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VW Passat B8 Owner's Manual ➜ Start and stop the engine

people in that country at the time the vehicle was manufactured.  
— Immediately visit a specialized workshop.  
If you are going to use the vehicle temporarily or for a short  
period of time abroad, please observe the corresponding notes  
ÿ p. 41.  
Start and shut down the  
If you are going to sell the vehicle in another country  
or use it in another country for a long period of time,  
please take into account the legal provisions in force  
in the country in question.  
Start and start button  
In some cases it will be necessary to subsequently mount or  
dismount certain equipment, as well as deactivate certain  
functions. The sets and types of services may also be affected.  
This can happen especially when the vehicle is to be used in  
another climatic region for a long period of time.  
Due to the different frequency bands around the world, the  
factory-fitted infotainment system may not work in another  
Fig. 121 In the lower part of the center console:  
ignition and start button to start the engine.  
· Volkswagen is not responsible for damages suffered by the  
vehicle due to poor quality fuel, insufficient work or a scarce  
availability of original spare parts.  
The engine is started with a push button to start and start  
(Press & Drive).  
· Volkswagen is not responsible if the vehicle does  
not meet the legal requirements in force in other  
countries and continents or if it only partially meets them.  
The vehicle will only work if there is a valid key inside the vehicle.  
If the ignition is off, opening the driver's door to get out of the  
vehicle activates the electronic steering column lock ÿ p. 155.  
Problems and solutions  
Switching the ignition on and off Press the  
Brake system failure  
ignition and start button once without pressing the brake or  
The warning lamp lights up red.  
A message may also be displayed.  
Do not continue the march!  
clutch pedal ÿ .  
Automatic ignition shutdown  
If the Start-Stop system has switched off the engine and the  
driver is detected to be absent, the ignition is automatically  
switched off after a certain time. If the dipped beam was on at  
— Inform a specialized workshop and have it  
check the brake system.  
that moment, the position light will remain on for approx. 30  
minutes. The position light can be turned off by locking the vehicle  
ÿ p. 80 or manually ÿ p. 110.  
brake pad wear indicator  
The control indicator lights up yellow.  
The brake pads are worn.  
Function to restart the engine  
— Immediately visit a specialized workshop.  
If no valid key is detected in the passenger compartment after  
the engine has been switched off, approx. 5 seconds to restart  
it. A warning to this effect will appear on the instrument cluster  
— Have all brake pads checked and, if necessary, replaced.  
If the braking ability of the vehicle changes  
If the brake pads are worn, or if you notice that the vehicle no  
longer brakes normally (sudden increase in stopping distance):  
Vehicles with a diesel engine: When the engine gives  
After this time, it will not be possible to restart the  
engine if there is no valid key in the passenger  
sel is preheating, the control indicator lights up in  
the instrument panel.  
— If the motor does not start, stop the attempt and  
repeat it after approx. 1 minute.  
Any accidental movement of the vehicle can cause  
serious injury.  
— If the vehicle was locked with its key, the button is  
deactivated. If you are inside the vehicle and need  
to start the engine, first unlock the vehicle or perform  
a jump start ÿ p. 143.  
· When switching on the ignition, do not step on the pedal of the  
brake or clutch, otherwise the engine will start  
— When you are about to move off, disengage the  
electronic parking brake.  
If the vehicle keys are used carelessly or without  
paying proper attention, accidents and serious  
injuries may result.  
The risk of serious injury can be reduced when  
the engine is running or when starting it.  
· When leaving the vehicle, never leave any of its  
keys inside. Otherwise, a child or an unauthorized  
person could lock the vehicle, start the engine or  
switch on the ignition, allowing them to operate  
some electrical equipment, e.g. e.g., elevalu  
· Never start or leave the engine running in closed  
or unventilated rooms. The exhaust gases from  
the engine contain, among other things, carbon  
monoxide, a toxic, colorless and odorless gas.  
Carbon monoxide can cause unconsciousness  
and death.  
in the.  
Before leaving the vehicle, always switch off  
the ignition manually and, if necessary, observe  
the information on the display in the instrument cluster.  
Never start or leave the engine running if there is  
oil, fuel or other easily flammable liquids and  
operating media under or near the vehicle, or if  
any of these substances leak from the vehicle,  
for example due to damage .  
