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Close trunk lid  
Trunk cover (Variant)  
— Pull the rolled trunk cover backwards, sliding it  
evenly along the guides in the side trims and hook  
it into the recesses at the end of the guides.  
Remove trunk cover  
— If necessary, open the boot lid.  
— Press the cover support in the direction of the arrow  
and keep it in this position ÿ fig. 170 1  
— Pull the cover upwards.  
— Release the cover bracket.  
Depending on the equipment, once the cover has been  
removed, it can be stored under the boot floor.  
Fig. 169 In the luggage compartment: open the luggage compartment cover.  
Install trunk cover  
— Place the left side of the cover in the slot provided  
in the side trim.  
— Press the cover support ÿ fig. 170 1  
in the direction of the arrow and fit the cover into  
the right-hand seat of the side trim.  
— Release the cover bracket.  
— Check that the cover is engaged with  
If animals or objects are transported loose or  
incorrectly fixed on the trunk cover, they could cause  
serious injuries in the event of a sudden stop,  
Fig. 170 In the boot: remove the boot cover.  
sudden maneuver or accident.  
Open trunk cover  
· Do not carry hard, sharp or heavy objects loose  
or in bags on the trunk lid.  
— Press the rear of the cover downwards in the  
· Never carry animals on the boot cover.  
direction of the arrow ÿ fig. 169. The cover opens  
automatically to the center of the boot.  
— Press the back of the cover again so that the cover  
opens fully.  
Rearward visibility can be reduced by clothing or  
other objects placed on the boot cover, which can  
cause accidents and serious injuries.  
Open the trunk lid (vehicles with electric opening  
and closing of the trunk lid)  
— Open the tailgate. The boot cover opens  
automatically to the center of the boot.  
· Always position clothing and other objects in  
such a way that they do not reduce visibility to  
the rear.  
— Press on the back of the cover to  
for it to open fully.  
The automatic opening of the boot lid can be  
deactivated in the infotainment system ÿ p. 35.  
Transport of objects  
— If necessary, unhook the mesh bag ÿ p.  
274, ÿ p. 275.  
Stow luggage compartment cover  
and partition net (Variant)  
— Put the boot floor upright or fold it forwards ÿ p.  
— If necessary, pull the side elements out of the  
side compartments upwards and store them  
— Place the removed boot cover ÿ fig. 171 1 in  
the rear recesses of the side panels.  
— Place the removed partition net 2 in the front  
recesses of the side consoles.  
— Return the boot floor to its original position ÿ p.  
On vehicles with a spare or emergency  
wheel, the disassembled partition net must  
be rotated 180 degrees horizontally before storing.  
Fig. 171 Under the boot floor: stow the boot cover  
and partition net.  
Depending on the equipment, once removed, the  
boot cover and partition net can be stowed under  
the boot floor:  
boot floor  
Trunk floor – Functions (Variant)  
Fig. 172 In the boot: position the boot floor vertically.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
boot floor  

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