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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Speed limiter

start regulation  
Regulation is automatically interrupted  
— While driving, press the button The  
— You have depressed the clutch pedal for a long time.  
cruise controller saves and regulates the current speed.  
— The vehicle has exceeded the stored speed for a  
long time.  
In addition, the green control indicator lights up.  
— The selector lever is not in the D/S position.  
adjust speed  
— A braking assistance system has intervened, e.g.  
For example, the ASR or the ESC.  
While the speed regulator regulates the saved speed  
can be adjusted: + 1 km/h (1 mph) - 1 km/h (1 mph) +  
— Front Assist has braked the vehicle.  
10 km/h (5 mph) - 10 km/h (5 mph)  
— If the problem persists, disconnect the cruise control  
and go to a specialized workshop.  
Keep the or key pressed to continuously change the  
saved speed.  
Speed limiter  
The vehicle adapts the current speed by accelerating or  
deaccelerating. The vehicle does not brake actively.  
Introduction to the topic  
stop regulation  
The speed limiter helps not to exceed a speed saved  
by you.  
— Briefly press the key  
or Or instead of  
this, press the brake pedal.  
The speed remains saved.  
Speed range The  
speed limiter is available on forward drives from approx.  
30 km/h (20 mph).  
resume regulation  
— Press the key  
The cruise control resumes the saved speed and  
regulates it.  
Driving with the speed limiter  
Speed limitation can be broken at any time by fully  
depressing the accelerator pedal, past the point of  
resistance. As soon as the stored speed is exceeded,  
the green control indicator flashes and an acoustic  
warning signal may sound. The speed remains saved.  
— Hold down the button The cruise  
control is switched off and the saved speed is deleted.  
Switch to speed limiter  
— Press the key  
The regulation is activated again automatically as soon  
as you drive at a speed lower than the saved one.  
— Select speed limiter on screen  
of the instrument panel.  
The speed controller is switched off.  
indications on the screen  
When the speed limiter is engaged, the display of the  
instrument cluster shows the saved speed and the status  
of the system:  
Problems and solutions  
The speed limiter is engaged and there is a  
saved speed.  
Please note on  
page 162.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Small or gray: regulation is not active.  
Large or white: regulation is active.  
speed controller fault  
— Visit a specialized workshop.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Speed limiter  
Going down hills  
The last set speed is saved. Regulation has not yet taken place.  
When driving downhill, the stored speed may be exceeded due  
to the slope.  
start regulation  
Brake the vehicle by pressing the brake pedal and, if necessary,  
— While driving, press the button The  
current speed is saved as the limit speed.  
In addition, the green control indicator lights up  
After use, always switch off the speed limiter to prevent  
unintended speed regulation.  
adjust speed  
The saved speed can be adjusted: + 1 km/h (1  
· The speed limiter does not relieve the driver of his  
mph) - 1 km/h (1 mph) + 10 km/h (5  
mph) - 10 km/h (5 mph)  
responsibility to drive at the appropriate speed. Do not  
drive at high speed if it is not necessary.  
· Using the speed limiter in bad weather conditions is  
Keep the or key pressed to continuously change the saved  
dangerous and can lead to serious accidents, e.g. eg, by  
aquaplaning, snow, ice, leaf litter, etc. Use the speed  
limiter only when the state of the road and the weather  
conditions allow it.  
stop regulation  
— Press the key  
O .  
The speed remains saved.  
· When driving downhill, the speed limiter cannot limit the  
speed of the vehicle. This may increase due to the weight  
resume regulation  
— Press the key  
of the vehicle. Downshift or stop the vehicle by depressing  
the brake pedal.  
The limiter will be activated again as soon as it is circulated  
at less than saved speed.  
— Long press the key  
Operate the speed limiter with  
the multifunction steering wheel  
The speed limiter is deactivated; the speed remains saved (also  
after switching off the ignition).  
Please note on  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
page 163.  
Switch to Cruise Control (GRA) or Adaptive Cruise Control  
— Press the key  
— Select the desired system on the screen of the  
instrument panel.  
The speed limiter is deactivated.  
Problems and solutions  
Please note on  
page 163.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Regulation is automatically interrupted  
— Malfunction. Disconnect limit  
Fig. 135 Left side of the multifunction steering wheel:  
speed sensor and go to a specialized workshop.  
buttons for operating the speed limiter.  
For safety reasons, the speed limiter is only fully deactivated  
when the driver releases the accelerator pedal at some point or  
deactivates the system manually.  
To connect  
— Press the key  
Driver assistance systems  
accidents and serious injuries. The system cannot replace the  
driver's attention.  
adaptive cruise control  
· Always adapt your speed and distance from the vehicle in  
front according to visibility, weather, road and traffic  
Introduction to the topic  
· Never use ACC in poor visibility, on steep, curvy or slippery  
sections (eg in the event of snow, ice, rain or loose gravel),  
or on flooded roads.  
Adaptive cruise control (ACC = Adapti ve Cruise Control)  
maintains a constant speed set by you. When the vehicle  
approaches a vehicle in front, ACC automatically adapts the  
speed and thus maintains the distance set by you.  
· Never use ACC off-road or in  
roads that are not firm ground. The ACC is intended for use  
on paved roads only.  
The ACC reacts in a limited way to vehicles  
How to know if the vehicle has ACC The vehicle  
those who are stopped, but does not perform any emergency  
has ACC if settings for this system can be made in the vehicle  
settings menu of the infotainment system ÿ p. 36.  
· The ACC does not react to people or animals, or to vehicles  
that cross or approach from the opposite direction in the  
same lane.  
Speed range ACC regulates  
at speeds between 30 km/h (20 mph) and 210 km/h (130  
mph). This range may vary depending on the market.  
Brake immediately if ACC does not reduce the  
speed enough.  
· Brake immediately when a warning is displayed.  
Brake indication on the instrument panel display.  
Driving with ACC  
You can override ACC regulation at any time. If you brake, the  
regulation is interrupted. If it accelerates, the regulation is  
interrupted for the duration of the acceleration and is resumed  
· Brake when, after an indication to brake, the vehicle rolls  
without this being desired.  
· Always be prepared to regulate yourself my  
my speed  
If a trailer is attached, the ACC regulates with less dynamism.  
request to brake  
special driving situations  
If the automatic deceleration of ACC is not sufficient, the  
system prompts you to brake additionally via a message  
Please note on  
page 165.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
in the instrument cluster. In addition, the red warning lamp  
lights up and an audible warning sounds. Stop immediately!  
Radar sensor  
ACC detects driving situations using a radar sensor located at  
the front of the vehicle. The range of this sensor is approx. 120 m  
(400 ft).  
The intelligent technology of the ACC cannot cross the limits  
imposed by the physical laws and only works within the limits  
of the system. Never let the increased comfort provided by this  
technology induce you to take any risk that compromises safety.  
If used carelessly or inadvertently, it may cause  
Fig. 136 On the instrument panel display: detected  
vehicle traveling slower than your own in the left lane  
(schematic representation).  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
adaptive cruise control  

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