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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Interior lighting

Dynamic High Beam Assist  
Turn the reading light on or off.  
In the following situations, the Dynamic High Beam Assist  
behaves like the normal High Beam Assist and turns the high beam  
on and off automatically:  
Depending on the equipment: switch between the  
maximum level and the set level of the light intensity of  
the ambient light in the overhead console ÿ p. 114.  
— If the dynamic cornering light is deactivated.  
— If travel mode is activated ÿ p. 113.  
Glove box light and boot light Opening and  
closing the glove box or the boot lid turns a light on or off.  
— If the Eco profile is selected in the selection of the driving  
profile ÿ p. 156.  
ambient lighting  
Depending on the equipment, the ambient lighting provides  
indirect lighting in different areas of the passenger compartment.  
Interior lighting  
The intensity and, depending on the equipment, the color of the  
ambient lighting can be adjusted in the vehicle settings menu of  
the infotainment system ÿ p. 36. When the Auto setting is  
selected, the color of the ambient lighting varies depending on  
the driving profile setting.  
Instrument and control lighting  
The intensity of the illumination of the instruments and controls as  
well as the basic brightness of the Head-up-Display can be adjusted  
in the vehicle settings menu of the infotainment system ÿ p. 36.  
Depending on the equipment, to increase or decrease the light  
intensity of the ambient light in the overhead console, briefly press  
the button. The ambient light can be adjusted in the vehicle settings  
menu olfotchaeteindfointatihnemceennttseyrscteomnsoÿlep. t3h6e. intensity of  
The set intensity automatically adapts to changes in ambient light  
in the vehicle.  
When the automatic connection of low beam  
When connected, a sensor automatically turns the low beam,  
instrument and control lighting on or off automatically, depending  
on the ambient light.  
The lights go out when the vehicle is locked or a few  
minutes after the ignition is switched off. This prevents  
the 12 volt battery from being discharged.  
The instrument illumination (needles and scales) is on  
Some settings can be saved in personalization  
when the lights are on.  
function user accounts and are changed when switching  
off and the ignition on. As the ambient light decreases, the  
illumination of the scales automatically dims and eventually turns  
user accounts ÿ p. 39.  
off completely. This function is intended to remind the driver to  
turn on the low beam in a timely manner, e.g. For example,  
when going through a tunnel.  
Interior and reading lights  
and ambient lighting  
Press the corresponding key:  
Turn the interior headlights on or off.  
Turn interior lights on or off  
The interior lights come on automatically when you  
unlock the vehicle, open a door, or turn the ignition off.  

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