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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ General indications

ÿ Never drive if your ability to do so is impaired due to,  
for example, the effects of medication, alcohol or  
drugs. ÿ Always remain attentive to traffic and do not  
General indications  
Driving preparations and driving safety  
distract, p. eg, making adjustments or consulting  
menus, or with your companions or with phone calls.  
ÿ Always adapt the speed and style of playing  
duction to the conditions of visibility, weather, road  
and traffic. ÿ Respect the highway code and the  
For your own safety, that of your companions and that of  
other road users, keep the following points in mind before  
and while driving ÿ :  
prescribed speed limits. ÿ On long trips, stop regularly  
to rest, at least every 2 hours. ÿ If you transport  
ÿ Check the correct operation of the lighting system  
and turn signals. ÿ Check the tire pressure and  
animals in the vehicle, do so safely using a system  
suitable for their weight and size.  
fuel level ÿ p. 342, ÿ p. 22. ÿ Check the level of the  
window washer fluid ÿ p. 319. ÿ Ensure that all  
windows are clean and offer good visibility ÿ p. 369.  
Driving abroad Some  
countries have safety regulations and special  
provisions that the vehicle may not comply with. Before  
traveling abroad, Volkswagen recommends inquiring at  
one of its dealers about the legal provisions and the  
following points for the country of destination: ÿ Is it  
necessary to make any technical modifications to the  
ÿ Do not obstruct the air intake to the motor. Do not  
cover the motor with blankets or insulating  
materials ÿ p. 315. ÿ Secure objects and all  
luggage so that they  
It can be found in the storage compartments, in the  
boot and, if necessary, on the roof ÿ p. 265. ÿ Make  
vehicle before going abroad, p. eg cover the headlights  
with stickers or change their orientation?  
sure nothing can prevent you from operating the pedals  
at all times. ÿ To transport children, use a restraint  
system suitable for their weight and height ÿ p. 62. ÿ  
Make sure that the front seats, the  
ÿ Are the tools, diagnostic equipment and spare parts  
required for maintenance and repair work  
available in the country of destination?  
head restraints and mirrors are adjusted according  
ÿ Are there Volkswagen dealerships in the destination  
to the height of the occupants ÿ p. 42, ÿ p. 117.  
ÿ Are suitable operating fluids available in the country of  
destination in accordance with Volkswagen  
ÿ Use shoes that offer good foot support when  
operating the pedals. ÿ Make sure that the mat in  
specifications ÿ p. 318? ÿ Does the navigation  
the footwell area on the driver's side leaves the area of  
the pedals free and is securely fastened. ÿ Adopt  
a correct position in the seat before and during the  
function of the factory-fitted infotainment system in the  
destination country work with the available  
navigation data?  
march. This also applies to the other occupants of the  
vehicle ÿ p. 42. ÿ Wear the correct seat belt  
ÿ Are special tires necessary to circulate in the  
destination country? ÿ Is it mandatory in the country  
of destination to carry a  
fire extinguisher in the vehicle?  
before starting the march and keep it correctly  
positioned during the same. This also applies to the  
ÿ What requirements must reflective vests meet?  
other occupants of the vehicle ÿ p. 44. ÿ Transport  
only as many people as there are seats and seat  
ÿ Is fuel of sufficient quality available ÿ pg. 291?  
belts in the vehicle.  
Checks when refueling Only  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
carry out work on the engine and in the engine  
compartment yourself if you are familiar with the operations!  
General indications  
necessary and generally valid safety measures, and if you have  
the appropriate tools, media and operating fluids ÿ p. 315!  
Otherwise, have all work carried out by a specialized workshop.  
Remember to check the following regularly: ÿ Windscreen washer  
fluid level ÿ p. 319 ÿ Engine oil level ÿ p. 320, ÿ p. 322  
quality, insufficient work or availability in the house of original  
spare parts.  
Observe the notes and information regarding vehicles of  
category N1 ÿ p. 384.  
Carrying out regular maintenance work on the vehicle  
not only contributes to its conservation, but also to its  
proper functioning and to road safety. Therefore, have the work  
carried out in accordance with the Volkswagen guidelines. If the  
vehicle is used under adverse conditions, some work may be  
necessary before the next service date. Adverse conditions are  
considered, e.g. For example, heavy traffic with intermittent stops  
or driving through dusty areas. Consult a Volkswagen dealer or  
specialist workshop for more information on this.  
ÿ Engine coolant level ÿ p. 325 ÿ Brake fluid level ÿ p.  
327 ÿ Tire pressure ÿ p. 342 ÿ Vehicle lighting ÿ  
p. 106 necessary for road safety:  
— intermittent  
— position light, low beam and main beam  
- taillights  
- brake lights  
Seat position  
— rear fog lamp  
— number plate light  
Introduction to the topic  
Information regarding changing lamps ÿ p. 301  
Number of seats The  
vehicle has 5 seats in total: 2 in the front and 3 in the rear.  
Observe the important safety warnings regarding the front  
passenger airbag ÿ p. 64.  
All seats are equipped with a seat belt.  
Sitting in the wrong position in the vehicle can increase the  
Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or  
risk of serious injury or death in the event of sudden stops and  
narcotics can cause serious accidents and fatal injuries.  
sudden maneuvers, in the event of a collision or accident, and  
in the event of deployment of the air bags.  
· Alcohol, drugs, medication and narcotics can reduce  
perception, increase reaction time and worsen driving  
· Before starting the journey, all the occupants must always  
safety considerably, which can cause loss of control of the  
sit in the correct position and maintain it throughout the  
journey. This also applies to putting on the seat belt.  
· Transport a maximum of as many people as there are seats  
with seat belts in the vehicle.  
Always respect the highway code and current speed limits,  
and drive in a proactive manner. A correct assessment of the  
· When transporting children, always use an approved restraint  
system that is suitable for their weight and height ÿ p. 62  
and ÿ p. 53.  
situation can make the difference between arriving safely at  
your destination and suffering an accident with serious injuries.  
· While walking, always keep your feet in the footrest area.  
Never put them on, e.g. g., above the seat or the instrument  
panel, and never take them out of the window. Otherwise,  
the airbag and seat belt  
Volkswagen is not responsible for damages suffered by the  
vehicle due to low-quality fuel.  

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