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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Enabling and activating features

Software installation  
Questions and answers about system  
Choose a time for installation when you and other users will not  
be driving the vehicle.  
— Park the vehicle correctly, according to the legal provisions  
and the conditions of the place.  
Please note on  
page 208.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
- Turn off the motor.  
What is a system update for?  
— Close the engine hood, the tailgate, the glass roof and all  
The system update is a preventive measure to avoid incidents  
and unwanted states. For example, to protect against malicious  
software and to optimize the operation of the software.  
the windows and doors.  
— Confirm the installation of the software on the system  
the infotainment.  
Do I have to update the system?  
— Get out of the vehicle taking all the keys with you.  
you see from the vehicle  
In your own interest you should update the system. If the driver  
rejects the system update several times, you should go to a  
— Make sure all occupants get out and do not leave any animals  
in the vehicle.  
specialized workshop.  
— Lock the vehicle.  
Can I interrupt the download of a system update?  
Before restarting the engine, read the installation completion  
message on the infotainment system. If the installation fails,  
please note the notes on this.  
Yes, it is possible ÿ p. 208, System update.  
Can I interrupt the installation of the software?  
No, it is not possible.  
Limitations during software installation  
During software installation, control units, functions and displays  
are not available. Do not use the vehicle in the meantime.  
What happens if the software installation is interrupted?  
If the software installation is interrupted, e.g. For example,  
due to damage to the vehicle's electrical system, control units  
cannot be updated and may be damaged by incomplete software  
installation ÿ p. 208, System update.  
— Central infotainment computer: during the  
installation, the infotainment central computer, the operating  
and display unit and other control units are not available.  
— Digital instrument cluster control unit: During software  
installation, no or only a few indications can be displayed on  
Can malicious software get into the vehicle with  
Volkswagen-initiated system updates?  
the digital instrument cluster.  
Additional information ÿ p. 208, Cybersecurity.  
— OCU (Control Unit for Volkswagen Car-Net or We Connect):  
During software installation, services, the Emergency Call  
Service and automatic accident notification are not available.  
How long can I delay a system update?  
In your own interest you should make available system  
updates as soon as possible.  
If a software installation fails  
— Non-critical installation error: does not entail limitations  
tions of operation. Reinstall the update.  
Enable and activate features  
(We Upgrade)  
— Critical installation error: the control unit  
corresponding does not work correctly. Functions and  
indications are not available until the error is corrected. In  
this case, please contact Volkswagen Customer Care.  
Introduction to the topic  
After delivery of the vehicle, certain functions or equipment can  
be permanently added.  
After a successful installation of the software  
Depending on the vehicle model, it is generally possible to  
enable comfort and convenience functions.  
If the software installation was successful, it is indicated in the  
infotainment system.  
data transmissions  
fotainment, as well as driver assistance systems.  
Requirements to enable features  
Enabling functions and equipment depends on the vehicle's  
production status and is not possible in all markets.  
Please note on  
page 210.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
— Adequate infotainment.  
Once the functions are enabled and activated, read and take  
into account the corresponding information and warnings in the  
instruction manual or online manual, if available.  
— Compatibility and performance of the hardware available in  
the vehicle.  
— There is a We Connect contract in force between you and  
— You have assigned the vehicle to your We Connect user  
In case of lending or selling the vehicle, inform the user or the  
buyer about the functions enabled.  
— Sufficient mobile phone reception at the location  
current condition of the vehicle.  
· Not taking into account this obligation to inform can cause  
accidents and injuries.  
— The vehicle's electrical system is operational.  
— The vehicle battery has sufficient charge.  
If the hardware required for the feature you want to enable  
is not mounted on the vehicle.  
— OCU fitted ex factory or in some countries the Volkswagen  
We Connect control unit.  
It can be retrofitted in some cases. Volkswagen recommends  
Volkswagen dealers for retrofitting hard  
Operations for authorization  
Please note on  
page 210.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Select a time for enabling when neither you nor other users  
are driving the vehicle.  
