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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Maintenance service

— When each of the services was performed.  
— If you have been advised of a specific repair,  
e.g. For example, the need to change the brake  
pads soon.  
— If you expressed any special request for  
maintenance. Your Service advisor will write it  
Service Works and Plan  
digital maintenance  
down on the work order.  
— Components and operating fluids that are  
they changed.  
The vehicle data carrier sticker is affixed to the  
cover of this instruction manual, thus ensuring  
that the correct Volkswagen® Original Parts can  
always be fitted. In addition, based on it, it is  
determined what type of service corresponds to your  
— The date of the next service.  
The Long-Term Mobility Guarantee will be valid  
until the next inspection. This information is  
documented in all inspections carried out.  
The vehicle's data carrier sticker documents the  
first registration or delivery date and the delivery  
inspection and thus the start of the legal warranty  
for your vehicle.  
The type and volume of service work may vary  
from vehicle to vehicle. You can find out about  
work specific to your vehicle at a specialized  
In some markets the digital Maintenance Plan  
is not available. In this case, your Volkswagen  
dealer will inform you about the service work  
and its documentation.  
If the services are insufficient or not carried out  
and if the service intervals are not respected, the  
vehicle could be immobilized in the middle of  
traffic; In addition, accidents and serious injuries  
could occur.  
Record of service work performed (“Digital  
Maintenance Plan”)  
The Volkswagen dealer or specialist workshop  
records the Service receipts in a central system.  
Thanks to this transparent documentation of the  
service history, the service work performed can be  
reproduced whenever you want.  
· Have service work done by a Volkswagen dealer  
or an authorized specialist workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends requesting, after each  
service performed, a Service receipt listing all the  
jobs registered in the system.  
Volkswagen is not responsible for damage to the  
vehicle due to insufficient work or insufficient  
availability of parts.  
Each time a new service is performed, the receipt  
is replaced by a current one.  
Regular service work on the vehicle not only  
helps to maintain  
service jobs  
its value, but also to its proper functioning and  
road safety. Therefore, have the work carried out  
in accordance with the Volkswagen guidelines.  
Your Volkswagen dealer or specialist workshop  
documents the following information in the digital  
Maintenance Plan:  
Fixed service or flexible service  
Services are differentiated between oil change service and  
inspection. The service interval indicator in the instrument  
cluster display serves as a reminder of the need for the next  
Depending on the equipment, the motorization and the  
conditions of use of the vehicle1), the fixed service or the  
flexible service will be applied to the oil change service.  
How to know what kind of service your vehicle needs  
— Check the PR number on the vehicle data carrier sticker  
ÿ fig. 260 (arrow) ÿ p. 394.  
Fig. 260 Vehicle data carrier sticker with no.  
PR of the corresponding service (schematic  
— See the following table.  
Type of  
service interval  
Every 5000 km or after 1 year a)  
Every 7500 km or after 1 year a)  
Every 10,000 km or after 1 year a)  
Every 15,000 km or after 1 year a)  
Oil change service  
According to the service interval indicator  
According to the service interval indicator  
a) According to what is fulfilled before.  
Please note the information regarding the engine oil  
specifications according to the VW standard ÿ p. 320, ÿ p.  
If you do not want the flexible service, you can opt for  
the fixed service. However, a fixed service may have an  
impact on service charges. The Service adviser will be  
happy to advise you.  
Particularity of the flexible service  
Service Interval Indicator  
In the case of flexible service, you only have to carry out  
an oil change service when the vehicle needs it. When  
At Volkswagen, service dates are indicated on the instrument  
cluster display by the service interval indicator ÿ p. 33 and  
in the vehicle settings of the infotainment system ÿ p. 36.  
The service interval indicator reports dates of services that  
include an engine oil change or inspection. When the time  
comes to carry out the corresponding service, other  
necessary additional work can also be carried out, such as  
changing the brake fluid and spark plugs.  
calculating when to do so, individual conditions of use and  
personal driving style are taken into account. An important  
component of flexible service is the use of LongLife oil  
instead of conventional motor oil.  
Please note the information regarding the engine oil  
specifications according to the VW standard ÿ p. 320, ÿ p.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
1) The data in the following table assumes normal use conditions.  
Information about the  
conditions of use  
Volkswagen is not responsible for damage to the vehicle due  
to insufficient work or insufficient availability of parts.  
Service intervals and prescribed service sets have generally been  
determined based on normal use conditions.  
If the vehicle is used under adverse operating conditions,  
service sets  
some of the work will need to be done before the next service  
interval or between the prescribed service intervals.  
