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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Disposal of used batteries and electronic devices

(active component protection), contact a specialized  
— Keyless lock and start system "Keyless Ac  
— Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)  
— Emergency braking assistant (Front Assist) with city  
emergency braking function  
Information regarding the  
— Lane Change Assist (Side Assist) with  
car park exit assistant (Exit Assist)  
EU regulation on chemical  
substances and preparations  
— Pedestrian detection system  
— Driving assistant (Travel Assist)  
electrical equipment  
In accordance with the European regulation on chemical  
substances and preparations REACH, Volkswagen would  
— 12 volt outlet  
like to inform you of the substances that the vehicle could  
— 230 volt socket without earth socket  
This information can be found on the Internet based  
on the vehicle identification number ÿ p. 394:  
Third Party Copyright  
Disposal of used batteries and  
electronic devices  
Some of the vehicle-mounted products contain  
software components that are under Open Source  
It is not permitted to dispose of the vehicle keys,  
A list of the open source software components  
used, including the copyright information of the  
corresponding relevant open source license  
conditions as well as the texts of these licences, is  
available on the website mentioned above. The  
source code of certain open source software  
components can be obtained from the vehicle  
manufacturer. The manufacturer will provide you with  
the source code in accordance with the relevant  
license conditions, at your sole expense the costs of  
preparation (such as the cost of data carriers and  
shipping costs). You can check the necessary  
information on the website mentioned above.  
radio frequency remote controls and their batteries in  
the household waste. This is indicated by the symbol  
— Turn in electronic devices and batteries  
at the corresponding collection points according to  
local regulations.  
— Consult a Volkswagen dealer for more information  
on this.  
Declaration of conformity  
The concerned manufacturer hereby declares that  
the products listed below were in compliance with  
the basic requirements and other relevant laws and  
regulations at the time of vehicle production, including  
FCC Part 15.19, FCC Part 15.21 and RSS- Gen Issue  
Delivery and scrapping of  
vehicles at the end of their useful  
Equipment that works by radio frequency  
— Electronic immobilizer  
— Vehicle key  
Delivery of vehicles at the end of their useful  
life Volkswagen has already prepared for the moment  
in which the vehicle is going to be recycled respecting  
the environment. In many European countries there is  
already an extensive network of reception centers for  
end-of-life vehicles. After the delivery of the vehicle, a  
certificate will be received documenting  
— Tire pressure monitoring system  
— Radio frequency remote control of the independent  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Information regarding the EU regulation on chemical substances and preparations  
Recycling of the vehicle according to the regulations  
and respecting the environment.  
maximum speed allowed in the corresponding country  
for vehicles traveling with a trailer, as it could be less  
than that allowed for vehicles traveling without one.  
Delivery of the vehicle at the end of its useful life is  
generally free of charge, as long as the national legal  
provisions are complied with.  
Whether it is permissible to exceed the vehicle masses  
is stated in the vehicle documentation. If it is not  
allowed to exceed them, you can drive at 100 km/h as  
long as you do not contravene the laws of the country  
in question.  
More information about handing over and recycling  
end-of-life vehicles can be found at Volkswagen dealers.  
Technical data  
When scrapping the vehicle or certain components of  
it, such as the airbag system and seat belt pretensioners,  
it is essential to take into account the current safety  
regulations. Specialized workshops are familiar with  
these provisions.  
The technical data can be found in the vehicle  
Danger of injury and electric shock due to exposed  
Important information for  
vehicles in the category  
N1 (light commercial vehicle)  
· After receiving the vehicle, at the latest, have the  
boot trim installed so that the cables at the rear of  
the vehicle are covered when you use the vehicle.  
In the case of vehicles intended for the transport of  
goods with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding  
3.5 t (category N1 in Europe), take into account the  
following information:  
Danger of serious injuries if people are transported  
Variants and number of seats  
· Never carry anyone, not even a child, in the center  
of the rear seat.  
There are different versions of vehicles in the N1 category  
based on a Volkswagen car. Thus, the number of places  
may be limited to two or four.  
Due to the non-existence of retention systems  
tion, such as seat belts and head restraints, you  
can be seriously injured in an accident if you ride  
on that part of the seat.  
