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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Keyless start and lock system “Keyless Access”

— Unlock the vehicle with the emergency key  
Unlock and lock with  
"Keyless Access" system  
— Open the driver's door. If the vehicle is equipped  
with an anti-theft alarm, it will go off immediately  
ÿ p. 83.  
— Switch on the ignition.  
This ends the synchronization.  
Problems and solutions  
Unable to lock or unlock vehicle  
The remote control does not work correctly due to  
obstacles, bad weather conditions, transmitters that  
are close to the vehicle and that use the same  
frequency band, e.g. eg a mobile phone device, or  
because the button cell battery is exhausted.  
Fig. 66 "Keyless Access" system: proximity zones.  
OR: The central locking has been switched off  
briefly as overload protection.  
— Close the driver's door.  
OR: Synchronize the vehicle key ÿ p. 76.  
OR: Change the button cell battery in the vehicle key.  
hiculus ÿ p. 76.  
Fig. 67 On the handle: sensor surfaces.  
The control indicator does not  
flash If the control indicator integrated in the key does  
not flash when the buttons are pressed, the button battery  
of the key must be replaced ÿ p. 76.  
Unlock and lock the vehicle  
— Touch the sensor surface ÿ fig. 67 A located on  
Additional or replacement keys can be  
the inside of the driver's or front passenger's door  
purchased from Volkswagen dealers.  
— Switch off the ignition.  
Keyless Access locking  
— Close the driver's or passenger's door.  
and starting system  
— Touch the sensor surface ÿ fig. 67 B located on  
the outside of the driver's or front passenger's  
Introduction to the topic  
door handle.  
Unlocking of the vehicle is confirmed by a double  
flash of the turn signals; the blockade, with only one.  
The "Keyless Access" system allows the unlocking  
and locking of the vehicle without the active use of  
the key. For this, there must be a valid vehicle key in  
the vicinity of the vehicle.  
Unlocking and locking the tailgate When the  
vehicle is locked, the tailgate automatically unlocks  
when it is opened if a vehicle key is in the vicinity ÿ  
fig. 66.  
After closing it, the tailgate locks automatically.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Keyless Access locking and starting system  
If the entire vehicle is unlocked, the tailgate will not lock  
Problems and solutions  
automatically after closing it.  
The "Keyless Access" system does not  
work The function of the sensor surfaces can be limited if  
Temporarily disable the "Keyless Access" system  
they are heavily soiled.  
To prevent unauthorized third parties from unlocking and  
starting the vehicle, the system  
— Clean the sensor surfaces.  
"Keyless Access" can be temporarily disabled as follows:  
All turn signals flash four times  
The last key used is still inside the vehicle.  
— Lock the vehicle with the key on the vehicle key.  
— Additionally, before 5 have elapsed,  
— Remove the key and lock the vehicle.  
Automatic deactivation of senso surfaces  
seconds, touch the sensor on the outside of the door  
In doing so,  
handle once ÿ fig. 67 B do not grasp the handle.  
The sensor surfaces are deactivated in the following  
— If the vehicle is not unlocked or locked during  
a long period of time.  
— The "Keyless Access" system is temporarily deactivated.  
— If any of the sensor surfaces are activated unusually often.  
— Check deactivation by pulling the door handle after at  
least 10 seconds. It must not be possible to open the  
To reactivate the sensing surfaces:  
— Unlock the vehicle with the key on the vehicle key.  
The next time the vehicle can only be unlocked with the  
vehicle key. After unlocking, the "Keyless Access" system will  
be activated again.  
Use comfort functions  
The sensor surfaces of the door handles could be activated  
by a high pressure jet of water or steam if there is a valid  
vehicle key in the vicinity. If at least one of the windows is  
open and the sensor surfaces of one of the handles are  
permanently activated, all the windows will close. Briefly  
moving the water or steam jet away from the sensor surfaces  
of one of the handles and pointing it at them again could  
The power windows can be closed automatically.  
On vehicles with a glass roof, it also closes  
rra this.  
— Hold a finger on the sensor surface of the driver's or front  
open all the windows ÿ p. 77.  
passenger's door handle ÿ fig. 67B for a few seconds .  
The functions of the sensor surfaces can be adjusted in the  
vehicle settings menu of the infotainment system.  
If the message Keyless system faulty is shown on  
the instrument panel display , there may be anomalies  
in the operation of the "Keyless Access" system. Visit a  
specialized workshop.  
In order to check that the vehicle is correctly locked,  
the unlock function is deactivated for a few seconds.  
If the vehicle is equipped with a DSG® dual clutch  
If there is no vehicle key inside the vehicle or the  
system does not detect it, a warning to this effect will  
appear on the instrument panel display. This could happen if  
transmission with the parkincganloocnklyPbeengloacgkeedd.  
another radio frequency signal interferes with the signal from  
the key or if the key is covered by something, e.g. For  
If the sensing surface is touched twice, the entire  
vehicle will be unlocked even if only one door was  
example, an aluminum suitcase.  
previously unlocked.  
Opening and closing  
· Open or close the doors and the boot lid only  
when there is no one in the area of their travel.  
Doors and central  
locking key  
Introduction to the topic  
If the doors are blocked without paying attention,  
it could cause serious injury.  
It is possible to lock and partly unlock the doors  
manually, e.g. For example, if the vehicle key or  
central locking fails.  
· When the vehicle is locked from the outside, the  
Power doors and windows cannot be opened  
from the inside.  
Central locking allows you to unlock and lock all  
doors, the boot lid and the fuel filler flap of the  
vehicle centrally.  
· Central locking locks all doors.  
By locking the vehicle from the inside, it is  
possible to prevent the inadvertent opening of  
the doors and the entry of unauthorized persons.  
In the event of an emergency or accident,  
however, if the doors are locked, access to the  
interior of the vehicle is made difficult and it is  
difficult to provide the necessary help.  
The vehicle can only be locked if the ignition is  
switched off or if the driver has gotten out of the  
vehicle with the engine off.  
If any door is not properly closed, it is indicated on  
the instrument panel display with a symbolic  
representation. Do not continue the march! Open  
the corresponding door and close it again.  
· Never leave a child or anyone who may need help  
alone inside the vehicle. With the central locking  
button, all doors can be locked from inside the  
vehicle, which can cause them to be locked in  
the vehicle. People locked in the vehicle may be  
exposed to very high or very low temperatures.  
The display is also displayed with the ignition  
switched off and goes out a few seconds after the  
vehicle has been locked with the doors closed.  
· Depending on the season of the year, very high  
or very low temperatures can be reached in a  
closed vehicle, which can cause very serious  
injuries and illnesses or even death, especially  
to small children.  
If a door is not properly closed, it could open  
unexpectedly while driving and cause serious  
· Stop the vehicle immediately and close the  
· Never leave anyone inside the locked vehicle. In  
an emergency, she would not be able to get out  
of the vehicle or take care of herself.  
· When closing the door, make sure that it is fully  
seated. The door should be flush with the  
adjoining parts of the bodywork.  
To avoid damage to the vehicle, when performing  
· Open and close the doors only when there is no  
an emergency lock or unlock, carefully disassemble  
the parts and reassemble them correctly.  
one in the area of travel of the same  
Some settings can be saved in the  
personalization function user accounts.  
The doors, even when secured by the door catch,  
could close by themselves in high winds or if the  
vehicle is on an uphill grade, causing injury.  
· When opening and closing the doors, always hold  
them by the handle.  
The area of the travel of the doors and the  
tailgate is dangerous and injuries can occur within  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Doors and central locking key  

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