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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Legal guarantee

If, however, such damage occurs, any Volkswagen dealer  
Information for the clientwill repair it without charge for labor and material costs.  
legal guarantee  
In the following cases the guarantee will not be applicable:  
Legal guarantee of dealers  
— In case of damage due to external influences or  
insufficient care of the vehicle.  
— In the event of damage to the bodywork or paintwork  
that has not been remedied in time in accordance with  
the manufacturer's instructions.  
Volkswagen dealers guarantee the perfect condition of  
their vehicles.  
Volkswagen dealers guarantee new vehicles from the  
factory in perfect condition.  
— In the event of perforations due to corrosion that are  
due to the fact that the repairs carried out on the  
bodywork have not been carried out in accordance  
with the manufacturer's prescriptions.  
See the sales contract for details of the warranty terms  
and conditions.  
Once the bodywork or paint repairs have been carried  
out, the Volkswagen dealer will certify the guarantee  
against perforation due to corrosion of the repaired areas.  
Consult your Volkswagen dealer for more information on  
We hope you understand that normal wear and tear and  
damage caused by unexpected use, misuse or  
unauthorized modifications are excluded from the warranty.  
Mobility Guarantee  
Long duration  
If your vehicle ever breaks down, contact your nearest  
Volkswagen dealer.  
In many European countries, when you hand over your  
new vehicle, you also acquire the extensive Long-Term  
Mobility Guarantee, which is extended each time an  
inspection is carried out.  
Legal guarantee for paint  
and bodywork  
Please note that the validity of the Volkswagen  
Long-Term Mobility Guarantee may be different for  
vehicles sold in certain countries. Consult your  
Volkswagen dealer for more information on this.  
Volkswagen dealers grant a guarantee that covers  
the paint and bodywork of their vehicles.  
As a complement to the legal guarantee clauses  
applicable to new Volkswagen vehicles, which appear  
in the sales contract, they grant a commercial guarantee  
of a certain time that covers paint and perforations due  
to corrosion in the bodywork:  
The Volkswagen dealer where you purchased the  
vehicle grants all new vehicles an extensive Long-Term  
Mobility Guarantee, which runs from delivery until the  
first inspection interval is completed. If you purchase the  
vehicle directly from Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen AG  
grants you the Long-Term Mobility Guarantee from the  
date of delivery until the first inspection interval expires.  
— a 3-year warranty covering defects in paint and  
— a 12-year warranty covering perforation corrosion. By  
"corrosion perforation" is meant a perforation in the  
sheet metal of the carriage which passes from the  
inner (hollow) part to the outer part.  
Your Volkswagen dealer will extend the Long-Term  
Mobility Guarantee until the next prescribed inspection if  
it is carried out at his premises. The cost of the complete  
service package is included in the price of the service.  
Valid for USA only: a 7-year warranty that covers  
perforation from corrosion. "Corrosion perforation" is  
understood to mean a perforation in the bodywork  
sheet that passes from the inside (hollow) to the  
The extensive Long-Term Mobility Guarantee mainly  
guarantees the following benefits:  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
legal guarantee  

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