Please note on  
page 210.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
— Switch on the ignition.  
If the feature is successfully enabled, it can be used permanently.  
— Confirm the installation of the software on the system  
the infotainment.  
— Mobile phone connection is only necessary  
— When enabling, pay attention to the information displayed  
for the purchase of the function to be enabled, for the actual  
in the infotainment.  
enabling and for the activation of said function.  
After enabling and activating, it is necessary to switch the ignition  
off and on again for some functions. Only then can the function  
— The functions that are enabled and can be used offline and  
be used correctly.  
online require a permanent mobile phone connection to be  
able to run.  
Before restarting the engine, read the message on  
The functions and vehicle equipment that can be enabled are  
completion of the enable in the infotainment. If the  
described in this owner's manual, in infotainment, on the  
enable fails, please note the notes on this.  
Volkswagen website or in your Volkswagen wagen We Connect  
user account. Some functions do not need any description, for  
example the functions to change the display or the color of the  
Problems and solutions  
The enabled functions are not linked to the validity of the  
Volkswagen We Connect contract.  
Keep in mind  
on page 210.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Where do I get the hoverable functions?  
In a web shop that you access via your Volkswagen We  
Connect user account.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Enable and activate features  
Depending on the equipment, the functions can also be  
purchased, enabled and activated directly via infotainment in the  
"In-Car shop".  
Removal of a mobile key may cause the vehicle to become  
immobilized. After the key is removed, the recipient of the key  
will no longer be able to move the vehicle or lock or unlock it.  
Limited features during enablement  
During activation the function is not available.  
· If a mobile key expires or is removed while driving, the  
mobile key will only be disabled after the ignition has been  
switched off.  
After enabling Whether the  
enabling was successful is displayed in the infotainment.  
Keep NFC-enabled credit cards and NFC-enabled devices  
away from the mobile phone device or service card you  
are using. Other NFC radio frequency equipment may prevent the  
execution of the function.  
mobile key  
Introduction to the topic  
If you sell the vehicle, you will not be able to transfer any  
mobile keys already installed on it to the buyer. In this  
case, delete all mobile keys ÿ p. 213, Indications for use. If you  
lend or sell the vehicle, inform the user or buyer that the vehicle  
has mobile keys.  
The function “mobile phone as vehicle key” in combination with  
the Volkswagen We Connect app is called a mobile key.  
This allows the use of a suitable mobile phone device instead  
of a conventional vehicle key. With the active mobile key it is  
possible to lock and unlock the vehicle and start the engine. For  
these operations it is not necessary for the vehicle or the mobile  
phone device to be connected to the Internet.  
The vehicle can be locked with mobile keys, even if there  
is an ignition key belonging to the vehicle inside.  
The vehicle is supplied from the factory with the “Mobile Key”  
function disabled. This would also be the state when the  
infotainment is reset to factory settings. In order to activate the  
function, you will first need to install and activate one or more  
mobile keys. You will need a suitable mobile phone device for  
this, on which the Volkswagen We Connect app must be installed  
ÿ p. 213, Configuring the primary user's mobile phone device for  
Please note on  
page 212.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
— Volkswagen We Connect user account acti  
the vehicle.  
— The vehicle is assigned to the We Connect user account of  
the main user.  
A mobile telephone device can simultaneously possess  
— The vehicle is equipped for the “Key  
mobile keys for different vehicles. The communication between  
the mobile wireless device and the vehicle takes place by means  
of the NFC radio communication process.  
— Mobile phone device compatible with  
NFC active. Compatibility can be checked via the We  
Connect app.  
When a mobile key is removed, it can no longer be used.  
— For the use and transfer of mobile keys, a mobile telephone  
device must be configured as the main user.  
— Mobile keys are available at We Con  
The loss, careless or inattentive use of a mobile phone device  
with a mobile key, as well as accidents and serious injuries,  
can result in theft of the vehicle.  
nect in the user account of the primary user.  
— The Volkswagen We Connect app is  
installed and operational on the mobile phone device.  
data transmissions  

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