If the vehicle remains stationary for a long time  
with the ignition on, the 12-volt battery could  
discharge and the engine could not be started.  
· Never leave the vehicle unattended with the  
engine running, especially if it is in gear or gear  
ratio. The vehicle could start moving suddenly,  
or something unusual could happen, causing  
damage, a fire, and serious injury.  
start the engine  
· Never use cold start engine sprays. These sprays  
can explode and cause a sudden increase in  
engine speed.  
— Press the start button once. The ignition is on.  
— Depress the brake pedal and hold it down until the  
electronic parking brake disengages.  
Vehicles with manual transmission: Depress the pedal of the  
fully in the clutch and hold it down until the engine  
starts. Put the gear lever in neutral.  
· The starter motor or the engine can be damaged if  
an attempt is made to start the engine while driving  
or if it is started again immediately after switching  
it off.  
Vehicles with DSG dual-clutch gearbox: If you  
move the selector lever to position N or engage the  
parking lock.  
· When the engine is cold, avoid high speeds of the  
engine, its overrequest and acceleration.  
— Press the power button and start ÿ p. 140  
without stepping on the accelerator. A valid  
vehicle key must be inside the engine for the  
engine to start. A  
· Do not start the engine by pushing or towing the  
vehicle. Unburnt fuel could damage the catalytic  
Do not wait for the engine to warm up with  
the vehicle stopped; if you have good visibility  
through the crystals, start the march immediately  
Once the engine starts, release the ignition and  
start button.  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
Start and stop the engine  
· The brake booster does not work. To stop the neighbor  
Ass you have to step on the brake pedal harder.  
mind. In this way, the engine reaches operating temperature  
sooner and polluting emissions are reduced.  
· The power steering does not work. To turn the steering  
wheel more force has to be applied.  
When starting the engine, the main consumers are  
temporarily disconnected  
· If the ignition is switched off, the steering column lock may  
seize and the vehicle cannot be controlled.  
If, for example, the button battery in the vehicle key is  
almost or completely depleted, it will not be possible to  
start the engine with the start button. In this case, use the  
emergency start function ÿ p. 143.  
Exhaust system components become extremely hot and  
could cause a fire and serious injury.  
When the engine is started from cold, noise may  
increase briefly. This is normal and unimportant.  
· Never park the vehicle in such a way that any component  
of the exhaust system comes into contact with easily  
flammable materials that may be found under the vehicle,  
for example, brush, fallen leaves, dry grass, spilled fuel,  
When the outside temperature is less than +5 °C  
(+41 °F), if the engine is diesel, some smoke may  
originate under the vehicle when the additional fuel-operated  
heater is connected.  
· Never use additional protection for the underbody of the  
vehicle or anti-corrosion products for the exhaust pipes,  
catalytic converters, thermal insulators or particle filters.  
turn off engine  
If the motor is under high demand for a long time, it may overheat  
— Stop the vehicle ÿ .  
after turning it off. To avoid engine damage, let it idle for approx.  
2 minutes in the neutral position.  
— Park the vehicle ÿ p. 184.  
— Briefly press the on/start button. If the motor does not  
stop, perform an emergency shutdown ÿ p. 143.  
After turning off the engine, the radiator fan may continue  
to run in the engine compartment for a few more minutes,  
— Observe the instructions in the table of  
instruments ÿ p. 19.  
even with the ignition off or the key out of the ignition lock. The  
radiator fan is automatically switched off.  
Warning when leaving the vehicle  
If the ignition is still on when the driver's door is opened, a  
warning chime sounds and warnings appear in the instrument  
cluster display to this effect.  
electronic immobilizer  
If the selector lever is in position N, a warning chime sounds  
when the driver's door is opened and the warning Vehicle is not  
The electronic immobilizer helps prevent the engine from  
being started with an unauthorized key and the vehicle being  
moved as a result.  
set with the parking brake appears on the instrument panel  
display. This alerts the driver that the vehicle could roll away.  
The vehicle key has an integrated chip. which deactivates the  
electronic immobilizer automatically if there is a valid key inside  
the passenger compartment.  
Never turn off the engine while the vehicle is moving. This  
could lead to loss of vehicle control, accidents, and serious  
The electronic immobilizer is automatically activated when a  
valid key is no longer in the vehicle.  
· The airbags and seat belt tensioners do not work.  
