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ÿ fig. 150 . During reversing, keep the steering  
wheel in this position.  
parallel park  
— When it is necessary to change the steering wheel  
spin, a yellow sideline will turn red. The steering  
wheel symbol tells the driver when to turn the  
Note and , at the beginninognopfatgheis1c8h7a,patnedr,,on  
page 193.  
steering wheel.  
— Back slowly until the screen is displayed.  
STOP sign or until the green line coincides with the  
lateral delimitation of the parking space ÿ fig. 150 .  
An arrow ÿ fig. 150 indicates, based on the number  
of segments displayed, the stretch that still remains  
to be covered.  
— Stop the vehicle. Turn the steering wheel in the  
opposite direction as far as it will go until the  
directional arrow is no longer displayed.  
— Keep backing until the STOP sign is displayed or  
until the red line reaches the rear limit line.  
Assisted parking system  
(Park Assist)  
Fig. 150 Display of the infotainment system on the  
screen: reversing assistant.  
Introduction to the topic  
Legend to ÿ fig. 150:  
Find a parking space  
Go to the selected parking space  
The parking assist system displays an appropriate  
parking space and assists the driver when parking  
and unparking.  
Center the vehicle within the parking space  
The parking assist system is an extension of the  
Obstacle or auxiliary box  
parking aid ÿ p. 192.  
Lateral limitation of the parking space  
Obstacle or auxiliary box  
The parking assist system controls the direction of  
the vehicle automatically. The driver has to accelerate,  
change gear and brake ÿ !  
— Press the key  
parking space.  
before passing in front of the  
It includes the following functions:  
— Show adequate parking spaces.  
— Press the function button  
of the information system  
— Select a parking mode.  
— Park in a row and in a row in a suitable space  
— Switch on the indicator for the corresponding side  
of the road.  
— Pull out of a parallel parking space ahead  
— Position the vehicle parallel to the parking strip at  
approx. 1 meter away. The yellow auxiliary boxes  
must cover the obstacles ÿ fig. 150 2 and 4 . The  
Observe the message on the instrument panel display.  
area located in the middle must be free of obstacles.  
— Engage reverse gear. A red frame represents the  
The intelligent technology of parking systems  
cannot overcome the limits imposed by physical  
target position of your vehicle ÿ fig. 150  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
laws and only works within the limits of the systems.  
— Turn the handwheel until the red frame is between  
the auxiliary boxes and turns green  
assisted parking system  
Accidents, serious injuries, and vehicle damage  
can occur.  
· The parking system cannot replace the driver's  
Rapid turns of the steering wheel can cause  
serious injury.  
Fig. 152 On the instrument panel screen: parking  
· Do not hold the steering wheel during the maneuver  
until the system tells you to.  
Parking modes:  
· Exception: If a dangerous situation occurs, step  
in and take over management.  
reversing line parking  
Reversing battery parking  
Forward battery parking  
The parking assist system takes parked vehicles,  
curbs and other objects as a reference. Make sure  
that neither the tires nor the rims are damaged when  
parking. If necessary, interrupt the parking maneuver  
in good time to avoid damage to the vehicle.  
— Press the button ÿ fig. 151. The control indicator  
lights up yellow and the parking function is active.  
— Drive slowly past a row of parked vehicles while  
paying attention to traffic.  
— The parking assist system automatically  
searches for a suitable parking space on the  
front passenger side.  
Certain rear-mounted accessories on the  
vehicle, such as a bicycle rack,  
may impair the function of the park assist system  
and could cause damage.  
When a gap is found, a parking mode will be  
displayed ÿ fig. 152.  
To successively select the different openings  
shown, press the button ÿ fig. 151.  
When the vehicle detects that there is a trailer  
that is electrically connected, it is not possible to  
connect the parking assistance system ÿ p.  
If you want to park facing forwards, select the mode  
“Parking forwards” ÿ fig. 152 by pressing the key ÿ  
fig. 151.  
