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Display on the screen with the peripheral vision system  
· Always observe the movement of the trailer and, if necessary,  
actively interrupt the maneuver to avoid damage. Even if  
the Trailer Maneuvering Assist is operated correctly, on  
rare occasions it can happen that the trailer moves  
differently than set.  
In the infotainment system, the screen is divided into two  
display areas:  
Left side of the screen: The vehicle is shown from an aerial  
perspective. Clicking on the different zones varies the display  
on the  
· Do not rely solely on the indications on the screen of the  
instrument panel.  
right of the screen.  
Right side of the screen: Depending on the zone selected  
on the left side of the screen, the different images of the  
For technical reasons, the Trailer Maneuver Assist  
cannot always detect  
cameras are displayed.  
trailers with LED technology taillights correctly.  
— Press the function buttons located in the margin of the  
image to select the corresponding representation.  
Depending on the country, a three-dimensional view is  
available. By sliding your finger in the direction of the arrows,  
Requirements for the assistant for  
maneuvers with trailer (Trailer  
you can change the viewing angle in the three-dimensional view.  
Note and , on page 187, and , at the beginning of this  
chapter, on page 199.  
Trailer Maneuvering Assistant  
(Trailer Assist)  
The following requirements must be met in order to use the  
trailer maneuvering assistant which:  
Introduction to the topic  
— The tongue of the trailer is not covered.  
— A single or two-axle non-articulated trailer is attached to and  
electrically connected to the vehicle.  
Trailer Maneuvering Assist assists the driver when reversing  
and maneuvering a trailer.  
— The towing vehicle and trailer combination is in  
— The driver's door and the tailgate  
they are closed.  
By turning the rotary control for the exterior mirrors, the Trailer  
Maneuvering Assist steers the coupled trailer.  
— The maximum bending angle has not been exceeded.  
— The exterior mirrors are not folded.  
— The ESC is connected.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems cannot  
— In the course of approx. 3 minutes the driver has to carry out  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and only  
some action, otherwise the maneuver is interrupted and the  
works within the limits of the systems. As a consequence,  
assistant is deactivated.  
accidents, serious injuries and damage to the vehicle can  
— The system has been adapted to the trailer.  
Adapt the system to the trailer  
· The parking system cannot replace the driver's attention.  
Every time the towing vehicle and trailer combination is changed,  
the system must be adapted to the trailer.  
In doing so, the length of the towbar is determined again: —  
Carry out several and, if possible, different turning maneuvers  
The trailer maneuvering assistant does not take the  
surroundings of the vehicle as a reference. No obstacle  
and curving paths with the trailer.  
detection takes place. The driver has to assess for himself  
whether he can maneuver the tow vehicle and trailer  
combination safely.  
The more accurately the length of the lance can be  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
determined, the more angles will be available when maneuvering.  
Trailer maneuvering assistant  
The angle indicator has a maximum of four end  
stops: approx. 30°, 45°, 60° and 75°.  
Connect the assistant and maneuver with the towing vehicle and  
trailer combination  
Note and , on page 187, and , at the beginning of this chapter, on page 199.  
Fig. 157 On the instrument panel display: operate trailer maneuvering assistant.  
— Accelerate and back up slowly. look around  
Legend to ÿ fig. 157:  
1 Rotary knob for rear view mirror adjustment  
— If necessary, correct the angle with the rotary knob  
outer res  
ÿ fig. 157 1  
2 Left Facing Trailer  
— Push the stick left or right to determine the direction  
of travel.  
3 Trailer orientation to the right  
4 Move in the direction of the trailer  
— Pull the controller back to move in the right direction.  
5 Current position of the trailer (in grey)  
tion to the trailer.  
6 Trailer target position (in orange)  
— Back up and forward until you reach the starting position.  
to set.  
7 Angle indicator zero position  
The maneuver ends when a message to this effect  
appears on the instrument panel display and, if  
necessary, an acoustic signal sounds.  
To connect  
— Stop the vehicle.  
— Engage reverse gear.  
— Press the key  
Rapid turns of the steering wheel can cause serious  
· Do not hold the steering wheel during the maneuver  
until the system tells you to.  
— Before using Trailer Maneuvering Assist, note the  
requirements ÿ p. 199.  
· Exception: If a dangerous situation occurs, step in  
and take over management.  
— Release the steering wheel ÿ .  
When trailer shunting assist is active, the  
door mirrors cannot be adjusted ÿ p. 119.  
— Tilt the rotary knob until the desired direction is  
reached. A representation of the towing vehicle and  
trailer combination in the current position appears on  
the instrument panel screen ÿ fig. 157 .  
While Trailer Shunt Assist is active, the vehicle  
will not be able to travel faster than approx. 6 km/  
h (4 mph).  
park and maneuver  
parking exit attendant  
Parking Exit Assist works with radar sensors mounted on the  
— Switch on the ignition.  
— If necessary, switch on the park exit assistant.  
— Observe the acoustic signals and the menus  
messages displayed on the instrument panel display. Colored  
segments show the area in question behind the vehicle on the  
infotainment system display ÿ fig. 159.  
If the parking aid is deactivated, no warnings can be issued  
to the driver. The parking exit assistant will also be temporarily  
switched off.  
Fig. 158 Schematic representation of the parking exit  
assistant: monitored area around the vehicle that is  
being vacated.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and only works  
within the limits of the systems. As a consequence, accidents,  
serious injuries and damage to the vehicle can occur.  
Parking Exit Assist monitors cross-direction traffic when  
reversing out of a parking space or when manoeuvring.  
· The parking system cannot replace the driver's attention.  
Brake assistance systems  
Information regarding brake assist systems  
The vehicle is equipped with brake assist systems. These systems  
can help the driver in critical driving or braking situations. The  
driver is responsible for driving safely ÿ p. 202.  
Fig. 159 On the infotainment system screen: display of  
the park exit assistant.  
Please also note the information and warnings valid for all  
parking assistants on p. 187.  
Driving with brake assist systems  
Brake assist systems work with the engine running. No  
special condition is necessary. Always leave the footrest area  
connect and disconnect  
free under the pedals!  
— In the Assistants menu of the instrument panel  
ÿ p. 3. 4.  
When the brake assist systems are regulating, the brake pedal  
OR: Depending on the equipment, with the driver assistance  
may move or noise may be produced. Still, keep braking hard  
systems button ÿ p. 32.  
enough. Keep the necessary pressure on the brake pedal  
constant. If necessary, control the path of the vehicle while  
OR: Depending on the equipment, in the infotainment system  
applying the brake pedal.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
settings ÿ p. 36.  
parking exit attendant  

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