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trademark or registered trademark. The absence of this  
symbol, however, does not necessarily mean that the  
term in question can be used freely.  
voice control  
Introduction to the topic  
Other product names are registered trademarks or  
trademarks of their respective rights holders.  
Voice control works both online and offli  
In online mode, commands are recorded more  
precisely, since more data is available.  
— Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.  
Dolby and the double-D symbol are trade marks of  
Dolby Laboratories.  
Voice control understands questions and expressions  
without having to learn commands. Commands can be  
freely formulated and can be colloquial. You will find  
command suggestions in the infotainment.  
— Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.  
Dolby, Pro Logic and the double-D symbol are  
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.  
— Android Auto™ is a certified mark of Goo  
gle Inc.  
In offline mode the functions are reduced.  
— Apple CarPlay™ is a certified mark of Apple  
Loud noises inside or outside the vehicle can cause  
malfunctions, as well as garbled phrases and responses.  
— Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth®  
GIS, Inc.  
Voice control only recognizes commands in the  
language that is set in the infotainment.  
— iPod®  
iPad® and iPhone® are trademarks of  
Apple Inc.  
— MirrorLink® and the MirrorLink logo are certified  
marks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC.  
Test drive by voice with the vehicle held before  
driving off for family  
curl up with its performance.  
— SD® and SDHC® are trademarks or registered trademarks  
of SD-3C LLC in the US and other countries.  
Languages available depending on the market  
— Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft  
Corporation, Redmond, USA.  
Online and offline: German, US English,  
British English, French, Italian, Spanish and Czech.  
— MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio coding technology and  
patents are licensed from Fraunhofer IIS.  
Offline: Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Canadian French,  
Greek, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese,  
Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Mexican  
— This product is protected by certain industrial and  
intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation.  
Use or commercialization of such technology outside  
Spanish and Turkish.  
of the configuration of this product without license from  
Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft branch is  
ÿ Online and offline: voice control with the corresponding  
infotainment mounted in the vehicle.  
ÿ Online: current We Connect Plus contract  
These are the symbols of some registered  
Activation word and commands  
Note and from page 233.  
As a general rule, audio and video files stored on  
data carriers and audio sources are subject to intellectual  
property protection in accordance with the national and  
international provisions applicable in each case. Observe  
the legal provisions!  
Activation word for voice control If you have  
activated voice control via the activation word, the  
connected infotainment system scans the words spoken  
in the vehicle after the activation word. The activation  
word depends on the language that is set in the  
Apart from the scan after the wake word, there is no recording  
Trigger word in country languages  
or transmission of what is spoken in the vehicle.  
Voice control starts when the infotainment system recognizes  
the activation word ÿ p. 247.  
hello volkswagen  
Turn the wake word on and off  
1. In MENU press Voice control Start/end tone. voice  
control or activation word.  
In order for the voice control to recognize the commands  
reliably, please note the tips for the correct operation of the  
If the activation word is deactivated, the infotainment  
cannot be activated via the activation word. Voice  
control is still available via the button on the multifunction  
Tips for Commands to Work Correctly  
steering wheel or via the VOICE function button in the  
ÿ Pronounce clearly. The commands confuse  
Availability depends on country and equipment.  
you are not recognized.  
ÿ Speak in a normal tone of voice. Speak a little louder if you  
are driving fast. ÿ Avoid outside noise. Open windows and  
Trigger word in country languages  
doors can interfere with driving by  
Zdravey Volkswagen  
Hello Volkswagen  
Bonjour Volkswagen  
ÿ Avoid other types of secondary noise, such as conversations  
in the vehicle.  
ÿ Do not direct the air stream from the diffusers towards the  
microphone or the interior lining of the ceiling.  
hello volkswagen  
ÿ Do not use a strong accent or dialect. ÿ Do not take long  
hello volkswagen  
Depending on the content of the phonebook and to  
ensure reliable recognition of names in the phonebook,  
it may be useful to change the order of the first and last name  
Greetings Volkswagen  
of the contact in question.  
hey volkswagen  
hello volkswagen  
ÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿ Volkswagen  
Start and end voice control  
Hello Volkswagen  
Note and from page 233.  
ÿÿÿÿÿ Volkswagen  
Depending on the equipment, you can start voice control in  
hello volkswagen  
different ways.  
Voice control is active and recognizes spoken  
hello volkswagen  
hello volkswagen  
Hello Volkswagen  
Czeÿÿ Volkswagen  
ÿÿÿÿÿ Volkswagen  
Private Volkswagen  
Start voice control  
Voice control activation: Say the word that activates voice  
control. Note the language of the trigger words ÿ p. 246.  
Multifunction steering wheel: press the voice control  
button ÿ p. 12.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Infotainment: press VOICE.  
voice control  
Voice control ends automatically if you use infotainment functions,  
if the parking system is activated or if announcements are made,  
for example traffic announcements or incoming calls.  
in the reception of the radio signal and noise in the speakers.  
Metal-coated foils or stickers on the window panes can  
interfere with reception in vehicles with antennas built  
into the windows.  
In some cases, voice control of the connected mobile wireless  
device can also be started by pressing and holding the voice  
control key or the VOICE key.  
End voice control manually  
Radio equipment and symbols  
— Voice control can be canceled with a co  
Multifunction steering wheel: Press the voice control button  
Note and from page 233.  
twice in succession.  
The functions, as well as the types of reception and  
frequency bands available depend on the equipment and  
the country.  
radio mode  
— AM tuner.  
Introduction to the topic  
— Dual FM receiver (diversity antenna).  
— Summary station list.  
In Radio mode you can tune in to available radio stations on  
different frequency bands and store your favorites under the  
preset keys for quick access.  
— Merging of DAB and FM stations into one list.  
— Summary list of memories.  
— Fusion of all stations stored in preset keys in a list.  
The types of reception and the available frequency bands  
depend on the equipment and the country.  
— 36 preset keys to store favorites.  
— Station logos.  
In certain countries, frequency bands may cease to be  
broadcast or may not be offered again.  
— Antenna amplifier.  
Access the RADIO menu  
1. MENU  
— DAB presentation (slideshow).  
Access settings  
1. MENU  
— Parallel to the broadcast program, still images are  
transmitted sequentially.  
Online functions in Radio mode  
— Hybrid Radio.  
Online functions in Radio mode are only available  
available under the following conditions:  
—Online Radio.  
— We Connect or We Connect Plus equipment.  
— You have an active We Connect user account.  
Universal symbols in Radio mode  
To select the frequency band  
To select the FM/DAB wave band.  
— The vehicle is assigned to your user account.  
— You have a corresponding data package purchased from the  
In-Car shop or you have a volume of data from your own  
mobile phone device via Wi-Fi hotspot.  
To select the type of reception Radio  
online radio  
To select the previous station from the station list or  
select the station from the previous preset key.  
— For streaming services you need to already have an account  
with the provider in question.  
To select the next station from the station list or  
select the station from the next preset key.  
Radio stations are responsible for the content of the  
information they transmit.  
To display the preset keys.  
Electrical equipment connected to the vehicle may  
additionally cause interference  

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