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parking exit attendant  
Parking Exit Assist works with radar sensors mounted on the  
— Switch on the ignition.  
— If necessary, switch on the park exit assistant.  
— Observe the acoustic signals and the menus  
messages displayed on the instrument panel display. Colored  
segments show the area in question behind the vehicle on the  
infotainment system display ÿ fig. 159.  
If the parking aid is deactivated, no warnings can be issued  
to the driver. The parking exit assistant will also be temporarily  
switched off.  
Fig. 158 Schematic representation of the parking exit  
assistant: monitored area around the vehicle that is  
being vacated.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and only works  
within the limits of the systems. As a consequence, accidents,  
serious injuries and damage to the vehicle can occur.  
Parking Exit Assist monitors cross-direction traffic when  
reversing out of a parking space or when manoeuvring.  
· The parking system cannot replace the driver's attention.  
Brake assistance systems  
Information regarding brake assist systems  
The vehicle is equipped with brake assist systems. These systems  
can help the driver in critical driving or braking situations. The  
driver is responsible for driving safely ÿ p. 202.  
Fig. 159 On the infotainment system screen: display of  
the park exit assistant.  
Please also note the information and warnings valid for all  
parking assistants on p. 187.  
Driving with brake assist systems  
Brake assist systems work with the engine running. No  
special condition is necessary. Always leave the footrest area  
connect and disconnect  
free under the pedals!  
— In the Assistants menu of the instrument panel  
ÿ p. 3. 4.  
When the brake assist systems are regulating, the brake pedal  
OR: Depending on the equipment, with the driver assistance  
may move or noise may be produced. Still, keep braking hard  
systems button ÿ p. 32.  
enough. Keep the necessary pressure on the brake pedal  
constant. If necessary, control the path of the vehicle while  
OR: Depending on the equipment, in the infotainment system  
applying the brake pedal.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
settings ÿ p. 36.  
parking exit attendant  

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