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Voice control ends automatically if you use infotainment functions,  
if the parking system is activated or if announcements are made,  
for example traffic announcements or incoming calls.  
in the reception of the radio signal and noise in the speakers.  
Metal-coated foils or stickers on the window panes can  
interfere with reception in vehicles with antennas built  
into the windows.  
In some cases, voice control of the connected mobile wireless  
device can also be started by pressing and holding the voice  
control key or the VOICE key.  
End voice control manually  
Radio equipment and symbols  
— Voice control can be canceled with a co  
Multifunction steering wheel: Press the voice control button  
Note and from page 233.  
twice in succession.  
The functions, as well as the types of reception and  
frequency bands available depend on the equipment and  
the country.  
radio mode  
— AM tuner.  
Introduction to the topic  
— Dual FM receiver (diversity antenna).  
— Summary station list.  
In Radio mode you can tune in to available radio stations on  
different frequency bands and store your favorites under the  
preset keys for quick access.  
— Merging of DAB and FM stations into one list.  
— Summary list of memories.  
— Fusion of all stations stored in preset keys in a list.  
The types of reception and the available frequency bands  
depend on the equipment and the country.  
— 36 preset keys to store favorites.  
— Station logos.  
In certain countries, frequency bands may cease to be  
broadcast or may not be offered again.  
— Antenna amplifier.  
Access the RADIO menu  
1. MENU  
— DAB presentation (slideshow).  
Access settings  
1. MENU  
— Parallel to the broadcast program, still images are  
transmitted sequentially.  
Online functions in Radio mode  
— Hybrid Radio.  
Online functions in Radio mode are only available  
available under the following conditions:  
—Online Radio.  
— We Connect or We Connect Plus equipment.  
— You have an active We Connect user account.  
Universal symbols in Radio mode  
To select the frequency band  
To select the FM/DAB wave band.  
— The vehicle is assigned to your user account.  
— You have a corresponding data package purchased from the  
In-Car shop or you have a volume of data from your own  
mobile phone device via Wi-Fi hotspot.  
To select the type of reception Radio  
online radio  
To select the previous station from the station list or  
select the station from the previous preset key.  
— For streaming services you need to already have an account  
with the provider in question.  
To select the next station from the station list or  
select the station from the next preset key.  
Radio stations are responsible for the content of the  
information they transmit.  
To display the preset keys.  
Electrical equipment connected to the vehicle may  
additionally cause interference  
To display the selected stations with additional information.  
Select, tune and store a station  
Stations that are already stored under a preset button  
in a station list.  
Note and from page 233.  
Monitoring of traffic information stations (TP) is active.  
Select the frequency band  
not TP  
HF off  
RDS Off  
The station with selected traffic information  
mentioned is not available.  
Before selecting a station you have to select a frequency band or  
Automatic station tracking is deactivated.  
a type of reception.  
Depending on the frequency band selected or the type of  
The Radio Data System (RDS) is off.  
reception, different stations are available.  
The frequency bands and types of reception available depend  
on the equipment and the country.  
Symbols in the FM/DAB frequency band  
To display the station list of the broadcasts  
soras FM and DAB.  
1. Press Source to open the list of frequency bands and  
reception types.  
To display the frequency band for manual selection of the  
FM frequency.  
2. Select the frequency band or the type of reception:  
Only possible when the summary station list is off.  
— AM.  
DAB cannot be tuned.  
DAB stations support presentations (slideshow).  
— FM (for equipment that does not have DAB).  
—Online Radio.  
The presentation for DAB stations is not available.  
— Radio via satellite.  
Symbols in the AM frequency band  
Search and select a station You can  
select radio stations in different ways. The options vary  
To display the station list of the broadcasts  
soras AM.  
depending on the frequency band and the type of reception.  
Update the station list manually.  
Select via frequency band  
(AM and FM)  
To display the frequency band for manual selection of the  
AM frequency.  
1. Activate the frequency band.  
Symbols in online Radio mode  
2. Click on the cursor, move it through the frequency band and  
To display the selection of stations.  
release it when you reach the frequency band you want.  
To open the text search.  
3. OR: Press a point on the frequency band  
cuencias. The cursor will automatically jump to the  
To display the last listened to online radio station.  
corresponding frequency.  
The station of the set frequency is tuned in.  
To show the 100 most listened to online radio stations.  
To show the available online radio podcasts.  
Select from the list of stations (AM and FM/  
The station list shows the currently receivable stations. On the  
AM frequency band, you may need to refresh the station list if  
To show online radio stations, which come from the  
desired country.  
you are no longer in the area where you last accessed the station  
list. On the FM/DAB waveband, the station list is updated  
To show online radio stations that broadcast their  
program in the desired language.  
To display online radio stations whose program belongs  
to the desired music genre.  
1. Open the station list.  
2. Touch the station you want.  
The selected station is tuned in. In the case of FM/DAB and if  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
the station is available, it is selected  
radio mode  
the type of reception with the best quality automatically  
Special features in mode  
Search and filter stations (Online Radio)  
In Online Radio mode, stations can be filtered by categories  
and can be searched by text.  
