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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Mobile key

Depending on the equipment, the functions can also be  
purchased, enabled and activated directly via infotainment in the  
"In-Car shop".  
Removal of a mobile key may cause the vehicle to become  
immobilized. After the key is removed, the recipient of the key  
will no longer be able to move the vehicle or lock or unlock it.  
Limited features during enablement  
During activation the function is not available.  
· If a mobile key expires or is removed while driving, the  
mobile key will only be disabled after the ignition has been  
switched off.  
After enabling Whether the  
enabling was successful is displayed in the infotainment.  
Keep NFC-enabled credit cards and NFC-enabled devices  
away from the mobile phone device or service card you  
are using. Other NFC radio frequency equipment may prevent the  
execution of the function.  
mobile key  
Introduction to the topic  
If you sell the vehicle, you will not be able to transfer any  
mobile keys already installed on it to the buyer. In this  
case, delete all mobile keys ÿ p. 213, Indications for use. If you  
lend or sell the vehicle, inform the user or buyer that the vehicle  
has mobile keys.  
The function “mobile phone as vehicle key” in combination with  
the Volkswagen We Connect app is called a mobile key.  
This allows the use of a suitable mobile phone device instead  
of a conventional vehicle key. With the active mobile key it is  
possible to lock and unlock the vehicle and start the engine. For  
these operations it is not necessary for the vehicle or the mobile  
phone device to be connected to the Internet.  
The vehicle can be locked with mobile keys, even if there  
is an ignition key belonging to the vehicle inside.  
The vehicle is supplied from the factory with the “Mobile Key”  
function disabled. This would also be the state when the  
infotainment is reset to factory settings. In order to activate the  
function, you will first need to install and activate one or more  
mobile keys. You will need a suitable mobile phone device for  
this, on which the Volkswagen We Connect app must be installed  
ÿ p. 213, Configuring the primary user's mobile phone device for  
Please note on  
page 212.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
— Volkswagen We Connect user account acti  
the vehicle.  
— The vehicle is assigned to the We Connect user account of  
the main user.  
A mobile telephone device can simultaneously possess  
— The vehicle is equipped for the “Key  
mobile keys for different vehicles. The communication between  
the mobile wireless device and the vehicle takes place by means  
of the NFC radio communication process.  
— Mobile phone device compatible with  
NFC active. Compatibility can be checked via the We  
Connect app.  
When a mobile key is removed, it can no longer be used.  
— For the use and transfer of mobile keys, a mobile telephone  
device must be configured as the main user.  
— Mobile keys are available at We Con  
The loss, careless or inattentive use of a mobile phone device  
with a mobile key, as well as accidents and serious injuries,  
can result in theft of the vehicle.  
nect in the user account of the primary user.  
— The Volkswagen We Connect app is  
installed and operational on the mobile phone device.  
data transmissions  
start the engine  
— Proof of ownership and identity1) of the main user has been  
carried out ÿ p. 220, Proof of ownership and identity.  
— Place the mobile phone device with the activated mobile  
key in the storage compartment for the wireless charging  
— Press the button to start the engine.  
Indications of use  
— Leave the mobile phone device in the holder  
objects while walking.  
Please note on  
page 212.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Features on the main user's phone (end of use)  
When using the mobile keys, please observe the instructions  
and information that may be displayed in the infotainment or in  
the We Connect app.  
— Activate and renew a mobile key for your own vehicle.  
— Transfer a mobile key to other mobile phone devices  
— Via Volkswagen We Connect you can  
provision of an initial quantity of mobile keys.  
In general, the following mobile keys are paid.  
— Delete mobile keys transferred to other devices  
mobile phone sites.  
Before a mobile key expires, the primary user and the  
recipient of the key are informed.  
— A maximum of 15 mobile keys can be used per vehicle at  
the same time.  
Restore factory settings  
— The duration of each of the mobile keys is  
— When you reset “all settings” for the primary user of the mobile  
phone device, the installed and assigned mobile keys are  
— By handing over a mobile key, the primary user grants the  
key recipient access and permission to drive a vehicle.  
— Executing the “Factory settings” function in the infotainment  
irrevocably deletes all mobile keys together with other data  
and settings.  
When exiting the vehicle, do not leave physical vehicle keys or  
Deactivate the mobile key in the infotainment  
mobile phone devices with mobile keys inside. If these vehicle  
keys are used carelessly or without due attention, accidents  
Prerequisite: Unlock the vehicle with the Keyless Access  
system or with the physical key and switch on the ignition.  
and serious injuries may occur.  
When executing the “Deactivate mobile keys” function in the  
infotainment, all mobile keys are retained. Only the NFC function  
· The mobile key must always be used with due caution.  
in the vehicle is disabled.  
The duration of the deactivation does not affect the expiration  
If keys are left inside the vehicle when leaving the vehicle,  
date of the assigned mobile keys.  
these may cause the vehicle lock to malfunction or  
facilitate its theft.  
Configuring the primary  
Locking and unlocking the vehicle Place  
user's mobile phone device for the  
the mobile phone device with the mobile key in the center  
and close to the driver's door handle. Always use the back of the  
mobile phone device. If necessary, move it from one side to the  
Please note on  
page 212.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Configure the NFC settings on the mobile phone device, if  
If a mobile key is to be used for the first time, the primary user's  
mobile phone device for the vehicle will need to be configured  
as follows:  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
1) Only required if security-relevant services are to be executed.  
mobile key  
Observe the instructions and information on the mobile  
phone device and in the infotainment during setup: — Install  
the We Connect app on the mobile phone device of the main  
— Place the mobile phone device in the center of the  
wireless charging storage compartment.  
