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Technical data  
The vehicle's performance has been calculated  
without any equipment that reduces it, e.g. e.g., river  
Notes on technical data  
For technical approval or fiscal reasons, power values  
and benefits may vary.  
Data Overview  
On some engines with undercarriage for rough roads,  
the maximum speed may be limited and therefore lower  
than indicated.  
Unless stated otherwise, the technical data is valid for  
the basic model. The indicated values may differ  
depending on the optional equipment or model version,  
as well as in the case of special vehicles and equipment  
for certain countries. The data from the official vehicle  
documentation always have priority.  
Mass of the towing vehicle and trailer  
combination The masses indicated for the towing  
vehicle and trailer combination are only valid for  
maximum altitudes of 1000 m (3000 feet) above sea  
level. The maximum authorized mass of the towing  
vehicle and trailer combination must be reduced by  
approx. 10%. for every 1,000 m (3,000 ft) of additional height.  
Observe the notes and information regarding vehicles in  
category N1 ÿ p. 384, Important information for vehicles  
in category N1 (light commercial vehicle).  
Grade angle Grade  
angle is the gradeability value up to which the vehicle  
can overcome a grade under its own power. This  
depends on, among other things, the road surface,  
weather conditions and engine power. The values apply  
to a moving vehicle and not to starting from a standstill.  
The data carrier sticker and the official vehicle  
documentation show the engine that is mounted on the  
The height (slope) reached in a 100 m (300 ft)  
section is indicated in percentage or in degrees (100% =  
45 degrees).  
The values of the mass in running order given in the  
following tables apply to the vehicle ready to drive with  
the fuel tank 90% full and considering the weight of the  
driver (75 kg [165 lb]), of which operating fluids and, if  
necessary, tools and the spare wheel. The indicated  
Vehicle identification number  
mass in running order is increased with optional  
equipment and retrofitting of accessories, thereby  
correspondingly reducing the possible payload.  
The payload results from the sum of the following pe  
you are:  
— passengers  
— total baggage  
- accessories  
— load on the roof —  
vertical load on the coupling when driving with a trailer  
Never exceed the total mass of the vehicle or the ma  
sa maximum authorized per axle, not even when carrying  
a trailer. The authorized values can be found on the  
safety certificate ("safety compliance label") on the B-  
pillar on the driver's side ÿ p. 381.  
Fig. 264 On the windscreen: vehicle identification  
The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be read from  
the outside through a box in the windscreen. The box is  
Technical data  
It is located in the lower part of the windshield, on one side.  
driver's or passenger's door pillar. He is seen opening the door  
in question. Vehicles destined for certain countries do not have  
a model plate.  
On some models, and depending on the infotainment system,  
the vehicle identification number can be displayed in the Service  
menu or in the vehicle settings menu.  
In addition, depending on the model, market and engine, the  
vehicle identification number may be stamped in one of the  
following places:  
Vehicle data carrier  
— In the engine compartment, on the right rain gutter.  
— In the engine compartment, on the suspension turret  
— In the engine compartment, near the hood hinge, in  
the right side of the vehicle.  
— Behind the right front seat, under the floor covering.  
Fig. 266 Schematic representation: vehicle data label.  
model plate  
1 Vehicle identification number (VIN)  
2 Vehicle type, engine power and gearbox  
3 Distinctive letters of the engine and gear, reference  
rence of painting, interior fittings. In the example, the engine  
call letters are “CPTA”.  
4 Optional equipment, PR numbers  
The vehicle data carrier sticker is affixed to the inside of the  
owner's manual cover and in the boot area. Depending on the  
Fig. 265 Model plate (schematic representation).  
equipment, the vehicle data carrier sticker is affixed to the rear  
panel of the boot under the trim or in the spare wheel well under  
the boot floor or under the closing plate.  
Depending on the country, the approval number may appear,  
e.g. For example, the EC type approval number.  
1 Maximum authorized mass  
2 Maximum authorized mass of the towing vehicle and trailer  
Depending on equipment, the vehicle's engine code  
letters (MDL) may be displayed on the instrument cluster  
display ÿ p. 25.  
3 Maximum permissible mass of the front axle  
4 Maximum permissible mass of the rear axle  
Depending on the country and model in question, the model  
plate is located at the bottom of the  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
model plate  

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