Note and from page 233.  
1. Open the station selection.  
TP (traffic station)  
The TP function monitors the announcements of a station  
with traffic information and plays them automatically in Radio  
mode or in active media playback. To do this, you must be able  
to tune in to a station with traffic information.  
2. Select the category by which the stations are to be filtered.  
3. OR: Press to start text search. The input field is displayed.  
4. Enter the station name you want.  
The list of found stations is updated during entry.  
Some stations without their own traffic information support the  
TP function by broadcasting the traffic information of other  
5. Touch the station you want.  
The selected station is tuned in.  
stations (EON).  
In the AM waveband or in Multi media mode, a station with  
traffic information is automatically tuned in the background  
SCAN Search in SCAN mode (AM and FM/DAB)  
In SCAN mode, the stations are tuned in  
as long as reception of a station with traffic information is  
sequentially automatically, each playing for approx. 5 seconds.  
If no traffic stations can be tuned in, No TP is displayed on the  
screen. The equipment automatically searches for receivable  
stations with traffic information. As soon as a station with traffic  
information can be received, the status on the display changes  
back to TP.  
1. To start SCAN mode press  
SCAN mode starts and the currently tuned station is  
displayed on the screen. A SCAN function button is  
displayed next to it.  
2. To select a station press SCAN  
SCAN mode stops and the station is tuned. SCAN function  
button is hidden  
Traffic stations are not available in all countries.  
Activate the TP function  
Storing stations on the preset keys  
You can store up to 36 stations from different  
frequency bands and types of reception as favorites in preset  
— In Radio mode or Multimedia mode, press  
and Traffic Station (TP) .  
online radio  
1. Tune in the station you want.  
Online radio is a type of reception for Internet radio stations  
2. Access the preset keys.  
and podcasts independent of AM, FM and DAB. Thanks to  
3. Press the preset button and keep it pressed until the station  
is stored.  
Internet transmission, reception is not limited to the region.  
4. OR: Tap the station in the station list and hold it. The preset  
Online radio is only available with an active infotainment Internet  
connection. The use of online radio can generate expenses for  
keys are displayed.  
the transmission of data from the Internet.  
5. Press the preset key.  
The station is stored in the selected preset button.  
hybrid radio  
If the hybrid radio is connected and in case of poor reception in  
If a station was already stored on the preset button, it is  
overwritten by the new station.  
the FM/DAB frequency band, the radio switches to the same  
station in Radio online mode.  
Depending on the setting, the change is made automatically or  
has to be confirmed in a query on the screen.  
While the station is received in Radio online mode, (WEB) is  
displayed next to the station name.  
As soon as the FM/DAB station is tuned in again,  
the radio automatically switches to the FM/DAB  
Depending on the equipment, the following types of  
media files can be played:  
— Audio files (for example, music or radio pieces).  
Activate hybrid radio  
— Video files.  
- Images.  
— On the FM/DAB waveband, press  
Advanced settings and  
Additional online data  
activate — In Online Radio mode, press and set the  
audio quality to high or low to tune to online radio.  
You can also use streaming services. Availability  
of streaming services depends on equipment and  
To use streaming services you need to have your own  
user account with the streaming service in question.  
Station logos For  
some frequency bands, station logos may already  
be pre-installed in the infotainment.  
Access the MEDIA menu  
If the FM/DAB waveband settings are activated  
Automatic station logo selection assigns the station  
logos automatically to the stations.  
1. MENU  
Access settings  
1. MENU  
In Radio online mode, the infotainment system  
accesses the station logos from the online database  
and assigns them to the stations automatically  
Limitations and indications of data carriers Data  
carriers that are dirty, have been exposed to high  
temperatures or have been damaged may not work.  
Observe the manufacturer's instructions.  
Assign station logos manually  
logos of  
— In FM/DAB mode, press  
Differences in quality between data carriers from  
different manufacturers can cause anomalies in  
media playback.  
— Select the station to which a station logo is to be  
An incorrect configuration on a data medium can  
make the data medium unreadable.  
— Select the station logo.  
— If desired, repeat the same process with other  
The storage capacity, the state of use (data copying  
and deletion processes), the file system, the folder  
— Finish assigning station logos  
structure and the amount of data stored can delay  
the reading time of data carriers.  
media mode  
Playlists only specify a playback order and refer to  
where the media files are stored within the folder  
structure. There are no saved media files in a playlist.  
Introduction to the topic  
In order to play a playlist, the media files must be  
located on the storage locations of the data carriers  
In Media mode, you can play multimedia files from  
to which the playlist refers.  
data carriers and streaming services via infotainment.  
Depending on the equipment, the following data  
carriers can be used:  
No liability can be assumed for the damage  
or loss of files on data carriers.  
— USB storage media (for example  
example, a USB stick, a mobile phone connected  
via USB).  
— Bluetooth® device (for example, a mobile phone  
or a tablet).  
- SD card.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
— Internal hard drive for infotainment (jukebox).  
media mode  

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