Two-seater vehicles: Since they are not equipped with a  
rear seat, the floor at the rear of the passenger  
compartment is not covered ÿ .  
Four-seater vehicles: The rear seat is designed in  
such a way that the center seat can not be used ÿ .  
Danger of serious and fatal injuries.  
· Never carry anyone in the trunk.  
· Observe the safety warnings and information regarding  
the luggage compartment and transporting objects  
ÿ p. 265.  
Safe transport of children  
On the seats of these vehicles, approved child  
restraint systems can be used, as in the case of  
category M1 vehicles (passenger cars) ÿ page. 62.  
Information on EU Directive  
Driving with a trailer If the  
vehicle is approved for driving with a trailer, please  
note the country-specific regulations regarding driving  
with a trailer and the use of a towing device.  
Simplified EU Declaration of  
If the maximum permissible mass for the vehicle or for  
the rear axle is exceeded, do not drive faster than 80  
km/h with a trailer attached. This also applies in those  
countries where faster driving is permitted. Note the veil  
Your vehicle is equipped with various radio equipment.  
The manufacturers of this equipment declare that the  
equipment complies with Directive 2014/53/UE, as long  
as it is legally required.  
Information for the client  
ADHL5D, BNF_HL, BNF_LL, EHL2, eNSF, EZS-VW-Touareg, FS09,  
FS12A, FS12P, FS14, FS1744, FS19, FS1902, FS1903, FS94, G09CO4  
Key, Kessy MQB-A, Kessy MQB-B B, Kessy MQB -B H, Kessy  
PQ35GP, Kessy MQB37W, Kombiinstrument 1, Kombiinstrument 2,  
Kombiinstrument 3, NSF_HL, NSF_LL1, NSF_LL3, PQ35 Kessy, RSB19,  
mobilizer dashboard integrateu instrument cluster, 3G0.837.205.  
The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at  
the following address of In  
Manufacturers addresses  
Air conditioning  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the following  
Listed below are the addresses of the manufacturers of those  
components that, due to their size or nature, cannot be provided  
with an adhesive, as long as it is legally required:  
Radio remote control (independent heating), independent  
heating (transmitter/ receiver unit)  
Door handle with NFC wireless communication technology  
EasyStart R, EasyStart R (22 1000 32 95 00, 22 1000 34 72 00), STH VW  
- 50000884, Sender STH VW - 50000886, Telestart, 50000864 D208L  
VW, 9019510C / Receiver of aux heater 869 MHz, 9019747B / Remote  
control of aux heater 868 MHz,  
HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA  
Rixbecker Straße 75  
59552 Lippstadt  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the following  
Radio remote control (independent heating), independent  
heating (transmitter/receiver unit)  
Tire pressure sensors  
Digades GmbH  
control units  
Äußere Weberstr. twenty  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the following  
02763 Zittau  
Central control unit, door control unit, wireless charging  
Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE  
BC-Module, BCM PQ26 ROW (502N1xFOx), BCMevo, BCM2, BCM2R,  
BR11, HUF71110, KGF-Max, RXI-35-433-DC, WCH-185, 5WK50254.  
Friedrichshafener Str. 9  
82205 Gilching  
Driver assistance systems  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the following  
Radar sensors for assistance systems, Car2X communication  
Correspondence tables  
ARS4-B, BSD 3.0, LCA 2.0A, LRR3, LRR3 Master & Slave, LRR4, LRR4R,  
MRRe14FCR, MRRevo14F, MRR1Plus, MRR1Rear, RS4, R3TR.  
The correlation tables will help you to relate the name of the  
equipment in the declaration of conformity with the equipment  
of the vehicle and the terminology used in the on-board  
Infotainment system and online communication  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the following  
Infotainment system, Bluetooth, wireless hotspot, telephone  
interface, “Security &  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the following  
Service” from Car-Net, “e-Remote” from Car-Net  
ALPS UGZZF-102B, ALPS UGZZF-202B, A109, A475/A754,  
Garage opener, "Keyless Access" keyless entry and start  
system, vehicle key, instrument cluster, electronic immobiliser,  
door handle with NFC wireless communication technology  
A580/A270, A473/A476/A750, A486/A449/A493/183, HT-5,  
HT-6, L40VW2, L53VW2, L56VW2, L62VW2, L69VW2, L73VW2,  
L77VW2, MIB Global Entry/Standard, MIB Global Entry/Standard, MIB  
Standard 2 – PQ +/NAV with BT, MIB Standard 2 – PQ +/NAV with BT  
and WLAN, MIB Standard 2 – ZR +/Nav with BT, MIB Standard 2 – ZR  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Information on EU Directive 2014/53/EU  
7N0.035.552.K, 7N0.035.552.J, 7N0.035.552.Q, 7P6.035.552,  
7P6.035.552.A, 7P6.035.552.M, 760.035.577.T.  
