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in the vehicle settings menu of the infotain system  
What happens when you lock the vehicle with a second key  
"Keyless Access" system: The key inside the vehicle is blocked  
from starting the engine as soon as the vehicle is locked from  
the outside with a second key. To enable the key inside the  
vehicle to start the engine, press the key inside the vehicle ÿ p.  
If the "safe" safety system is used carelessly or without due  
care, serious injuries may result.  
· Never leave anyone inside the vehicle when you lock it with  
the key. When the "safe" security system is activated, the  
doors cannot be opened from the inside!  
Locking the vehicle after an airbag has been deployed  
When an airbag is deployed due to an accident, the vehicle is  
fully unlocked. Depending on the extent of the damage, the  
vehicle can be re-locked after the accident as described below:  
If the driver's door is manually unlocked with the vehicle  
key, only this door is unlocked and not the entire  
vehicle. When the ignition is switched on, the "safe" security  
system of all the doors will be deactivated (although they will  
— Switch off the ignition.  
continue to be locked) and the central locking button will be  
— Open the driver's door and close it again.  
— Lock the vehicle.  
If the 12-volt battery is low or discharged, or the button  
cell battery in the vehicle key is low or dead, it may not  
be possible to unlock or lock the vehicle with the "Keyless  
Access" system. The vehicle can be unlocked and locked manually  
ÿ p. 79.  
Problems and solutions  
Note and , at the beginning of this chapter, on page 79.  
If there is no valid vehicle key inside the vehicle or it  
is not detected by the system, a warning will appear on  
the instrument cluster display. This could happen if another radio  
Control indicator stays on The red light-emitting  
diode (LED) in the driver's door flashes at short intervals and  
then stays on.  
frequency signal interferes with the signal from the key or if the  
key is covered by something, e.g. eg, an aluminum suitcase ÿ p.  
There is a fault in the locking system.  
— Visit a specialized workshop. Volkswagen recommends going  
to a Volkswagen wagen  
dealer for this.  
Anti-theft alarm  
Turn signals don't flash  
If, when the vehicle is locked, the direction indicators do not flash,  
they flash as confirmation:  
Depending on the equipment, the vehicle may have an anti-theft  
— At least one door or the tailgate is not closed.  
The anti-theft alarm monitors the doors, the engine hood and  
the trunk lid.  
The anti-theft alarm is automatically activated when the vehicle  
is locked with the key.  
The vehicle is locked automatically If one of the  
following conditions is met, the vehicle is automatically locked  
again after approx. 45 seconds:  
If the vehicle is not opened with a valid key, the alarm is  
triggered and emits acoustic and luminous signals for approx. 5  
minutes maximum.  
— The vehicle has been unlocked, but has not been  
In which cases does the burglar alarm go off?  
— The ignition has not been switched on.  
— If a mechanical unlocked door is opened  
mind with the vehicle key.  
— The tailgate has not been opened.  
— The vehicle has been unlocked through the cylinder of the  
— If the engine hood is opened.  
— If the tailgate is opened.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
— The vehicle has been locked with the central locking  
button located in the passenger compartment.  
— If the ignition is turned on with an invalid vehicle key.  
Anti-theft alarm  
— If there is movement inside the vehicle (in vehicles  
with interior monitoring ÿ page 84).  
Switch on interior monitoring and anti-tow system  
Close the overhead console storage compartments for  
the sensors to work.  
— If the vehicle is raised or towed (for vehicles with an  
anti-tow system ÿ page 84).  
Lock the vehicle. When the anti-theft alarm is activated,  
the interior monitor and the anti-tow system are also  
activated ÿ fig. 72.  
— If the vehicle is transported on a ferry or by rail (for  
vehicles with an anti-tow system or interior monitoring  
ÿ page 84).  
Depending on the equipment, the use of a separation  
net may impair the function of the interior monitoring.  
Disconnect alarm  
— Unlock the vehicle with the unlock key on the  
vehicle key.  
Temporarily deactivating interior monitoring and anti-  
tow system Depending on the equipment, the interior  
monitoring and anti-tow system can be temporarily  
deactivated using the button or in the menu  
— If the vehicle is equipped with the "Key less Access"  
system, grasp the door handle ÿ p. 77.  
Infotainment system vehicle settings .  
If the 12 volt battery is low or discharged, the  
burglar alarm will not function properly.  
Deactivate interior monitor and anti-tow system  
with the button  
— Switch off the ignition and open the door of the con  
If the 12 volt battery is disconnected, the alarm  
may be triggered.  
— Press the key.  
up in the button.  
A yellow control indicator lights  
If the connection to a trailer included in the anti-  
theft alarm is broken, the anti-theft alarm may be  
triggered ÿ p. 282.  
— Close all doors and the tailgate.  
— Lock the vehicle with the key.  
Before locking the vehicle, press the button again to  
reactivate the interior monitor  
and the anti-tow system.  
Interior monitoring and  
anti-tow system  
Deactivating interior monitoring and anti-tow  
system in the infotainment system  
— Switch on the ignition.  
— Deactivate the interior monitor and the anti-tow  
system in the vehicle settings menu of the  
infotainment system.  
— Close all doors and the tailgate.  
— Lock the vehicle with the key.  
The interior monitor and the anti-tow system remain  
deactivated until the next time the vehicle is locked.  
In the following situations it is recommended to  
deactivate the passenger compartment monitoring and  
the anti-tow system:  
Fig. 72 In the overhead console: interior monitoring  
sensors (arrows).  
— When people or animals remain inside the vehicle.  
If movement is detected in the passenger compartment  
while the vehicle is locked, the passenger compartment  
monitor triggers the alarm ÿ fig. 72.  
— When the vehicle has to be loaded onto another  
means of transport.  
If the vehicle is detected to be lifted, the anti-tow system  
triggers the alarm.  
— When transporting the vehicle.  
— When the vehicle has to be towed with a suspended  
— When the vehicle is to be parked in a two-storey  
garage space.  
Opening and closing  

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