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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Information regarding the EU regulation on chemical substances and preparations

(active component protection), contact a specialized  
— Keyless lock and start system "Keyless Ac  
— Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)  
— Emergency braking assistant (Front Assist) with city  
emergency braking function  
Information regarding the  
— Lane Change Assist (Side Assist) with  
car park exit assistant (Exit Assist)  
EU regulation on chemical  
substances and preparations  
— Pedestrian detection system  
— Driving assistant (Travel Assist)  
electrical equipment  
In accordance with the European regulation on chemical  
substances and preparations REACH, Volkswagen would  
— 12 volt outlet  
like to inform you of the substances that the vehicle could  
— 230 volt socket without earth socket  
This information can be found on the Internet based  
on the vehicle identification number ÿ p. 394:  
Third Party Copyright  
Disposal of used batteries and  
electronic devices  
Some of the vehicle-mounted products contain  
software components that are under Open Source  
It is not permitted to dispose of the vehicle keys,  
A list of the open source software components  
used, including the copyright information of the  
corresponding relevant open source license  
conditions as well as the texts of these licences, is  
available on the website mentioned above. The  
source code of certain open source software  
components can be obtained from the vehicle  
manufacturer. The manufacturer will provide you with  
the source code in accordance with the relevant  
license conditions, at your sole expense the costs of  
preparation (such as the cost of data carriers and  
shipping costs). You can check the necessary  
information on the website mentioned above.  
radio frequency remote controls and their batteries in  
the household waste. This is indicated by the symbol  
— Turn in electronic devices and batteries  
at the corresponding collection points according to  
local regulations.  
— Consult a Volkswagen dealer for more information  
on this.  
Declaration of conformity  
The concerned manufacturer hereby declares that  
the products listed below were in compliance with  
the basic requirements and other relevant laws and  
regulations at the time of vehicle production, including  
FCC Part 15.19, FCC Part 15.21 and RSS- Gen Issue  
Delivery and scrapping of  
vehicles at the end of their useful  
Equipment that works by radio frequency  
— Electronic immobilizer  
— Vehicle key  
Delivery of vehicles at the end of their useful  
life Volkswagen has already prepared for the moment  
in which the vehicle is going to be recycled respecting  
the environment. In many European countries there is  
already an extensive network of reception centers for  
end-of-life vehicles. After the delivery of the vehicle, a  
certificate will be received documenting  
— Tire pressure monitoring system  
— Radio frequency remote control of the independent  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Information regarding the EU regulation on chemical substances and preparations  

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