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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Turn signals

massage function  
Indicators, connect and  
Fig. 96 At the bottom of the driver's seat: button for the  
massage function.  
When the function is activated, the lumbar support  
moves, thus massaging the lower back.  
The arching of the lumbar support can be adjusted  
during the massage with the corresponding knob  
according to personal preferences.  
Activating and deactivating the massage  
Fig. 97 On the left side of the steering column: turn signal  
function To activate the function, press the button on  
and reel light lever  
the seat control panel. To deactivate it, press the key  
— Switch on the ignition.  
The function is automatically deactivated after approx.  
10 minutes.  
— Move the turn signal and light lever  
road from the center position to the desired position ÿ  
fig. 97:  
Improper use of seat functions can cause serious  
A Right turn signal is switched on  
B The left turn signal is switched on.  
· Before starting the journey, always adopt a correct  
position and maintain it throughout the journey.  
This point applies to all occupants of the vehicle.  
— Move the lever to the basic position to switch off the  
direction indicator.  
If an acoustic signal does not sound with the turn  
signals on, go to a specialized workshop and have the  
vehicle checked.  
· Activate and deactivate the massage function only  
when the vehicle is stopped.  
· Always keep hands, fingers, feet and other parts of  
the body away from the operating and adjustment  
areas of the seats.  
Comfort indicators  
To use the convenience indicator, move the turn signal  
and high beam lever up or down only as far as there is  
resistance and then release. The indicator blinks three  
To switch off the comfort indicator prematurely,  
immediately move the lever in the opposite direction to  
the point where there is resistance and release it.  
The convenience indicators can be activated and  
deactivated in the infotainment system, in the vehicle  
settings menu ÿ p. 36.  
Using your turn signals incorrectly, not using them, or  
forgetting to switch them off can confuse  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
other road users. This can lead to accidents and serious injury.  
— Turn the headlamp control to the corresponding position:  
· Always signal lane changes and overtaking and turning  
maneuvers well in advance using turn signals.  
The lights are off.  
The “Leaving Home” function (exterior orientation  
lighting) may be activated ÿ p. 111.  
· Switch off the direction indicator once the lane change,  
overtaking and turning manoeuvres have been completed.  
Position light or parking light on both sides on ÿ p. 110.  
The symbol on the control lights up in verde.  
The hazard flashers also work with the ignition off  
ÿ p. 70.  
Low beam off. The position lamp will remain on as long  
as the driver's door is closed.  
Some settings can be saved in personalization  
function user accounts and are changed when switching  
user accounts ÿ p. 39.  
daytime running lights  
Depending on the equipment, the daytime running lights can  
increase the visibility of the vehicle when driving during the day.  
The daytime running lights come on each time the ignition is  
switched on if the light stalk is in the position , low).  
vehicle lighting  
(if it is detected  
Turn lights on and off  
The daytime running lights cannot be manually turned on or off.  
If the road is not well lit and other road users do not see the  
vehicle or only have difficulty seeing it, accidents and serious  
injuries can occur.  
· Los assistants de luces son solo systéms auxiliar  
liares, the driver is responsible for making sure the correct  
lights are on.  
· Always turn on the dipped beam in case of darkness,  
Fig. 98 Next to the steering wheel: light control (a  
precipitation or poor visibility.  
Turn on the lights  
The position light and the daytime running lights do not shine  
— Switch on the ignition.  
enough to illuminate the road well and be seen by other road  
— Turn the light control to the corresponding position ÿ fig. 98:  
· Always turn on the dipped beam in case of darkness,  
precipitation or poor visibility.  
Automatic switching on of the low beam: the low beam  
turns on and off depending on the ambient light and the  
· Taillights are not included in the daytime running lights. A vehicle  
without the taillights on cannot be seen by other road users in  
weather ÿ ÿ p. 107.  
the event of darkness, precipitation or poor visibility.  
Position light and daytime running lights on. The symbol  
on the control lights up green.  
Low beam on. The control indicator lights up green.  
Automatic dipped beam switching switches the dipped  
beam on and off only when the brightness changes.  
Turn off the lights  
— Switch off the ignition.  

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