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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Infotainment system and antennas

infotainment system and  
Warning: Only duly qualified technical personnel  
are authorized to carry out maintenance work  
on the air conditioner.  
The antennas for the infotainment system are mounted at  
different points in the vehicle:  
Type of refrigerant  
Lubricating oil type  
— on the inside of the rear window, together with the rear  
window heater;  
— on the inside of the rear side windows  
you will;  
See workshop documentation (only available to  
Volks wagen dealers).  
— on the inside of the windscreen;  
— on the roof of the vehicle.  
Only duly qualified technical personnel are  
authorized to carry out maintenance work on  
The integrated antennas on the inside of the crystals are made  
of fine metal wires.  
the air conditioner.  
flammable refrigerant  
The antennas that are located on the inside of the crystals can  
be damaged by objects rubbing against them or by the use of  
corrosive or acid-containing products.  
Make sure that all components are disposed  
of correctly and never fit components  
disassembled from end-of-life vehicles or from  
recycling plants into the vehicle.  
· Do not stick stickers on top of metal threads, eg. e.g., in the  
area of the rear window.  
· Never clean the antennas with products that are corrosive or  
contain acids.  
Air conditioning lubricating oil  
The air conditioner contains up to 210 ml (7 oz) of lubricating  
oil. The exact specifications and quantities of the air conditioning  
lubricating oil can be found on the Internet portal erWin (electronic  
information system for repairs and workshops) ÿ p. 373.  
If an infotainment system is retrofitted, it must be compatible  
with the antenna amplifier fitted as standard in the vehicle.  
Otherwise, the amplifier may be damaged.  
To ensure correct and safe operation of the air conditioner,  
only duly qualified technical personnel are authorized to carry  
out maintenance work on it.  
component protection  
Some electronic components, such as the infotainment  
system, and some control units are factory-fitted with a  
component guard.  
· Never repair the air conditioning evaporator with disassembled  
parts from vehicles at the end of their useful life or from  
recycling plants, nor replace it with this type of parts.  
Component protection allows the lawful assembly or replacement  
of components and control units by a specialist workshop.  
· USA and Canada: The parts for the evaporator of the air  
conditioner have to be certified and identified according to  
the SAE J2842 HFO-1234y and R744 standards.  
In the following situations, component protection prevents  
factory-supplied components from unrestricted use outside the  
— Mounting on other vehicles, e.g. For example, after a robbery.  
— Use of components outside the vehicle.  
If a message about component protection is displayed on the  
instrument panel display or on the infotainment system display,  
e.g. g., SAFE CP  
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