— Switch on the ignition with the mobile key.  
— Remove the mobile phone device from the holder  
— Launch setup in the We Con app  
— Deposit the service card in the center of the  
— Switch on the ignition and infotain system  
I lied.  
storage compartment and observe the infotainment  
— Enter the vTAN of the infotainment in the zone  
— The service card is active now.  
app touch. The primary user's mobile phone device is  
— The main user is also shown in the We Connect app  
and the We Connect portal that the service card is  
If the vTAN prompt window is not displayed automatically,  
please request the vTAN manually in “Mobile Key” or “User”.  
Deactivate a service card from the mobile key  
Only one primary user mobile phone device can be configured  
per vehicle.  
— Switch on the ignition with the Keyless Access system,  
with the vehicle's physical key or with the mobile key.  
The service card is now deactivated and can be  
reactivated and used if necessary.  
Mobile key service card  
Keep in mind  
on page 212.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Problems and solutions  
A deactivated service card is attached to the vehicle  
which, once activated, serves as a provisional mobile key  
in the event of a breakdown for stays in the workshop or for  
parking services (va let parking). To use the service card, it  
has to be activated first in the wireless charging function  
holder. With the activated service card you can perform all  
the functions of the mobile key.  
Please note on  
page 212.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Where do I get the mobile keys?  
In a web shop that you access via your Volkswagen We  
Connect user account.  
Depending on the equipment, mobile keys can also be  
purchased directly from the infotainment in the “In-Car shop”.  
You can order a replacement service card later at a  
Volkswagen dealer. If a later ordered service card is used,  
Notice on the screen: "Mobile key not detected"  
all other service cards in the vehicle become invalid. There  
The warning can be caused by the  
can only be one active service card for the vehicle, even if  
multiple service cards are available.  
following: — The mobile phone device (no longer) has a  
valid mobile key because it has expired or has been  
— The mobile phone device is in the vehicle, but is no  
longer in the storage box for the wireless charging  
Make sure the service card is only activated if you have to  
use it.  
— The mobile phone device is no longer in the vehicle.  
Leave the deactivated service card in the vehicle  
so that all mobile key users can activate the service  
card if necessary.  
Can the mobile key be transferred if the vehicle is sold?  
When changing the main user, the mobile keys that were  
Activating a mobile key service card Prerequisite:  
assigned are deleted.  
Your mobile wireless device has the valid mobile key for  
the vehicle.  
Mobile keys that were not assigned are retained and  
transferred to the new primary user.  
— Unlock the vehicle.  
data transmissions  
Can I transfer the mobile key from my primary user phone  
to my new mobile phone device?  
Introduction to the topic  
No, mobile keys that are already installed cannot be transferred.  
The “Privacy” function gradually allows or prevents data  
transmissions between the vehicle and the Internet.  
limited operation  
Locking without the "safe" security system: — To lock  
The desired mode can be set in the infotainment.  
the vehicle using the mobile key without the "safe" security  
system, you will have to deactivate the interior monitoring in  
the info tainment. Locking next time will not activate the "safe"  
security system. After locking with the mobile key, it is no  
longer possible to deactivate the "safe" security system at a  
later time.  
The “Privacy” function only applies to data transmissions via the  
OCU with the integrated eSIM card. Data transmission of a mobile  
phone device paired with the phone interface can not be  
prevented with the “Privacy” function.  
The “Privacy” function is not available on all Volkswagen  
Deactivate or activate the passenger airbag:  
— This is only possible with the bit of the physical key  
Services required by law and their data transmission cannot be  
switched off or deactivated, for example the “emergency call  
system (eCall)”.  
Lock and unlock the vehicle with a discharged vehicle battery:  
— This is only possible with the bit of the physical key  
Please note that all vehicle users can configure  
individual settings in the “Privacy” function. These  
settings may not match what the vehicle owner wants.  
Using the mobile key with a discharged battery of the mobile  
telephone device: — With some mobile telephone devices it is  
possible to use the mobile key several times with a discharged  
battery. Always make sure that the battery of your mobile  
phone device has sufficient charge.  
To allow or prevent data transmissions, activate one of the  
What should I keep in mind when buying a vehicle  
compatible with mobile keys?  
following four modes in the infotainment.  
Make sure there is no mobile key for your vehicle in use. In the  
infotainment under “Mobile key” you can check the number of  
active mobile keys.  
Mode: Maximum Privacy  
To delete mobile keys that are still assigned, perform a primary  
user reset or register as a new primary user on the vehicle in  
In this mode the following happens:  
— All We Connect, We Connect Plus and We Connect Fleet  
services are deactivated and are not sending data.  
What should I keep in mind when selling a vehicle with mobile  
— All tracking services are out of service ÿ p. 216.  
Do a master user reset or reset the infotainment to its original  
state (factory settings). This deletes all assigned mobile keys.  
— The eSIM card is disabled.  
— All vehicle functions that require an Internet connection via  
the eSIM card are disabled ÿ p. 216.  
— Neither the information nor the data registered in the control  
units, for example, the numbers for emergency calls or the  
digital certificates, can be updated. This can reduce functions  
and services or even cause them to stop being available.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  

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