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· The emergency assistant does not react to people  
— In case of elevation changes.  
or animals, or to vehicles that cross or approach  
from the opposite direction in the same lane.  
— In case of adverse weather conditions.  
— In case of special constructions on the margins, e.g. g., high  
or misaligned guardrails.  
If the emergency assistant (Emergency Assist) intervenes  
inappropriately, accidents and serious injuries can occur.  
The intelligent technology of Lane Change Assist cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by the laws of physics and only  
works within the limits of the system. Never let the increased  
comfort provided by Lane Change Assist induce you to take any  
risk that compromises safety. If lane change assist is used  
carelessly or inadvertently, accidents and serious injuries can  
result. The system cannot replace the attention of the driver.  
· If the emergency assist does not work correctly, if  
necessary, interrupt it by moving the steering  
wheel or pressing the brake pedal and deactivate  
the lane departure warning assistant (Lane  
Assist) so that the emergency assist is also  
deactivated ÿ p. 176.  
· Do not use the driving assistant (Travel As sist)  
or the lane departure warning assistant (Lane  
Assist), go to a specialized workshop and have  
the system checked. Volkswagen recommends  
going to a Volkswagen dealer for this.  
· Always adapt the speed and the safety distance  
with respect to the preceding vehicle depending  
on the visibility, weather, road and traffic  
· Always keep your hands on the wheel to be ready  
to intervene in the steering at any time.  
lane change assist  
(Side Assist)  
· Observe the indications that light up on the  
exterior mirror housings and on the instrument  
Introduction to the topic  
panel display and act accordingly.  
· Always carefully observe the surroundings of  
the vehicle.  
Lane Change Assist assists the driver by recording the  
traffic situation behind the vehicle.  
· Never use Lane Change Assist if the radar sensors  
are dirty, covered or damaged. The operation of  
the system can be affected in these cases.  
Radar sensors monitor the area behind the vehicle. The system  
measures the distance and the difference in speed in relation to  
other vehicles and informs the driver through optical signals in the  
exterior mirrors.  
· In case of direct sunlight, the visual display of  
the exterior mirrors may be limited.  
Some settings can be saved to user accounts in the  
personalization function.  
System limitations  
Use lane change assist only on paved roads.  
and can therefore be changed automatically when changing  
user accounts ÿ p. 39.  
Radar sensors are calibrated once during the first  
Lane Change Assist cannot correctly interpret the traffic situation  
in the following driving situations, among others:  
kilometers after vehicle delivery and after a repair to the  
radar sensors. During the calibration phase, the range of the  
sensors may be limited.  
— On sharp turns.  
— In case of driving between two lanes.  
— In case of lanes of different width.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
lane change assist  
Driving with lane change assist  
Keep in mind  
at the beginning of this chapter, on page 181.  
Fig. 144 On the exterior mirror housings: visual indications of the lane change assistant.  
Turn lane change assist on and off  
The faster a vehicle is approaching, the sooner it will be indicated  
in the exterior mirror.  
— In the Assistants menu of the instrument panel.  
Lane change assistant “Side Assist Plus”  
OR: Depending on the equipment, with the driver assistance  
systems button ÿ p. 3. 4.  
If the vehicle is equipped with Lane Departure Warning Assist and  
is switched on, the driver is warned when changing lanes in the  
event of a possible critical situation (information level, warning  
level) by correcting the direction. This also happens when the  
indicator is connected for the corresponding direction. If the driver  
cancels this intervention in the direction, the system warns, in  
addition, with a vibration of the steering wheel. To do this, the  
steering wheel vibration must be activated in the infotainment  
system, in the vehicle settings menu.  
OR: depending on the equipment, in the menu  
Infotainment system driver assistance  
ÿ p. 36.  
When the lane change assist is activated, the yellow control  
indicator lights up briefly once in the housing of the exterior  
The last setting saved in the system remains active after switching  
the ignition off and on again.  
automatic disconnection  
If the radar sensors are covered in a way  
permanent, lane change assist is automatically switched off. This  
Once activated, the lane change assistant is active from a speed  
may be the case if, e.g. For example, there is a layer of ice or snow  
of approx. 15 km/h (9 mph). The assistant deactivates at speeds  
in front of the sensors.  
below 10 km/h (6 mph).  
A message to this effect appears on the instrument panel  
The yellow control indicator lights up in the housing of the  
corresponding exterior mirror in the following driving situations:  
If lane change assist has been switched off automatically, it can  
only be switched back on after switching the ignition off and on  
— When being overtaken by another vehicle.  
— When passing another vehicle with a speed difference of up  
to approx. 15 km/h (9 mph). If overtaking is considerably  
Lane Change Assist is automatically switched off if the factory-  
faster, no display is displayed.  
fitted towing hitch is electrically connected to a trailer or similar  
equipment. After the trailer has been unhitched from the vehicle,  
the lane change assist automatically reactivates.  
If a possible critical situation is detected by switching on the  
direction indicator in the direction of a detected vehicle, the yellow  
control lamp flashes.  
If the towing hitch is not fitted at the factory, the assist must be  
switched off manually.  
Driver assistance systems  
Try to change lanes when driving with a trailer.  
The basic light intensity of the display can be set in the  
infotainment system.  
During adjustment, the lane change assist is not active.  
light intensity  
The light intensity of the optical display automatically adapts  
to the ambient light.  
Problems and solutions  
Please note on  
page 181.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Fault in the lane change assistant  
The symbol is shown on the instrument panel display. In  
addition, the central warning lamp lights up yellow.  
— Visit a specialized workshop.  
Sensors not visible, fault message, system shuts down  
— Clean the radar sensors or remove any stickers or  
accessories from them ÿ p. 369.  
— Check for visible damage.  
The system behaves differently than expected  
There can be several causes:  
— Radar sensors are dirty ÿ p. 369.  
In addition to dirt and snow, the visibility of the sensors can  
be reduced by traces of detergent or by some coating.  
— Required system conditions are not met ÿ p. 181.  
— Radar sensors are covered with water.  
— The vehicle is damaged in the area of the radar sensors,  
e.g. e.g., due to some blow to the side  
— The detection area of the radar sensors is blocked by an  
accessory, e.g. e.g., a bicycle rack system.  
— There have been paint changes in the area of the radar  
sensors or structural changes, e.g. e.g. at the front of the  
vehicle or on the running gear.  
— Tinted sheets have been subsequently mounted  
in the windows.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
lane change assist  

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