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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Park the vehicle

· Before leaving the vehicle and after switching off  
the ignition, make sure that the electronic  
parking brake is engaged and that the control  
indicator lights up red in the instrument panel  
park and maneuver  
park the vehicle  
· Never leave a child or anyone who may need  
help alone inside the vehicle. They could  
disengage the electronic parking brake, operate  
the selector lever or gear lever and thus put the  
vehicle in motion.  
Always park the vehicle on suitable ground ÿ .  
Always park the vehicle in the order indicated.  
— Depress the brake pedal and hold it down.  
· When leaving the vehicle, never leave any of its  
keys inside. Using the key can start the engine  
and operate certain electrical equipment, such  
as power windows, which can cause serious  
— When doing so, if the transmission is manual, fully depress  
the clutch or disengage.  
— If the transmission is automatic, engage the parking lock P.  
— Engage electronic parking brake  
ÿ p. 185.  
· Never leave a child or anyone who may need  
help alone inside the vehicle. In an emergency  
they could not get out of the vehicle or fend for  
— Shut off the engine and switch off the ignition  
ÿ p. 142. The fixed control indicator lights up on the  
a calm  
instrument panel display.  
Thus, for example, depending on the season of the year, a  
closed vehicle can reach very high or very low temperatures  
that can cause serious injuries and illnesses or even death,  
especially in the case of small children.  
— If the transmission is manual, engage 1st gear if the vehicle is  
on a level or uphill, or reverse gear if it is downhill, and release  
the clutch pedal.  
— Take your foot off the brake pedal.  
— Get out of the vehicle taking all the keys with you.  
you see from the vehicle  
· Objects protruding from the ground can damage  
the bumper and other vehicle components when  
parking and unparking. In parking lots with raised  
— Make sure everyone in the vehicle gets out.  
curbs or fixed markings, always drive carefully.  
Stop the vehicle before the wheels touch the  
shoulders or curbs.  
— Lock the vehicle.  
Additionally on slopes  
Turn the steering wheel so that if the parked vehicle starts to  
move, it will steer you toward the curb.  
Otherwise , the components located in the  
The underside of the vehicle, such as bumpers, spoilers, and  
undercarriage, engine, or exhaust system components, could  
be damaged. Drive carefully on downhills, at the entrances  
to buildings, on ramps, when going up curbs and when going  
over objects.  
Exhaust system components become extremely hot and  
could cause a fire and serious injury.  
· Never park the vehicle in such a way that any  
component of the exhaust system comes into  
contact with easily flammable materials that  
When parking the vehicle, please observe the legal  
may be found under the vehicle, such as brush,  
leaves, dry grass, spilled fuel, oil, etc.  
If the vehicle is abandoned and parked improperly, it could roll  
away. This could cause accidents and serious injuries.  
park and maneuver  
Driving away on steep inclines or with a heavy load The  
Electronic parking brake  
parking brake can be prevented from automatically disengaging  
by pulling the drive button continuously upwards.  
when starting the  
Using the electronic parking brake  
If a high engine power is required when driving away, the  
electronic parking brake is not released until the button is  
This makes it easier to move off when towing a high mass.  
Automatic engagement of the electronic parking brake when  
leaving the vehicle improperly  
In vehicles with an automatic gearbox or electronic DSG® dual-  
parking brake  
clutch gearbox , it can be engaged automatically if the system  
detects that you have left the vehicle improperly.  
Emergency brake function Use the  
Fig. 145 On the center console: electronic parking  
brake button (schematic representation).  
emergency brake function only in an emergency, if you cannot  
stop the vehicle by pressing the brake pedal ÿ !  
To connect  
— Pull the key  
and hold it in that position.  
— With the vehicle stopped, pull the key  
The vehicle will brake abruptly. At the same time an acoustic  
keep it in this position until the button control indicator lights  
up yellow.  
warning signal will sound.  
— The electronic parking brake is on.  
Connected when the button control indicator lights up ÿ fig.  
145 and the red control indicator on the instrument panel  
If the electronic parking brake is used improperly, it may  
cause accidents and serious injuries.  
Never use the parking brake  
electronic to brake the vehicle, unless it is an emergency.  
The braking distance is considerably longer, since under  
certain circumstances only the rear wheels are braked.  
Always use the brake pedal.  
— Switch on the ignition.  
— Depress the brake pedal and press the — OR:  
With the engine running, lightly depress the accelerator pedal  
without depressing the brake pedal.  
— The indicator light of the key ÿ fig. 145 and the  
· Never accelerate when a  
red control indicator in the instrument panel display go out.  
gear ratio or gear engaged and engine running. The vehicle  
could start to move even with the electronic parking brake  
Automatic disengagement of the electronic parking  
brake when driving away  
The electronic parking brake disengages automatically when  
starting off if, with the driver's door closed, any of the following  
situations occur ÿ :  
If the vehicle is abandoned improperly, it could roll away.  
This could lead to accidents, serious injuries and property  
DSG Dual Clutch Transmission: A gear ratio is selected or  
the selector lever position is changed.  
· When parking the vehicle, always carry out the corresponding  
operations in the order indicated ÿ p. 184, Park.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Manual gearbox: The clutch is depressed fully before starting  
Electronic parking brake  

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