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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Seat functions

Install the rear head restraints  
Saving the settings of the exterior mirror of the front  
passenger for reversing  
— Unlock the rear seat back and fold it forward.  
— Engage the electronic parking brake.  
— Place the headrest in the correct position on the  
corresponding backrest guides and insert it into them.  
— Put the gear in the neutral position.  
— Switch on the ignition.  
— Press the memory key you want.  
— Lower the head restraint while pressing the button ÿ fig. 92 1.  
— Raise the back of the rear seat and fit it correctly.  
— Engage reverse gear.  
— Adjust the front passenger exterior mirror so that, e.g. e.g., I  
can see the curb well  
— Adjust the head restraint according to the indications for the  
correct position in the seat.  
The set position for the mirror is automatically saved and  
assigned to the key with which you unlocked the vehicle.  
Activate driver seat and exterior mirror adjustments  
Seat functions  
— With the vehicle stopped, the ignition switched off and the  
vehicle door open, briefly press the corresponding memory  
memory function  
After approx. 10 minutes, the saved positions can no longer  
be adjusted automatically. Pressing a memory key again  
the adjustment process is interrupted.  
OR: If the ignition is on or the vehicle door is closed, keep  
the corresponding button pressed until the saved position is  
Fig. 93 On the outer side of the driver's seat: memory  
The front passenger's exterior mirror automatically leaves the  
memorized position for reverse gear when the vehicle is traveling  
at a speed of 15 km/h (10 mph) or more or if the control is turned  
memory key  
from position R to another.  
Using the memory buttons, settings for the driver's seat and  
exterior mirrors can be saved and called up.  
comfort access  
When you open the driver's door, the driver's seat automatically  
Save settings for driver's seat and door mirrors for forward  
moves into a position that makes it easy to get in and out.  
— Engage the electronic parking brake.  
The driver's seat automatically returns to its original position as  
soon as the driver's door is closed and the ignition is switched  
— Put the gear in the neutral position.  
— Switch on the ignition.  
Comfort access can be activated and deactivated in the  
infotainment system1) .  
— Adjust the driver's seat and exterior mirrors.  
— Pulse on the  
key ÿ fig. 93.  
for more than 1 second  
Using the personalization function, you can save your individual  
seat settings in a user account and activate them ÿ p. 39.  
— Press the memory key to which you want to save the settings  
within approx. 10 seconds. An acoustic signal confirms storage.  
After switching off the ignition and locking the vehicle, the  
settings for the driver's seat and exterior mirrors are saved in the  
user account.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
1) Only with personalization function activated ÿ p. 39.  
Seat functions  

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