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3. Release your finger from the screen. The route is  
of alternative routes, as long as the navigation has  
said data.  
Avoid incidents of traffic bulletins  
The route details show the current traffic reports if the  
You can turn the feature on and off whenever you want.  
Enabling and disabling usage behavior learning  
The setting is in the corresponding menu  
navigation has such data. Avoid traffic bulletin issues by  
editing route details ÿ p. 258, Traffic information.  
1. Click on a traffic bulletin.  
Basic function settings  
of navigation  
2. Tap Avoid . The route is recalculated.  
— To activate the function, activate Learn  
usage behavior  
additional window  
— To disable the feature, disable Learn usage  
When handling the navigation functions, an additional  
window with other options may open. The possible  
options depend on the function being used.  
— To delete the saved data, tap Delete usage behavior  
Indication of the autonomy in 360°  
Close additional window  
On hybrid and electric vehicles, the 360° range display  
shows the range available at the current charge level  
— Click on a free area outside the addon window  
of the high-voltage battery.  
OR: Press .  
Functions in the additional window:  
Activate the indication of the autonomy in 360°  
Show on map  
Shows what is selected on the map.  
Add a stage to the route guidance.  
Starts direct route guidance.  
— Press  
add stage  
direct route  
Deletes a stage of the route guidance.  
Avoid Avoid traffic retention. The route will  
phone interface  
Stop guide to your  
destination .  
Finish the guidance to the destination ac  
Introduction to the topic  
Close additional window.  
Using the telephone interface, you can connect your  
Add a destination to favourites.  
telephony-capable mobile telephone device to infotainment  
and operate telephone functions via infotainment. The  
sound is reproduced through the vehicle's speakers.  
Learn usage behavior  
While driving, navigation saves the routes and  
destinations made to automatically generate destination  
proposals. Destinations are learned based on the time  
You can connect up to two mobile phone devices at  
the same time with infotainment. But only one of both  
devices will be active and can be used to make calls.  
of day and the day of the se  
Navigation can propose up to 5 routes at the same  
time. The proposed routes may be different from the  
guidance routes to the normal destination.  
The second connected device can be used to receive  
calls via infotainment and for media playback.  
If one of the proposed routes is selected, guidance to the  
destination is started.  
High speed driving, bad weather and road conditions,  
a noisy environment (also outside the vehicle), as well  
as the quality of the network, can negatively affect in-  
vehicle phone calls.  
Route guidance follows the selected route until the  
vehicle deviates from it. In this case, the route is  
recalculated and leads again by the most direct path to  
the initially selected route.  
As a general rule, the pairing of a device (for  
example, a mobile phone device) is only  
necessary once. You can reset the device connection via  
Significant traffic delays are taken into account in route  
guidance, and are avoided if available.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
phone interface  
Dial phone number.  
or Wi-Fi with infotainment whenever you want without having  
to pair the device again.  
Mute handsfree sound  
Hold call.  
Telephone interface symbols  
and equipment  
Continue call.  
Start conference call.  
Note and from page 233.  
Send an emergency call.  
Get help in case of breakdown.  
Equipment features  
— Hands-free function.  
Obtain information about the Volkswagen brand and  
— Use up to two phones at the same time.  
about selected additional services related to traffic and  
your journeys.  
— Phone book with a maximum of 5000 with  
tacts (2000 on the 8.25 and 6.5 inch radios).  
— Bluetooth® SMS functions:  
— SMS reading.  
Call list symbols  
— SMS writing (templates included).  
— SMS playback.  
— To open the call lists, press .  
Incoming call.  
— Message history.  
Outgoing call.  
Lost call.  
— Bluetooth® email features:  
— Email reading.  
— Email writing.  
Telephone number (company).  
— Pairing of Bluetooth® and wireless devices by NFC.  
Telephone number (home).  
— Comfort telephony.  
Mobile phone number (company).  
— Connection to wireless charging option.  
— Connection to vehicle-mounted microphone.  
Mobile phone number (home).  
Symbols in the main menu  
Fax (private).  
List of incoming and outgoing calls.  
Symbols for text messages The symbols  
Dial phone number.  
can be different depending on the infotainment system.  
Text messages (SMS and emails).  
— To open text messages, tap .  
Phone interface settings.  
Select active device.  
Activate input by voice commands ÿ p. 246.  
Templates for text messages.  
symbols for calls  
The symbols may be different depending on the infotainment  
Places with special regulations  
Start a call or bring it to the foreground.  
End or reject a call.  
Note and from page 233.  
Open contact list.  
Switch off the phone and the phone interface in  
places where there is a risk of explosion. These places  
They are not always clearly marked. Some of them are,  
If the pairing is successful, the phone data is saved  
in the user profile.  
for example:  
— Areas close to pipes and tanks containing chemical  
3. Optional: Confirm the data transfer message on the  
mobile phone device.  