During parking manoeuvres, braking may  
If you want a parking space to be searched for on  
the opposite side of the road, connect the  
occur as soon as the driver accelerates too  
corresponding turn signal to that side.  
The assisted parking system can be activated  
"later". If you have previously driven past a  
suitable parking space, the system will display this.  
Find a parking space  
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Fig. 151 On the center console: button to activate the  
assisted parking system.  
park and maneuver  
— When an acoustic signal sounds, the light turns on.  
indication or a message appears on the instrument  
panel display, brake.  
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, 195.  
— Depending on the parking space, it may be necessary  
to carry out several maneuvers. When the parking  
operation is complete, a message to that effect will  
appear on the instrument panel display.  
To achieve optimal results, wait at the end of each  
maneuver for the parking assistance system to finish  
turning the steering wheel.  
Turn off the engine and carry out the necessary  
operations to leave the vehicle parked ÿ p. 184.  
Note and , on page 187, and and at the beginning  
, of this chapter, on page 195.  
Fig. 153 On the instrument panel screen: park in  
Legend to ÿ fig. 153:  
Find a parking space  
Maneuvering in the parking space  
Indication of driving forward  
Own vehicle  
Parked vehicle or obstacle  
Parking space detected  
reverse indication  
brake indication  
Fig. 154 On the instrument panel screen: to back out of  
a gap in line.  
Progress bar (relative distance still to go)  
Legend to ÿ fig. 154:  
1 parked vehicle  
2 Own vehicle  
— Stop the vehicle in front of or behind the parking  
— Observe the parking indication on the instrument  
panel display ÿ fig. 153  
3 Progress bar (relative distance still to be re  
4 Direction of travel when unparking  
— Engage reverse when a backward pointing arrow  
appears on the instrument cluster display.  
The parking assist system can evacuate the vehicle  
from a parking space if the requirements for this are  
met ÿ p. 188.  
— Let go of the steering wheel.  
— Press the key.  
— Observe the message Interv. in direction active. Keep an  
eye on your surroundings from the instrument cluster  
— Connect the appropriate indicator to the side  
of the road through which you have to leave the  
parking space.  
— Accelerate with caution.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
— Engage reverse gear.  
assisted parking system  
— Release the steering wheel when the following message  
The peripheral vision system (Area View) helps  
to see the vehicle's environment in real time and  
detect obstacles in time.  
appears: Interv. in direction active. Watch your surroundings.  
— Accelerate with caution.  
— Brake when an audible signal sounds, it is in  
turn on the indication or the indication to go forward  
appears on the display of the instrument cluster.  
Using multiple cameras, the system generates a  
representation of the vehicle's surroundings that is  
displayed on the infotainment system's screen.  
— Depress the brake pedal until the brake system  
assisted parking finish turning the steering wheel  
or until the indication on the instrument panel  
display goes off.  
The functions and representations of the system  
may vary depending on the equipment.  
— Execute the parking exit maneuver  
until a message on the instrument panel display  
and, if necessary, an acoustic signal indicate that  
the parking exit maneuver has been completed.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems  
cannot overcome the limits imposed by physical  
laws and only works within the limits of the systems.  
Accidents, serious injuries, and vehicle damage  
can occur.  
— Take over the steering with the steering angle  
adjusted by the parking assist system.  
· The parking system cannot replace the driver's  
— Pull out of the parking space when the situation  
tion of the traffic allows it.  
connect and disconnect  
peripheral vision system  
(Area View)  
Note and , on page 187, and , at the beginning  
of this chapter, on page 198.  
Introduction to the topic  
Fig. 156 On the center console: button for manually  
switching on the peripheral vision system.  
To connect  
— Engage reverse gear.  
OR: press the key  
— Drive forward more than approx. 15 km/h (9  
OR: press the key  
Fig. 155 Visualization of the peripheral vision system  
on the screen: A front camera, B rear camera.  
park and maneuver  

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