit detected by the  
the traffic sign detection system, a warning to this is  
displayed on the instrument cluster display.  
Please note on  
page 170.  
,at the beginning of this chapter,  
It is possible to separately activate and deactivate the  
reaction to the track layout and the permitted speeds:  
In the event of joining a motorway with no speed  
limit, it is automatically saved  
mind the recommended speed as desired speed. If a  
— Activate or deactivate the function in question in the  
infotainment system vehicle settings menu ÿ p. 36.  
higher speed has already been stored for a dual  
carriageway without speed limitation, this is used instead  
of the recommended speed.  
Driving with anticipatory  
speed regulation  
Problems and solutions  
Please note on  
page 170.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Keep in mind  
on page 170.  
,at the beginning of this chapter,  
— Connect ACC ÿ p. 167.  
— Set distance and speed.  
ACC: No preview of road layout/traffic signs.  
— Activate speed preregulation.  
Advance speed regulation is not currently available or  
in your country.  
As soon as the system recognizes a relevant speed limit  
or road layout during the route, a warning will appear in  
— If this message is displayed for long enough  
time and anticipatory speed regulation is available in  
your country, go to a specialized workshop.  
the instrument cluster. This notice will indicate the speed  
at which the vehicle will be regulated and the reason for  
this regulation.  
Throttling due to speed limitation  
Depending on the anomaly in question, additional  
information may be displayed under Vehicle  
Regulation due to track layout  
status ÿ p. 3. 4.  
In case of regulation due to a speed limitation, the  
detected speed will be saved as the new desired speed.  
In the event of regulation due to the layout of the road,  
the vehicle will accelerate again after leaving behind the  
reason for the regulation and the speed that was saved  
will be regulated.  
Emergency braking  
assistant (Front Assist)  
Introduction to the topic  
The indicated speeds for cornering depend on the driving  
profile ÿ p. 156.  
Abort speed adaptation:  
The included Front As sist emergency braking  
assistant with city emergency braking function and  
pedestrian detection system can help prevent  
— During the announcement, press the key  
— During regulation, press the key  
Adjust the indicated speed (only in case of regulation  
due to speed limitation):  
— Press the o key.  
Front Assist can, within the limitations of the system,  
warn the driver in the event of a collision danger, prepare  
the vehicle for emergency braking, assist the driver when  
Speed increases or decreases 10 km/h (5 mph).  
If you adjust the displayed speed excessively, the speed  
preregulation is interrupted.  
braking and trigger automatic braking. The timing of the  
warning varies depending on the traffic situation and the  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
When a speed limitation is recognized, speed  
behavior of the driver.  
emergency brake assistant  

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