— The lower decks of ships and ferries.  
— Areas close to vehicles powered by liquefied gas (for  
example, propane or butane).  
— Areas where the air contains chemical elements or  
particles such as flour, dust or metal particles.  
If you pair while riding, it may cause an accident or  
· Perform pairing only with the vehicle stopped.  
— Any other place where it is mandatory to turn off  
the engine of the vehicle or the telephone.  
When pairing some mobile phone devices a PIN  
number is displayed  
on the screen of the mobile phone device. Enter this  
number in the infotainment to complete the pairing.  
Turn off your phone in places with a risk of explosion!  
Bluetooth® pairing by NFC  
In places where special regulations apply or the use of the  
telephone is prohibited, it must always remain disconnected.  
The radiation emitted by the phone when it is switched on  
may cause interference to sensitive technical and medical  
equipment, and may even cause it to malfunction or fail.  
Requirements for the only pairing required: ÿ The carrier  
with wireless charging function (docking box) is mounted  
in the vehicle.  
ÿ NFC is active on the telephony device  
1. Open the Phone settings menu and press Select  
mobile phone device  
2. Unlock the mobile phone device.  
Pair, connect and manage  
3. Deposit the mobile phone device co  
Note and from page 233.  
rrectly in the storage of the wireless charging function.  
Prerequisite for pairing: ÿ Bluetooth®  
The mobile phone device is paired with the infotainment.  
is activated on the mobile phone device.  
While the infotainment is in the Known mobile  
ÿ Bluetooth® is activated in the infotainment.  
phones menu, the wireless charging function is  
Pair a telephony-capable mobile phone device with  
infotainment to use the functions of the phone interface.  
When connected for the first time, the mobile wireless  
deactivated. When you exit that menu, the wireless  
charging function is reactivated.  
device is automatically paired with the infotainment. In doing  
so, a user profile is automatically saved in the infotainment  
Active and passive  
system ÿ p. 262.  
connection To use the functions of the telephone interface,  
there must be at least one mobile telephone device  
connected to the infotainment. If several mobile phone  
devices are connected to the infotainment, you can switch  
between active and passive connections. To use the  
telephone interface with the desired mobile wireless device,  
establish the active connection to the infotainment.  
Pairing may take a few minutes. The available functions  
depend on the mobile phone device used and its  
operating system.  
Pairing a mobile phone device  
1. Open the list of available Bluetooth® devices on your  
mobile wireless device and  
Read the name of the infotainment.  
Difference between connection types  
Active The mobile phone device is paired  
and connected. The functions of the telephone  
2. Note and, if necessary, confirm the messages that  
appear on the mobile phone device and in the  
interface are realized with the data of said mobile  
telephony device.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
phone interface  
Allows the use of phone functions to  
The mobile phone device is paired and connected.  
Incoming calls can only be accepted through the  
phone interface. No other functions available  
via infotainment and playback through the vehicle's speakers.  
Comfort telephone interface  
Like the Basic telephone interface, the Comfort telephone  
interface also uses the Blue tooth® HPF profile.  
Paired mobile wireless devices are stored in the infotainment,  
even if they are not currently connected.  
The Comfort telephone interface may be equipped with the  
wireless charging function ÿ p. 262.  
Connecting a mobile wireless device Prerequisite:  
The mobile wireless device is paired with the infotainment.  
In order to use the functions of the wireless charging function,  
you have to place a suitable mobile phone device correctly in the  
storage compartment. The mobile phone device will then connect  
1. Activate Bluetooth® on the mobile phone device.  
to the vehicle's antenna. This improves the reception and sound  
quality of calls.  
Establish an active connection  
Prerequisite: Several mobile wireless devices are connected to  
the infotainment at the same time.  
1. Press .  
wireless charging function  
2. Select the desired mobile phone device. All other mobile  
phone devices are automatically in the passive connection.  
Note and from page 233.  
User profiles  
An individual user profile is automatically created for each paired  
mobile wireless device. Data from the mobile wireless device,  
such as contact data or settings, is stored in the user profile. A  
maximum of ten user profiles can be stored in the infotainment at  
the same time.  
Delete a user profile  
1. Open the settings in the main menu of the phone  
Fig. 168 Standard representation of the mounting  
2. User profiles are located in the mobile devices area or Select  
surface with mat for the wireless charging function.  
mobile phone 3. Select the user profile and tap to delete it.  
The wireless charging function is available depending on  
equipment, but not in all countries. Depending on the vehicle,  
the storage area for the wireless charging function is located in  
the center console or in the area between the front seats.  
Basic and Comfort telephony  
Note and from page 233.  