The service packages include all the maintenance work that  
is necessary to guarantee road safety and the proper functioning  
of your vehicle (depending on the conditions of use and the  
equipment of the vehicle, for example, the engine, the gearbox  
or of liquids and operating media). Maintenance work is divided  
into inspection work and overhaul work.  
Adverse conditions of use are, among others:  
— The use of fuel with a high sulfur index.  
— Frequent short journeys.  
— Leave the engine idling for a long time, with  
mo in the case of taxis.  
Consult the details of the work necessary for your vehicle at:  
— Using the vehicle in areas with a lot of  
— Your Volkswagen dealer — Your  
specialist workshop — The electronic  
— Frequent driving with a trailer.  
— The predominant use of the vehicle in heavy traffic situations  
with intermittent stops, e.g. eg, in the city.  
information system for repairs and workshops erWin on ÿ p.  
inspection work  
— The use of the vehicle predominantly in  
Electric system  
— Check the 12 volt battery and, if necessary, replace it.  
This applies in particular to the following components  
(depending on equipment):  
— Check lighting.  
— Check the horn.  
— Dust and pollen filter  
— Air Care Allergen Filter  
- Air filter  
— Check headlight adjustment.  
— Reset the service interval indicator.  
- Toothed belt  
Engine and gearbox  
— Particle filter  
— Engine oil  
— Check the exhaust gas system.  
— Check gearbox and final group.  
— Check poly-V belt.  
The Service adviser at your specialized workshop will  
be happy to advise you on the need to intercalate work  
between the normal service intervals, always taking into  
account the conditions of use of your vehicle.  
— Check the cooling system.  
— Check engine and bay components  
— Check engine oil level.  
If services are insufficient or not performed and  
if service intervals are not respected, the vehicle  
could become immobilized in the middle of traffic  
and cause an accident and serious injuries.  
— Check ball joints and tie rods  
— Check the tires.  
· Have service work done by an authorized Volkswagen  
dealer or a specialist workshop.  
— Check the brake system.  
— Check brake pads and discs.  
— Check brake fluid level.  
— Check the joint dust covers.  
— Check the tie rod and stabilizer bar bearings.  
It is also possible to carry out the revision works independently  
of the services that are displayed.  
— Check the air suspension.  
— Check the puncture repair kit.  
— Check the pressure of all tires.  
— Check power steering.  
For technical reasons, e.g. eg, ongoing development of  
components, service sets may vary. Your Volkswagen dealer  
or specialist workshop always receives timely information about  
any changes.  
— Check shock absorbers and heli springs  
Vehicle conservation  
— Check roof systems.  
— Check the windshield.  
Indications for the conservation  
of the vehicle  
— Check the bodywork for corrosion.  
— Check the wiper blades.  
— Check the window washer.  
— Check door retainers.  
Periodic and competent care of the vehicle contributes to its  
— Check the underbody of the vehicle.  
— Check the drains.  
The longer dirt remains on the surfaces of vehicle parts and on  
the upholstery fabrics, the more difficult it will be to clean and  
maintain them. If dirt is left uncleaned for a long time, it may no  
longer be possible to remove it.  
— Carry out a test run.  
Overhaul work In  
addition to the inspection work, other overhaul work must be  
carried out on your vehicle depending on the conditions of use  
and the vehicle's equipment, e.g. engine, gearbox or fluids and  
operating means. These jobs are performed based on the time  
elapsed and the distance traveled since the last service, or only  
based on the time elapsed or the distance traveled.  
Volkswagen recommends using original care products, which  
are specially adapted to your vehicle.1) For specific questions  
or for vehicle parts not mentioned, please contact a specialist  
Improper care and cleaning of vehicle components can  
affect the function of the vehicle's safety equipment and  
cause serious injury.  
— Change or add additives.  
— Change the brake fluid.  
— Check the particulate filter.  
· Clean and maintain vehicle parts only in accordance with  
the manufacturer's instructions.  
— Change the oil and, if necessary, the filter in the gearbox.  
— Change the final group and differential oil.  
· Always use authorized or recommended cleaning products.  
— Change or drain the diesel filter.  
— Change the air filter.  
· Do not use cleaning products that contain solvents. Solvents  
can irreparably damage airbag modules.  
— Change the oil and, if necessary, the engine filter  
· Protect your hands and arms from sharp parts, eg. eg  
when cleaning the inner parts of the wheel arches.  
— Change the dust and pollen filter.  
— Change the Air Care allergen filter.  
— Change the spark plugs.  
— Check or replace the toothed belt and its tensioner roller.  
If the windows are dirty, misted or have ice, visibility is  
reduced and the risk increased  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
1) Suitable accessories can be purchased at Volkswagen dealers. Consider the mode of  
job listed on the packaging.  
Vehicle conservation  

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