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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Independent heating and ventilation

The heating cannot be switched on or it only works  
to a limited extent  
Independent heating  
and ventilation  
— The heating and defrost/defog functions work more  
efficiently when the engine is warm.  
Introduction to the topic  
— If the fault persists, go to a specialized workshop  
With separate heating and ventilation, the passenger  
compartment can be heated in winter and ventilated in  
summer. You can also mist the windshield and leave it  
free of ice and snow (if it is a thin layer). The independent  
heater works with fuel from the vehicle's tank and can  
be used when the vehicle is stationary and the ignition  
is switched off. The independent vent receives electrical  
power from the 12-volt battery.  
the windows fog up  
The windows mist up when their temperature is below  
ambient temperature and the air humidity is very high. Cold  
air can absorb less moisture than warm air. For this reason,  
the windows fog up more often in the cold seasons of the  
— To improve heating and cooling performance, keep the  
air intake located in front of the windshield free of ice,  
snow or leaves ÿ p. 367.  
Independent heater exhaust system The exhaust gases  
from the independent heater exit through an exhaust pipe  
located in the underbody of the vehicle. Do not allow the  
exhaust pipe to become blocked by snow, mud or objects.  
— To allow air to circulate in the passenger compartment  
from the front to the rear, leave the ventilation slots at  
the rear of the luggage compartment free.  
— Switch on the defrost/defog function ÿ p. 124.  
The exhaust gases from the independent heater  
contain, among other substances, carbon monoxide, a  
colorless, odorless and toxic gas.  
The temperature unit is not set correctly  
Carbon monoxide can cause unconsciousness and  
— Change the temperature units of all vehicle temperature  
gauges in the infotainment system ÿ p. 35.  
· Never turn on the independent heating or never leave it  
running when the vehicle is in closed or unventilated  
Water or steam under the vehicle  
When the outside humidity and ambient temperature are  
high, condensation water may drip from the cooling  
· Never program the independent heating so that it turns  
evaporator and form a small puddle under the vehicle. This  
on and works in an enclosed area or without ventilation.  
is normal and does not mean there is a leak!  
When the outdoor humidity is high and the room  
temperature is low, condensation water may evaporate when  
the independent heating is in operation. In this case, steam  
may be escaping from under the vehicle. This does not mean  
that the vehicle has any kind of damage.  
Some parts of the independent heater exhaust system  
get very hot, which can cause fires.  
· Park the vehicle so that no exhaust system  
component comes into contact with easily  
flammable materials that may be found under the  
vehicle, such as dry grass.  
The air that comes out of the diffusers can damage or render  
unusable food, medicines or objects sensitive to heat or cold.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Independent heating and ventilation  
· Do not place food, medicines or other objects  
sensitive to cold or heat in front of the air vents.  
— When the charge of the 12 volt battery drops  
Once switched off, manually or automatically, the  
independent heating will continue to run for a short time  
to burn any fuel left in the system.  
Switch independent  
heating and ventilation on  
and off  
Using the independent heater as an additional heater  
When the engine is started, the auxiliary heater can  
continue to function as an additional heating measure.  
The following conditions must be met for this: — The  
automatic auxiliary heater function is activated in the  
climate settings of the infotainment system.  
Note and , at the beginningof this ca  
chapter, on page 129.  
The independent heating works both with the ignition on  
and off.  
Open the Independent heating menu  
- The outside temperature is lower than +5 °C  
(+41 °F).  
Manual climate control —  
Press the infotainment system button.  
The additional heating measure is automatically  
switched off after a certain time.  
— Press the Vehicle function buttons and  
With the vehicle stationary, the maximum operating  
time of the independent heating may only be  
activated three times in a row at most.  
— Open the climate settings in the infotainment system.  
— Press the function button  
When the independent heating is switched on,  
Connect independent heating  
you hear noises caused by the operation of the  
independent heating.  
The independent heating can be connected in the  
following ways:  
If the independent heating or ventilation is used  
— Press the immediate heating key of the pa  
air conditioning control panel.  
several times during a period of  
extended time, the 12 volt battery will discharge. In  
order for the battery to recharge, drive it from time to time  
for a sufficiently long distance.  
OR: press the key on the remote control for  
radio frequency ÿ p. 131.  
OR: Schedule a departure time ÿ p. 130.  
If the 12 volt battery is very low or the fuel tank is empty,  
If the vehicle is parked on a downhill grade,  
it is not possible to switch on the independent heating.  
the fuel level indication (when the level is just  
above the reserve level) may not be accurate and the  
operation of the independent heater may be limited.  
Switch off the independent heating manually  
The independent heating can be switched off manually in  
the following ways: — Press the immediate heating  
button on the climate control panel.  
Schedule independent  
heating and ventilation  
OR: press the key on the remote control for  
radio frequency ÿ p. 131.  
Note and , at the beginningof this ca  
The heating is switched off automatically  
chapter, on page 129.  
— When the scheduled departure time arrives or the  
The independent heating is programmed in the  
infotainment system.  
set operating time elapses ÿ p. 130.  
change mode  
— If the control lamp (fuel level indicator) lights up  
yellow ÿ p. 22.  
