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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Cybersecurity

— Only have maintenance and repair work on the vehicle carried  
out by specialized workshops. Volkswagen recommends  
going to a Volkswagen dealer for this.  
data transmissions  
Control units for data transmission, interfaces and connections for  
multimedia and diagnostics are connectivity components via which  
data and information can be exchanged between the vehicle and  
external devices or the Internet ÿ . Among the connectivity  
components that are not part of the equipment of all vehicles,  
there are in particular:  
Computers, data carriers and mobile phone devices that are  
connected to the Internet or used in public or private networks  
can be infected by manipulated data and malicious software.  
· When using the Internet, in addition to generally known  
precautionary measures, you should protect your computer,  
data carriers and mobile phone devices with a suitable  
antivirus program.  
— Connection socket for diagnosis.  
— Control unit with eSIM card mounted  
· Regularly update the appropriate antivirus program with the  
updates and new versions provided by the respective  
— Telephone interface.  
— Media Control.  
— App-Connect.  
- WiFi access point.  
— NFC wireless communication technology.  
— Bluetooth® telephone interface.  
The risk of unauthorized third parties gaining access to the  
functions and control units of the vehicle through malicious  
software or an Internet attack cannot be ruled out despite the  
security mechanisms in the vehicle. If malicious software is  
— USB connection.  
— Toma multimedia AUX-IN.  
introduced into the vehicle, it can influence, disable or control  
control units and vehicle functions, causing serious accidents  
— SD card slot.  
— SIM card slot.  
and fatal injuries.  
Connectivity components are the key points in cybersecurity.  
Connectivity components in particular, but also other control  
units, are equipped with security mechanisms that minimize the  
risk of unauthorized third parties gaining access to vehicle  
· Malicious software can also access data and information  
stored in control units, the infotainment system, connected  
data carriers and paired mobile wireless devices.  
Vehicle-mounted security mechanisms and software are  
continually being developed. As in the case of computers or  
If the vehicle performs differently than the  
habitually or reacts or behaves in a strange way, reduce  
speed immediately (if possible) in a controlled manner and  
go without delay to the nearest specialized workshop or  
request the help of specialized personnel, e.g. For example,  
to tow the vehicle.  
the operating systems of mobile phone devices, software and  
security mechanisms mounted in the vehicle can also be updated  
on an ad hoc basis.  
Software updates generally improve the security, stability, and  
execution speed of existing vehicle systems.  
Upgrade system  
You can actively contribute to reducing the risk of unauthorized  
third parties accessing vehicle systems and functions:  
Introduction to the topic  
— Do not use data carriers, Bluetooth devices or mobile phone  
devices containing manipulated data or malicious software in  
the vehicle.  
The factory-fitted infotainment system supports the “System  
update” function. In this way, Volkswagen AG can update the  
following control units in the vehicle, without the need for you  
to visit a specialist workshop:  
— Immediately install updates  
software provided by Volkswagen ÿ p. 208.  
data transmissions  
— Central infotainment computer.  
General features  
— Instrument panel control unit di  
Please note on  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
page 208.  
— OCU (control unit for Volkswagen We Con  
System update available If on, the  
The “system update” function is only available in some countries.  
infotainment indicates when a system update is available. The  
system update takes place in two phases:  
Requirements for a system update  
— There is a We Connect contract in effect between us  
ted y Volkswagen.  
— Download phase: The system update can be downloaded at  
any time with the ignition on.  
— You have a Volkswagen user account  
We Connect activa.  
— Installation phase: the software can only be installed with the  
engine switched off and the bonnet, trunk, glass roof, all  
windows and doors closed.  
— The vehicle is assigned to your user account  
de We Connect.  
— The vehicle's electrical system is operational.  
— The 12 volt battery has sufficient charge.  
Before each of the phases, the consent of the driver will be  
requested to start the corresponding procedure.  
— In the country concerned, the function “system update” is  
If multiple system updates are available for the vehicle, one  
system update must first be successfully installed before the  
next one can be installed.  
During the installation of the software, the control units are  
disabled and do not work. Driving with control units disabled  
or not working can cause accidents and fatal injuries.  
Download cost The  
download of a system update is done via the factory-fitted  
control unit with the eSIM card (OCU) and is free of charge.  
Volks wagen bears the connection costs.  
· Install the software in a suitable place, where other road  
users are not hindered.  
· Never use the vehicle during an installation  
tion of the software.  
Please note on  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
page 208.  
If the digital instrument cluster does not function after  
software installation, the instruments, warning lamps, symbols  
and messages cannot be displayed. Driving with the damaged  
digital instrument panel can cause accidents and fatal injuries.  
Downloading a system update  
For the download, choose a place or area with sufficient mobile  
phone and GPS coverage. For the download, the ignition has to  
be switched on. Downloading can be interrupted at any time and,  
if necessary, continues when the ignition is switched on.  
· Do not use the vehicle and contact Volkswagen Customer  
The duration of the download depends on the quality of the  
network, the volume of data and the type of update. As an  
orientation, approx. 30 seconds per megabyte (MB). Always  
perform the following steps in the order listed:  
In very isolated cases it may happen that, after installing the  
software, some control unit stops working correctly.  
1. Switch on the ignition and the infotain system  
· Do not use the vehicle and contact Volkswagen Customer  
2. Take into account the infotain information  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
3. Start the download to the infotainment system.  
Upgrade system  

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