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The parking assist system is active and the vehicle  
parking aid  
In some countries, the parking assist system can assist  
Introduction to the topic  
the driver by automatically intervening on the brakes in  
certain cases ÿ p. 190.  
Parking aid assists the driver when parking and  
Depending on the equipment and certain conditions,  
e.g. For example, depending on the weather conditions or  
the load or inclination of the vehicle, the parking assist  
system can brake the vehicle automatically when faced  
with an obstacle. The driver then has to depress the brake  
When the system automatically intervenes on the  
brakes, the parking maneuver ends.  
The parking assistance system is active and the  
parking maneuver is automatically interrupted  
The assisted parking system interrupts the parking  
maneuver when any of the following occurs:  
Fig. 147 On the infotainment system screen: display of  
the parking aid.  
— Function button is pressed  
— The driver grabs the steering wheel.  
— The driver's door opens.  
The parking aid detects the distance to possible obstacles  
by means of sensors located  
at the front and rear of the vehicle ÿ p. 6, ÿ p. 9. The  
system warns on the screen of the infotainment system  
and through acoustic signals of the presence of obstacles  
in the detection zone of the sensors ÿ fig. 147.  
— The time limit or the number of maneuvers to park is  
— The ASR is disconnected or it intervenes regulating.  
— There is a fault in the system.  
Start the parking maneuver again ÿ p. 196.  
Depending on the equipment, settings for the parking  
aid can be made in the infotainment system ÿ p. 36.  
The assisted parking system is active and assists  
when the steering wheel is turned with the vehicle  
— Select the Vehicle settings menu and make the  
When the parking assist system tries to turn the steering  
settings in the Park and drive submenu  
wheel while the vehicle is stationary, the white symbol  
You can save some settings of the parking aid, such as  
appears on the instrument panel screen.  
the volume of the acoustic signals, in the user accounts of  
the personalization function. The settings are automatically  
— Depress the brake pedal.  
changed when the user account is switched ÿ p. 39.  
After changing a wheel, the parking assist system  
does not park or unpark the vehicle accurately The  
result of parking or exiting the parking operation is less  
Special notes when towing a trailer The rear  
parking aid sensors are not switched on if the factory-  
mounted towing hitch is electrically connected to a trailer.  
precise, e.g. For example, there is a greater or lesser  
distance from the curb.  
— Drive the vehicle a bit long,  
including sections with curves.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and  
only works within the limits of the systems. Due  
The parking assist system automatically adapts to the  
new wheel dimensions.  
park and maneuver  
Accidents, serious injuries, and vehicle damage  
can occur.  
Automatic connection when driving forwards  
(depending on equipment)  
The parking aid is automatically activated when  
the vehicle approaches an obstacle from the front  
· The parking system cannot replace the driver's  
at a speed of less than 15 km/h (9 mph). Automatic  
connection can be activated in the infotainment  
system ÿ p. 36.  
Do not continue the march! The collision zone is  
reached when the penultimate segment is displayed,  
at the latest.  
The automatic connection only takes place once. It  
is possible to reactivate the automatic connection in  
the following way:  
— Press the key  
Depending on the equipment, the distance to  
obstacles in the side areas is also displayed. In order  
to fully explore the side areas, the vehicle must be  
OR: press the button  
— Switch the ignition off and on again.  
moved a few meters forwards or backwards. If an  
obstacle enters these zones from outside, it will not  
be indicated.  
reversing assistant  
(Rear View)  
Activate and deactivate the parking aid  
Introduction to the topic  
and , at the beginning ofotnhipsacgheap18te7r,,yoynNpoatgee  
The rear-mounted reversing assist camera  
provides the driver with visibility to the rear and  
assists in  
The reversing assistant shows the area behind the  
vehicle on the infotainment system screen. Guidance  
lines provide rearward visibility depending on the  
selected mode and vehicle equipment.  
Reversing assist modes  
Depending on the equipment, the following modes  
are available:  
Fig. 148 In the center console: button to activate  
Parking lot : Parking in reverse perpendicular  
and deactivate the parking aid.  
to the road.  
To connect  
Parking in a rear lane  
: Parking gear  
parallel to the road.  
The parking aid is activated automatically when  
reverse gear is engaged or the vehicle is moving  
Assistance function for hooking a trailer  
than the cross -country assistance function  
(mode 3): Help for hooking a trailer or when driving  
cross-country (depending on the equipment).  
OR: Press the key —  
OR: Press the key.  
Cross- sectional traffic : Traffic in the cross-section is monitored.  
had transverse.  
Parking aid is automatically disengaged when  
driving forwards faster than 10-15 km/h (6-9 mph).  
The intelligent technology of parking systems  
cannot overcome the limits imposed by physical  
laws and only works within  
OR: Press the key —  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
OR: Press the key.  
OR: Move the selector lever to position P.  
reversing assistant  

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