+/Nav with BT and WLAN, MIB2 Entry, MIB2 Main-Unit, MIB2STD, MIB  
2 Standard PQ, MIB 2 Standard ZR, MMI3G, MMI3G RU, RRVW401*,  
RRVW402*, RRVW402B, TUVM02IU-E, TUVM03IU-E, 7C0 .035.153,  
920 105 105, 920 105 110, 920 211 072, 920 211 172, 920 211 201,  
920 211 202, 920 213 172, 920 286 002, 920 286 005, 920 286 009,  
920 286 010, 920 286 011, 920 286 012, 920 286 013, 920 286 015,  
920 286 313, 920 286 323, 920 286 343, 920 286 351, 920 286 352,  
920 286 353, 920 286 354, 920 286 362, 920 286 382, 920 286 383,  
920 286 385, 920 286 386, 920 301 022, 920 301 030, 920 301 031,  
920 301 041, 920 301 042, 920 304 022, 920 336 003, 920 336 005,  
920 336 006, 920 336 007, 920 336 008, 920 336 010, 920 336 011,  
920 336 012, 920 336 013, 920 336 014, 920 355 001, 920 417 007,  
920 417 010, 920 437 003, 920 437 023, 920 437 035, 920 437 303,  
920 437 323, 920 437 335, 920 460 003, 920 460 009, 920 460 018,  
920 460 025, 920 460 028, 920 460 042, 920 460 047, 920 460 069,  
920 460 303, 920 460 318, 920 460 460 460 325, 920 460 328, 920 460  
342, 920 460 347, 920 460 369, 920 461 001, 920 461 002, 920 461  
003, 920 461 004, 920 461 005, 920 481 002, 920 481 003, 920 481  
004, 920 481 012, 920 481 013, 920 481 014, 920 554 001, 920 554  
002, 920 554 003, 920 554 004, 920 611 001, 920 611 002, 920 611  
011, 920 611 012, 920 615 001, 920 615 002, 920 627 003, 920 627  
007, 920 627 023, 920 627 024 920 627 048, 920 627 049.  
This section contains the certificate numbers of the  
following components:  
Antennas, antenna amplifier, connection to the  
outdoor antenna  
920 301 A, 920 611 A.  
1K8.035.552, 1K8.035.552.C, 1K8.035.552.F, 1S0.035.577.A,  
2GA.035.577, 2GA.035.577.A, 2GA.035.577.B, 2GM.035.577.A,  
2G0.035.577.A, 2K5.035.525.AB, 2K5.035.525.AC, 2K5.035.525.AD,  
2K5.035.525.AE, 2K5.035.525.L, 2K5.035.525.M, 2K5.035.525.Q,  
2K5.035.525.T, 2K5. 035.526.AA, 2K5.035.526.AB, 2K5.035.526.AC,  
2K5.035.526.AD, 2K5.035.526.AE, 2K5.035.526.AF, 2K5.035.526.L,  
2K5.035.526.M, 2K5.035.526.5 Q, 2K5.035.526.T, 2K5.035.532.Q,  
2K5.035.532.R, 2K5.035.532.S, 2K5.035.540.A, 3C0.035.507.AA,  
3C0.035.507.N, 3C0.035.507.P, 3G0.980.611, 3G5.035.577,  
3G5.035.577.A, 3G5.035.577.B, 3G5.035.577.G, 3G5.035.577.H,  
3G5.035.577.J, 3G5.035.577.K, 3G8.7 . 035.577.A, 3G8.035.577.B,  
3G8.035.577.E, 3G8.035.577.F, 3G8.035.577.G, 3G8.035.577.H,  
3G8.035.577.J, 3G8.035.577.K, 3G9.035.57 3G9.035.577.A,  
3G9.035.577.B, 3G9.035.577.G, 3G9.035.577.H, 3G9.035.577.J,  
3G9.035.577.K, 3789.01, 4G5.035.225.B, 4G8.035.225. 4G9.035.225.B,  
4N0.035.503.AG, 4N0.035.503.AF, 4N0 035 503.J, 4S0.035.225.A,  
Radio equipment, frequency  
band, maximum transmitting  
As long as nothing else is stated, the data is valid for all  
Volks wagen models or for those vehicles that are  
equipped with the radio equipment1) in question.  