— Open the Independent heating menu.  
Heating and ventilation system and climate control  
— Press the Heat or Fan function buttons  
closed or without ventilation. The exhaust gases from  
the independent heating contain, among other  
substances, carbon monoxide, a toxic, colorless and  
odorless gas. Carbon monoxide can cause  
unconsciousness and death.  
to change modes.  
In the event of high temperatures, the independent  
ventilation introduces fresh air into the passenger  
compartment, thus preventing the accumulation of heat.  
Independent heating operating time  
— Open the Independent heating menu.  
Radio frequency  
remote control  
— Press the Adjust function button .  
— Press the Duration function button to determine  
nar the operating time.  
Note and , at the beginningof this ca  
chapter, on page 129.  
The set operating time is valid when the independent  
heating is switched on with the immediate heating button  
or the radio remote control.  
The maximum operating time of the independent heating  
is 60 minutes.  
Programming a departure time  
You have to activate the heating or ventilation each time  
you want to use it. The departure time also has to be  
activated anew each time.  
Before programming, check that the faith  
date and time are correctly set in the vehicle ÿ p. 31.  
— Open the Independent heating menu.  
— Press the Adjust function button .  
Fig. 115 Independent heating: radio remote control  
(left) with battery compartment (right).  
— Select one of the memories for a Time of  
— Press the Activate function button  
Switch the independent heating on and off with the  
Manual climate control: The programmed departure time  
determines when the heating or independent ventilation  
should be switched off.  
radio remote control  
Connect: Press the key for approx. 1 second. ÿ fig.  
The start of the heating or ventilation process is  
determined based on the programmed operating time.  
Disconnect: Press the key for 1 second  
aprox. ÿ fig. 115.  
Climatronic: Based on the scheduled departure time and  
Radio remote control LED When the keys are  
the outside temperature, the vehicle automatically  
calculates the start time of the heating or ventilation  
pressed, the LED indicates different states ÿ fig. 115 2  
process to reach the set temperature.  
It turns on  
Green: The independent heating is switched on.  
Check programming When a  
departure time is activated, the yellow LED of the  
immediate heating button lights up on the Climatronic  
In red: the independent heating is off  
control panel for approx. 10 seconds after switching off  
the ignition.  
Flashes irregularly —  
Green: the independent heating is blocked. The fuel  
tank is almost empty, the 12 volt battery voltage is  
too low or there is some fault. Refuel, ride long enough  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Never program your space heater to come on and run  
in a closed room.  
Independent heating and ventilation  
Let the 12 volt battery be charged or go to a  
specialized workshop.  
Swallowing a 20mm diameter battery or any other button  
cell battery can cause serious injury or even death in a  
very short time.  
Flashes regularly Red  
or green: Connection or disconnection signal not  
received. Reduce the distance to the vehicle.  
Keep the remote control and key fobs  
Lights up or flashes —  
that carry batteries, as well as spare batteries, button  
batteries and other batteries larger than 20 mm,  
always out of the reach of children.  
In orange: The button cell battery of the RF remote control  
is almost depleted. Change the button cell.  
· If you suspect that someone may have swallowed a  
battery, seek immediate medical attention.  
range radius  
The maximum range of the RF remote control is a few  
hundred meters with a new button cell and optimal  
· The radio remote control contains electronic components.  
Therefore, avoid getting it wet, receiving blows or direct  
— Keep a distance of at least 2 meters  
mo between the radio remote control and the vehicle.  
· The use of inappropriate batteries can damage the radio  
remote control. Therefore, always replace the old  
battery with a new one of the same voltage, size and  
— Avoid obstacles between the controller and the vehicle.  
— Hold the controller vertically with the antenna  
ÿ fig. 115 1 up.  
· When installing the battery, observe the polarity.  
— Do not cover the antenna.  
Dispose of used batteries in an environmentally  
friendly manner.  
If the weather conditions are bad, there are buildings in  
the vicinity or the button cell battery is almost depleted,  
the range of the controller is reduced.  
The RF remote control battery may contain  
perchlorate. Observe the legal provisions regarding  
its disposal.  
Replace the button battery of the radio remote control  
If the control indicator does not light up, the remote  
control button cell must be replaced.  
— Insert a suitable tool, e.g. eg a screwdriver in the  
recess in the control housing in the direction of the  
arrow ÿ fig. 115.  
— Lift the battery cover with the tool until the recesses are  
— Move the cover a little in the direction of the arrow  
- Remove cover.  
— To remove the battery, insert e.g. eg a screwdriver in  
the recess of the battery carefully.  
— Lift the battery up with the screwdriver until it clicks.  
release from its housing.  
— Remove the battery.  
— Insert a new coin cell battery of the same type so that  
it clicks into the housing. When doing this, take into  
account the polarity.  
— Place the battery cover on the remote control case.  
— Slide the cover in the opposite direction of the arrow  
until it clicks ÿ fig. 115.  
Heating and ventilation system and climate control  

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