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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Ashtray and lighter

days must always be well secured in the drink  
practical equipment  
Closed bottles could explode in the vehicle due  
to the effect of heat or cold.  
Introduction to the topic  
· Never leave closed bottles in the vehicle if the  
temperature inside is very high or very low.  
Unsecured objects carried in the vehicle could  
be thrown from the passenger compartment in the  
event of sudden braking or manoeuvres.  
This can cause serious injury as well as loss of  
control of the vehicle.  
· Do not store objects, food or medicines  
sensitive to heat or cold in the passenger compartment.  
· Store items only in closed slides.  
The heat and cold could damage them or render them  
· Always keep the luggage compartments closed  
during the march.  
· Objects composed of transparent materials  
Lenses left on the vehicle, such as clear suction  
cups attached to the windows, can focus sunlight  
and cause damage to the vehicle.  
· Only hang light items of clothing weighing no  
more than 2.5 kg on the vehicle's hooks.  
Never leave heavy, hard or sharp objects in  
the pockets of these garments.  
ashtray and lighter  
Leaving the glove box open may increase the  
risk of serious injury in the event of an accident,  
sudden stop or maneuver.  
Introduction to the topic  
· Always keep the glove compartment closed while  
Improper use of the lighter or ashtray can cause  
fire, burns and other serious injuries.  
If cigarette lighters are left in the vehicle, they  
· Use the cigarette lighter only in a manner  
could be damaged or inadvertently ignited. This  
could cause serious burns and damage to the vehicle.  
· Never leave a child in the vehicle without  
· Before closing a slide, make sure  
surveillance. The cigarette lighter can be used with  
the ignition switched on.  
as long as there is no lighter in the closing  
· Never place paper or other objects in the ashtray  
that could cause a fire.  
· Never leave a lighter in a storage compartment  
or on any other surface of the vehicle because  
it could catch fire due to the high temperatures  
that could be reached on these surfaces,  
especially in summer.  
Incorrect use of drink holders can cause injury.  
· Never place hot drinks in the por  
drinks In the event of a sudden stop or an  
accident while driving, hot drinks placed in the  
drink holders could spill and cause burns.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
· Make sure that only drinks of the correct size are  
placed in the drink holders. I drank them  
such as solar panels or battery chargers, to  
charge the 12 volt battery.  
Use only electrical devices that comply with  
the corresponding directives in force regarding  
electromagnetic compatibility.  
Please note on  
page 205.  
,at the beginning of this chapter,  
· To prevent voltage fluctuations from  
cause damage, turn off electrical devices before  
switching the ignition on and off and starting the  
engine. When the Start-Stop system automatically  
shuts down the engine and restarts it, depending  
on the equipment, it is not necessary to switch off  
the electrical devices.  
· Never connect to an electrical outlet  
Fig. 160 In the lower part of the center console: in cigarette  
12 volt electrical devices that consume more  
power than indicated. Exceeding the maximum  
power consumption could damage the vehicle's  
electrical system.  
— With the ignition on, push the igniter button in.  
· Observe the operating instructions for  
electrical devices!  
— Wait until I jump.  
— Remove the cigarette lighter and use it ÿ p. 205.  
The 12-volt battery slowly discharges when  
electrical devices are turned on  
The cigarette lighter socket can also be  
used as a 12 volt socket.  
with the engine off and the ignition on.  
Non-insulated devices can cause  
interference to the radio, infotainment system  
and vehicle electronics.  
Power suppliers  
Introduction to the topic  
Power sockets in the vehicle  
Electrical devices can be connected to the vehicle's  
power sockets.  
Note and , at the beginning of this ca  
Devices must be in perfect condition.  
chapter, on page 206.  
Do not use defective devices.  
The 12 volt outlet only works with  
ignition on.  
Improper use of power outlets  
and electrical devices can cause fire and serious  
· Never leave a child unattended in the vehicle.  
Power outlets and the devices connected to  
them can be used when the ignition is on.  
Fig. 161 At the bottom and at the rear of the center console or  
in the boot: power socket  
· If electrical devices get too hot, turn them off  
immediately and disconnect them from the  
12 volt with folding cover 1 or with removable cover 2  
· To avoid damage to the electrical system, do not  
Never connect electrical devices that supply  
current to 12 volt outlets,  
practical equipment  

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