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The message Fault: Damping may appear on the  
instrument panel display .  
Driving profiles or vehicle systems are not behaving  
as expected  
— Go to a specialized workshop and have the  
system checked.  
— Observe the standard behavior of driving profiles  
and vehicle systems ÿ p. 157.  
Offroad Indicator  
Fig. 131 In the infotainment system: Offroad indicator.  
Steering wheel angle indicator: It is  
Digital instruments are displayed on the Offroad  
shows the steering wheel angle of the vehicle. If  
the steering wheel is turned to the left, the value is  
positive; if it is rotated to the right, it is negative.  
indicator, providing additional information about  
the vehicle and the environment. In this way, the  
current driving situation can be assessed more  
Altimeter: The altimeter shows the current altitude  
above sea level.  
Open Offroad Indicator  
Engine coolant temperature gauge: This gauge is  
equivalent to the temperature gauge on the instrument  
— Press the MENU button on the infotainment system.  
panel ÿ p. 23.  
— Press the Vehicle function button  
— Press the Select function button  
— Press the Offroad function button  
Oil temperature gauge: This gauge is equivalent  
to the oil temperature gauge on the instrument panel.  
Select instruments and set units  
Adjust the display areas according to the driving  
The infotainment system displays various instruments  
ments ÿ fig. 131.  
The displayed instruments can be selected depending  
on the driving situation, as well as the surrounding and  
ground conditions:  
— To switch between instruments, swipe up with one  
finger on the screen.  
The unit of some instruments can be set in the  
infotainment system ÿ p. 35.  
Sandy terrain: Engine oil and coolant temperature  
gauges and steering wheel angle indicator  
Offroad Gauge Instruments  
Slopes: steering wheel angle indicator, engine  
coolant temperature indicator and altimeter  
The availability of the instruments depends on the  
Compass: The compass indicates the current direction of the  
Mountainous terrain: Steering wheel angle  
indicator, altimeter and compass  
offroad driving  
Safety instructions for offroad  
Introduction to the topic  
Note and from page 159.  
The examples cited in this chapter should be  
understood as general rules that are intended to help  
the driver to drive safely off-road. However, it cannot  
be assumed that they are applicable in all situations  
that arise. Before making an incursion into unknown  
terrain, it is crucial to find out about its characteristics. In  
this way, potential hazards can be assessed in advance.  
The driver is responsible for deciding if the terrain is  
passable and suitable for the vehicle.  
Intelligent vehicle technology cannot overcome the  
limits imposed by physical laws and only works within  
the limits of the corresponding systems. Under  
unfavorable ground conditions, instability situations  
may occur when the wheels lock even with ABS (eg,  
in case of hard braking on loose gravel). Under these  
conditions, the connected ESC can only stabilize the  
vehicle to a limited extent.  
Off-road driving requires different skills and behaviors  
than driving on conventional roads.  
This vehicle has not been designed for “expedition  
character” travel.  
Offroad driving can be dangerous, leading to accidents,  
serious injuries, vehicle damage, and vehicle  
breakdown beyond help.  
For offroad driving, switch off the assistance and  
parking systems.  
· Never choose a dangerous route or take risks that  
endanger you and your companions. If you  
cannot continue or you doubt the safety of the route,  
turn around and find another way.  
Before your first ride, do the following in order to drive  
and drive the vehicle safely off paved roads: ÿ Observe  
the general warnings for  
Even if the terrain seems easy to walk,  
it can be difficult and dangerous and lead to  
critical situations for you and your companions.  
It is best to explore the route first on foot.  
Safety for offroad driving.  
ÿ Adjust the seat so that you have a good view forward  
and put on the seat belt ÿ p. 42.  
· When driving off-road, proceed with special  
prudence and foresight. Driving too fast or missing  
ÿ Always wear suitable, tight-fitting footwear that offers  
a maneuver can cause serious injury and vehicle  
good foot support when operating the pedals.  
Never drive faster than is convenient  
for the prevailing terrain, road, traffic and weather  
A responsible driver respects nature even  
when driving offroad. When traveling through  
areas of scrubland and pastures, the habitat of the  
· Never drive on hills, ramps or  
existing flora and fauna can be destroyed.  
slopes too fast. Otherwise, the vehicle could lift  
up and it would be impossible to control the  
direction, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle.  
Leaking operating fluids as a result of damage  
to the vehicle can contaminate  
undermine the environment. If any operating fluid  
leaks out, please collect it and dispose of it properly  
and in an environmentally friendly manner.  
· If the vehicle were to lift, keep  
Always keep the front wheels in a straight position.  
If the wheels were turned when losing contact  
with the ground, the vehicle could overturn.  
Keep useful accessories for offroad driving in  
the vehicle.  
· Even sections that seem harmless can be dangerous.  
Potholes, cavities, pits, chasms, obstacles, drop-  
offs, and soft, muddy ground are often  
indistinguishable and are partially or fully covered  
with snow, water,  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
offroad driving  

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