Variations are indicated by footnotes.  
5C3.035.552, 5C3.035.552.A, 5C3.035.552.B, 5C5.035.552,  
5C5.035.552.A , 5C5.035.552.B, 5E5.035.577.A, 5E5.035.577.B,  
5F4.5,035.22 035.225.A, 5F4.035.225.B, 5G6.035.577,  
5G6.035.577.A, 5G6.035.577.B, 5G6.035.577.E , 5G6.035.577.F ,  
5G9.035.577, 5G9.035.577.A, 5G9.035.577.A , 035.577.B,  
5G9.035.577.G, 5G9.035.577.H, 5G9.035.577.J, 5G9.035.577.K,  
5H0 035 510, 5H6.035.577, 5H6.035.577.A, 5H6.035.577.B,  
5H6.035.577.B 035.577.T, 5L0.035.501.A, 5NA.035.577,  
µW = microwatt, mW = milliwatt, W = watt  
Radar sensors for assistance systems  
Frequency band, maximum transmitting power  
5NA.035.577.A, 5NA.035.577.B, 5NA.035.577.E, 5NA.035.577.F,  
5Q0.035.507.A, 5Q0.035.507.AG, 5Q0.035.507.AH, 5Q0.035.507.B,  
5Q0.035.507.C, 5Q0.035.507.P, 5Q0.035.507.Q, 5Q0.035.507.S,  
5TA.035.577, 5TA.035.577.A, 5TA.07.035.57 B, 5WA.035.507.A,  
5WA.035.507.B, 5WA.035.507.E, 5WA.035.507.F, 5WA.035.507.T,  
Front: 24.05-24.25 GHz a)  
76-77GHz b)  
76-77GHzc )  
76-77GHz d)  
510.035.577, 510.035.577.A, 510.035.577.B, 575.035. 225, 575.035.225.A, 575.035.225.B.  
Sides: 77-81 GHz e)  
6C0.035.501, 6C0.035.501.A, 6C0.035.501.C, 6C0.035.501.D,  
6C0.035.501.G, 6C0.035.501.J, 6C0.035.501.N, 6C0.035.501.P,  
6C0.501.035 Q, 6C0.035.577, 6R0.035.501, 6R0.035.501.A,  
6R0.035.501.C, 6R0.035.501.D, 6R0.035.501.F, 6R0.035.501.L,  
6V6.035.577.A, 6V6.7.035. B, 6V9.035.577.A, 6V9.035.577.B,  
7C0.035.501, 7C0.035.501.C, 7C0.035.501.D, 7C0.035.501.F,  
7C0.035.501.G, 7E0.035.503, 7E0.3.035 A, 7E0.035.503.B,  
7E0.035.503.C, 7E0.035.503.D, 7E0.035.503.E, 7E0.035.510,  
7E0.035.510.A, 7H0.035.507.E, 7N0.035.507.A, 7N0. 035.507.B,  
Rear: 76-77 GHz d) a) Valid  
for all models of the Golf and the  
Passat, Sharan, Touran, Jetta, Arteon, Touareg,  
Polo, Beetle, T-Roc  
b) Valid for all models of the Golf and the  
Passat, Sharan, Touran, Jetta, Arteon  
c) Valid for: Polo, T-Cross, T-Roc, Tiguan d)  
Valid for: Touareg  
1) The commissioning or authorization of use of radioelectric technology may be restricted in some way.  
In European countries, it is not possible or only possible with additional requirements.  
