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VW Passat B8

VW Passat B8 The VW Passat B8 is a mid-size sedan or wagon from the German manufacturer, a representative of the eighth generation, as evidenced by the number in the model name. It was produced from 2014 to 2019.

Exterior & Interior design

The VW Passat B8 is based on the MQB platform. This organization allowed for a slight increase in interior space, while the external parameters have not changed and have even become more compact.

The updated model has minimal changes to the exterior. The main updates relate to engines and improved interior design. The radiator grille has changed its shape slightly. A chrome-plated horizontal upper cover connects the grille plane to the headlights. The main headlights have pointed corners, which adds solidity and rigor to the exterior. Sculptural lines run along the body, focusing on the door handles. .

High-quality materials are used in the interior. The center console has climate system deflectors. The massive tunnel has control buttons and a convenient niche for storing small items.

The dashboard has been updated. The center console has a 12.3-inch multimedia screen. The eighth-generation model received a Head-up projection display that displays information about the vehicle's driving performance and condition.

Technical characteristics

The powertrain lineup for the eighth-generation car includes gasoline and diesel engines. Among the gasoline engines are 1.4, 1.5, 1.8 and 2-liter engines, with power from 122 horsepower to 280 hp.

The power and torque figures are changed by electronically enhancing them.

Diesel power units have a displacement of 1.6 liters and 2 liters. The first engine has a capacity of 120 hp, while the performance of 2-liter engines varies from 150 to 145 hp due to electronic boosting.

The suspension system is represented by front McPherson struts and a multi-link. Electronically controlled shock absorbers are available as an option.

In 2015, the manufacturer introduced the GTE model, which is equipped with a plug-in hybrid drive. This version combines a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 156 horsepower and a 115-horsepower electric motor.

Safety systems and driver assistants

The car is equipped with emergency braking systems, adaptive cruise control, frontal collision prevention, blind spot monitoring, adaptive high beam, and a surround view camera. In addition to frontal control, the manufacturer has provided a lane-keeping option. Adaptive and sporty chassis are available as options.

Volkswagen offered an Alltrack SUV version. The model received a plastic body kit, an updated bumper shape and increased ground clearance.

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