The wireless charging function enables wireless power  
transmission by electromagnetic induction over a short distance.  
Depending on the equipment, you can use two types of telephone  
— Basic telephone interface.  
The maximum charging power is 5W.  
— Comfort telephone interface.  
The Qi standard enables wireless charging of suitable Qi-  
compatible mobile phone devices.  
Basic phone interface  
The Basic phone interface uses the Blue tooth® HPF profile  
for transmission. Said interface per  
In some vehicles a “phone symbol” on the mat indicates the  
Telephone and send messages  
central position of the wireless charging function ÿ fig. 168 1.  
Note and from page 233.  
Open phone interface  
For charging, place a Qi-compatible mobile phone device  
with the screen facing up in the center and with its entire surface  
resting in the storage compartment. Then charging starts  
automatically. Consult the instruction manual or the manufacturer's  
manual of the mobile phone device if it is compatible with the Qi  
— Press MENU  
Select a phone number to start a call. To select a phone  
number you have different functions.  
The factory-fitted infotainment informs you about the start of  
Use contact details  
charging and, if necessary, detected foreign objects with metallic  
components in the storage compartment, such as coins, keys,  
etc. Remove foreign objects immediately!  
If a contact has several registered phone numbers, you have  
to select one.  
— Tap and tap the contact in the list to start the call.  
If the mobile phone device has not been deposited in the  
correct position or its dimensions are very large, it may not be  
recognized or not correctly. The system then indicates, under  
certain circumstances, that there is a foreign object on the slide.  
Correct placement on the slide might fix the problem.  
— Touch and enter the name of the contact in  
the input field to search for it. Press the contact to start the  
— Touch a favorite in the main menu of the telephone interface  
to initiate the call.  
Use a calling list  
Qi-compatible devices with very large dimensions cannot be  
charged wirelessly.  
The phone interface displays the call list of the mobile phone  
device. Start a call from the call list.  
Only one Qi-compatible mobile phone device with no protective  
casing and a maximum length of 160 mm may be placed on the  
mounting surface of the wireless charging function.  
— Touch  
All and from the list touch a number to start the call.  
OR: Tap and filter the call list entries (for example, missed  
calls or dialed numbers). In the filtered list, tap a number to  
start the call.  
Declaration of conformity  
“Wireless Charging Function”: Hereby  
Enter a phone number manually  
Novero Dabendorf GmbH declares that the WCH-185 is in  
compliance with the essential requirements and any other  
applicable or enforceable provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.  
1. Tap and enter the phone number.  
2. Tap to start the call.  
Matching contacts are not shown to you during phone  
number entry  
with that number on the infotainment screen.  
Do not place metal objects or objects with metal components  
on the surface where the wireless charging function can be  
accommodated. Metal components can reach high  
temperatures. This can cause burns and a fire.  
Send a text message  
Depending on the mobile phone device and infotainment  
used, you can send and receive SMS and emails via the phone  
send a text  
Do not deposit IDs, credit cards, etc. with magnetic stripe or with  
chip on the mounting surface with wireless charging function.  
Data stored on the magnetic stripe or chip may become unusable.  
1. Tap SMS  
New message and enter the message on the  
2. Enter the contact you want in the search bar.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
3. To send the message press OK  
phone interface  
Send an e-mail  
call a favorite  
1. Tap  
New message and enter the message on  
1. Press the assigned speed dial key.  
the screen.  
2. Enter the contact you want in the search bar.  
Favorites are not updated automatically. If you  
change a contact's phone number, the speed  
dial key needs to be reassigned.  
3. To send the message press OK  
Phonebook, favorites and  
speed dial keys  
Note and from page 233.  
Phone book  
When connecting a phone to the in fotainment for  
the first time, the phone book is stored in the in  
fotainment. Data transmission may need to be  
confirmed on the phone.  
Each time the phone is connected again the phone  
book is updated. During the update, you can continue  
to use the phone book being updated.  
If conference calls are supported, the phone book  
can be accessed during a call.  
If a picture is saved for a contact, it can be displayed  
in the list next to the entry.  
Favorites and speed dial keys A  
speed dial key can be assigned to a favorite in the  
phone book. If a photo is registered in the entry, it is  
displayed on the speed dial key.  
Dial keys have to be edited manually and are  
then assigned to a user profile.  
Assign a speed dial key  
1. Press the free dial key.  
2. Tap the phonebook contact or search for it using  
the search bar. If the contact has multiple phone  
numbers, tap the number in the list.  
Edit a speed dial key  
1. Keep the speed dial key pressed until the phone  
book opens.  
2. Tap the new phonebook contact.  
If the contact has multiple phone numbers, tap  
the number in the list.  
Favorites can be removed from a speed dial  
key in the User Profile Settings menu.  

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