Information for the client  
Frequency band, maximum transmitting power  
b) Valid for MQB 37, MQB 37 (W), MQB 48 ÿ p. 388  
c) Valid for: Touareg  
e) Valid for MQB 37, MQB 37 (W), MQB 48 ÿ p. 388  
Ignition key (vehicle)  
"Keyless Access" system  
125 kHz a)  
22.7 dBµA/m  
32µW 25mW  
434.42 MHz b)  
868.000-868.600 MHz c)  
a) Valid for PQ 35, MQB 37, MQB 37 (W), MQB 48 ÿ p.  
388 b) Valid for MQB 37, MQB 37 (W), MQB 48 ÿ p.  
388 c) Valid for: Touareg  
Tire pressure sensors  
Exterior door handle with NFC wireless communication  
Central control unit1)  
34.2 dBuA/m @ 10m  
40 dBÿA/m  
Auxiliary antenna for Car2X  
Instrument panel  
wireless access point  
electronic immobilizer  
125kHz +/- 10kHz  
Radio frequency remote control (independent heating)  
868.7-869.2 MHz a) b)  
(869.0 MHz) a) b)  
Remote control for opening the garage1)  
868.0-868.6 MHz c)  
(868.3 MHz) c)  
a) Valid for: Touareg b)  
Valid for MQB 37, MQB 37 (W), MQB 48 ÿ p. 388  
c) Valid for: Sharan  
Telephone interface3)  
Independent heating (transmitter/receiver unit)  
GSM 850: 824-849 MHz  
GSM 900: 880-915 MHz  
868.0-868.6 MHz a)  
(868.3 MHz) a)  
GSM 1800: 1710-1785 MHz  
GSM 1900: 1850-1910 MHz  
WCDMA FDDI: 1920-1980 MHz  
WCDMA FDDV: 824-849 MHz  
868.7-869.2 MHz b)  
(869.0 MHz) b)  
868.0-868.6 MHz c)  
(868.525 MHz) c)  
Car-Net Security & Service4)  
GSM 900 (880.2-959.8 MHz)  
a) Valid for: Sharan  
GSM 1800 (1710.2-1879.8 MHz)  
1) Valid for: Touareg  
2) Valid for Volkswagen models with telephone interface  
3) Valid for vehicles with the Premium phone interface  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
4) Valid for: Arteon, e-Golf, Golf, Golf GTE, Golf Variant, Passat, Passat GTE, Passat Variant, Passat Variant  
GTE, Tiguan, Touran, T-Roc  
Information on EU Directive 2014/53/EU  
Car-Net e-Remote2)  
UMTS B1 (1920-2170 MHz)  
UMTS B8 (880-960 MHz)  
GPS (1575.42 MHz)  
GSM 900: 880-915 MHz  
GSM 1800: 1710-1785 MHz  
WCDMA FDDI: 1920-1980 MHz / GPS  
Car-Net e-Remote1)  
GSM 850 (824-849 MHz)  
GSM 900 (880-915 MHz)  
Model breakdown  
GSM 1800 (1710-1785 MHz)  
GSM 1900 (1850-1910 MHz)  
EGPRS 850 (824-849 MHz)  
EGPRS 900 (880-915 MHz)  
EGPRS 1800 (1710-1785 MHz)  
EGPRS 1900 (1850-1910 MHz)  
UMTS I (1920-1980 MHz)  
UMTS II (1850-1910 MHz)  
UMTS III (IX) (1710-1785 MHz)  
UMTS IV (1710-1755 MHz)  
UMTS V (VI) (824-849 MHz)  
UMTS VIII (880-915 MHz)  
Breakdown of vehicle model groups, as long as they  
are not listed separately in the table:  
MQB 37, MQB 37 (W) = e-Golf, Golf, Golf GTE,  
Golf GTD, Golf GTI, Golf Sportsvan, Golf Variant, Jet  
ta, Jetta Hybrid, R Golf, Tiguan, Touran, T-Roc  
MQB 48 = Arteon, Passat, Passat Alltrack,  
Passat GTE, Passat Variant, Passat Variant Alltrack,  
Passat Variant GTE  
PQ 35 = Beetle, Beetle Cabriolet, Sharan  
Declaration of conformity of radio equipment in non-  
European countries  
Fig. 263 General chart of some approval marks.  
1) Valid for all electric and hybrid vehicles with e-Remote except for the e-up! and the e-load up!  
2) Valid for: e-up!, e-load up!  
Information for the client  

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