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Problems and solutions  
Driving profile  
steering fault  
Introduction to the topic  
The warning light comes on or flashes red.  
There is a breakdown in the electromechanical steering or  
electronic lock of the steering column.  
Using the driving profiles, the driver can adapt various  
characteristics of the vehicle systems to the current driving  
situation, the desired ride comfort and an economical  
- Do not continue the march! Request the help of specialized  
driving style. Some of the systems that can be adapted are  
the suspension, propulsion and climate control.  
— If the warning light turns red, the steering may be hard  
because the electromechanical steering does not work.  
— If the warning lamp flashes red, the steering column cannot  
be unlocked.  
Depending on the vehicle's equipment, various driving profiles  
can be selected. The degree of influence of the vehicle systems  
on the various driving profiles depends on the vehicle's equipment.  
steering fault  
The control indicator lights up or flashes yellow.  
Vehicles with adaptive suspension (DCC)  
Management puts up more resistance or reacts more  
sensitively than usual.  
While driving, the adaptive suspension (DCC) continuously  
adapts the damping to the terrain and driving situation in question,  
also taking into account the vehicle configuration of the selected  
driving profile.  
The control lamp comes on permanently: — Start the engine  
again and drive slowly for a short distance.  
— If the control indicator remains on, go to a specialized  
The Comfort driving profile is only available on vehicles with  
adaptive suspension (DCC).  
The control lamp flashes: — Turn the  
Driving profiles and ambient lighting  
steering wheel slightly to either side.  
Depending on the equipment, the color of the ambient lighting  
varies depending on the selected driving profile.  
— Switch the ignition off and on again.  
— Observe the messages on the display of the  
instrument panel.  
— If the control indicator continues to flash after  
switch on the ignition, do not continue driving. Request the  
Select a driving profile  
help of specialized personnel.  
The steering column does not lock Vehicles  
with a DSG dual-clutch transmission: Depending on equipment,  
the vehicle may not have an electronic steering column lock.  
Fig. 130 On the center console: MODE button for  
selecting the driving profiles.  
The driving profile can be selected with the ignition on and the  
vehicle stationary or moving ÿ .  
If you select a profile while driving, the vehicle's  
systems, except Drive, will immediately be configured  
Sport driving is automatically switched to the  
S driving program.  
according to the new profile.  
Individual: You can adapt certain vehicle  
systems to your personal preferences.  
— When traffic permits, briefly take your foot off the  
accelerator so that the selected driving profile is  
also activated for the Propulsion system.  
Offroad: Vehicle systems are set up for All  
Track driving. When this profile is activated,  
the symbol is shown on the instrument panel  
Select a driving profile with the MO button  
1. ÿ fig. 130.  
2. To select driving profiles, tap again or tap the  
desired profile in the infotainment system.  
Standard behavior of driving  
profiles and vehicle systems  
When the Normal profile is selected , the light diode  
(LED) of the MODE key remains off.  
Show driving profile information  
In the Normal driving profile, the basic settings of  
the vehicle's systems are used with the ignition on.  
— To view more information on the selected driving  
profile, tap on the infotainment system.  
Behavior of driving profiles when switching  
the ignition off and on When you switch the  
Select the “Individual” driving profile  
ignition off and on again, the previously selected  
driving profile remains selected.  
— Press  
until the con profile is selected  
Individual duction.  
— To open the Individual menu , tap Adapt.  
If you have previously selected the Offroad profile  
and switch the ignition off and on again, the Normal  
profile is set.  
Adjusting the driving profile while driving can  
Behavior of the vehicle's Drive system when the  
ignition is switched off and on The settings of the  
distract attention from traffic and cause accidents.  
Drive system change to those of the Normal profile  
Always drive paying attention to traffic  
as soon as the ignition is switched off and on again.  
and responsibly.  
You can activate the Drive system again with the  
desired profile settings as follows:  
Characteristics of driving profiles  
— Reselect the driving profile of  
OR: To reactivate the Sport profile settings,  
push the DSG® dual-clutch gear selector lever  
rearward to select drive program S.  
Eco: Sets the vehicle for low consumption  
and helps you adopt a fuel-efficient driving  
style. In the Eco drive profile, it automatically  
switches to drive program E.  
The other vehicle systems retain the settings when  
the ignition is switched off and on again.  
Comfort: This profile fits a comfort-oriented  
setup and is suitable for e.g. e.g., sections  
in poor condition or long motorway journeys.  
Normal: In this driving profile, the basic  
settings of the vehicle systems are used and  
an intermediate setting is offered, suitable, e.g.  
e.g. for daily use.  
Problems and solutions  
Fault in the adaptive suspension (DCC)  
Sport: Gives you a sporty driving feel. On  
vehicles with DSG® dual-clutch transmission  
, in the profile of  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
The control indicator lights up yellow.  
Driving profile selection  
The message Fault: Damping may appear on the  
instrument panel display .  
Driving profiles or vehicle systems are not behaving  
as expected  
— Go to a specialized workshop and have the  
system checked.  
— Observe the standard behavior of driving profiles  
and vehicle systems ÿ p. 157.  
Offroad Indicator  
Fig. 131 In the infotainment system: Offroad indicator.  
Steering wheel angle indicator: It is  
Digital instruments are displayed on the Offroad  
shows the steering wheel angle of the vehicle. If  
the steering wheel is turned to the left, the value is  
positive; if it is rotated to the right, it is negative.  
indicator, providing additional information about  
the vehicle and the environment. In this way, the  
current driving situation can be assessed more  
Altimeter: The altimeter shows the current altitude  
above sea level.  
Open Offroad Indicator  
Engine coolant temperature gauge: This gauge is  
equivalent to the temperature gauge on the instrument  
— Press the MENU button on the infotainment system.  
panel ÿ p. 23.  
— Press the Vehicle function button  
— Press the Select function button  
— Press the Offroad function button  
Oil temperature gauge: This gauge is equivalent  
to the oil temperature gauge on the instrument panel.  
Select instruments and set units  
Adjust the display areas according to the driving  
The infotainment system displays various instruments  
ments ÿ fig. 131.  
The displayed instruments can be selected depending  
on the driving situation, as well as the surrounding and  
ground conditions:  
— To switch between instruments, swipe up with one  
finger on the screen.  
The unit of some instruments can be set in the  
infotainment system ÿ p. 35.  
Sandy terrain: Engine oil and coolant temperature  
gauges and steering wheel angle indicator  
Offroad Gauge Instruments  
Slopes: steering wheel angle indicator, engine  
coolant temperature indicator and altimeter  
The availability of the instruments depends on the  
Compass: The compass indicates the current direction of the  
Mountainous terrain: Steering wheel angle  
indicator, altimeter and compass  

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