For this reason, the vehicle can only be started with a coded  
Original Volkswagen key.  
correctly. These types of keys can be purchased at a Volkswagen  
The speed limitation has been activated due to a fault in the  
engine management.  
— Make sure not to exceed the indicated regime.  
The correct operation of the vehicle is only guaranteed  
with original Volkswagen keys.  
— Have the engine checked immediately by a specialized  
Preheating system or management of the  
Problems and solutions  
Vehicles with diesel engine:  
The control indicator lights up yellow.  
When the diesel engine is warming up, the control indicator  
lights up in the instrument cluster for a few seconds.  
The control indicator flashes yellow.  
There is a fault in the engine management.  
— Have the engine checked immediately by a specialized  
The vehicle key is not recognized  
An indication to this effect appears on the instrument panel  
If the button cell battery in your vehicle key is nearly or completely  
Fig. 122 On the right side of the steering column:  
emergency start function on vehicles with the "Keyless  
Access" locking and starting system.  
depleted, the key may not be recognized.  
An emergency start is required:  
— Depress the brake pedal and hold it down.  
Fault in engine management  
— Immediately after pressing the ignition and start button, hold  
the key next to the right trim of the steering column ÿ fig. 122.  
The control indicator lights up yellow.  
There is a fault in the engine management.  
— Have the engine checked immediately by a specialized  
— The ignition is automatically switched on and, if necessary,  
the engine starts.  
limited engine speed  
The engine cannot be switched off  
The engine does not stop by briefly pressing the start button.  
The control indicator lights up yellow.  
The engine speed has been limited to prevent the engine from  
An emergency disconnection must be made:  
— Press the power and start button twice within a few seconds  
or long press once.  
The speed is shown on the instrument cluster display.  
The regime limitation is annulled in the following  
The engine automatically shuts off ÿ p. 140.  
The engine cannot be started If an unauthorized  
vehicle key is used or there is a fault in the system, a message  
appears on the instrument cluster display.  
— Engine temperature is no longer within  
a critical range.  
— The foot is removed from the accelerator.  
Limitation of the scheme by  
— Use an authorized key.  
with a fault in the engine management  
3 G 0 0 1 2 7 6 0 A H  
— If the fault persists, request the help of specialized personnel.  
Control indicators light up yellow.  
Start and stop the engine  
Vehicle with manual transmission  
Start-Stop system  
— When coasting or with the vehicle stopped, engage  
neutral and release the clutch pedal. The engine shuts  
Start-Stop system  
— To restart the engine, depress the clutch.  
Vehicles with DSG® dual clutch transmission  
— To stop, step on the brake pedal and hold it down.  
Shortly before or when the vehicle comes to a stop,  
the engine is switched off.  
— To restart the engine, take your foot off the brake pedal  
or step on the accelerator.  
Important conditions for automatic engine shutdown  
Fig. 123 At the bottom of the center console: Start-Stop  
— The driver has a seat belt on  
system button.  
The Start-Stop system automatically shuts off the  
engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill and when  
the vehicle is stopped. If necessary, the motor restarts  
— The driver's door is closed.  
— The engine hood is closed.  
— The motor has reached a minimum temperature.  
Vehicles with Climatronic: The passenger compartment  
Connect the Start-Stop system  
temperature is within the preset values and the air  
humidity is not too high.  
This function is activated automatically when connecting  
The ignition. Information about the current status is  
shown on the instrument panel display.  
— The defrost/defog function of the air conditioner is not  
— The 12 volt battery state of charge is sufficient.  
More information about the Start-Stop system can be  
called up in the infotainment system by pressing the button  
or the function button and the function buttons Vehicle  
— The 12 volt battery temperature is not too low or too  
Selection and vehicle status  
— The vehicle is not on a very steep slope.  
Whenever you cross water, manually disconnect the  
Start-Stop system.  
Vehicles with a DSG® dual clutch transmission: The  
control witnesses  
steering wheel is not turned too far.  
— The heated windshield is not connected.  
— The reverse gear is not engaged.  
If the control indicator lights up, the Start-Stop system  
is available and the automatic engine shutdown is active.  
— The assisted parking system (Park Assist)  
is not activated.  
If the control indicator lights up, the Start-Stop system  
is not available or has started the engine automatically ÿ  
p. 144.  
— The Offroad driving profile is not activated.  
If the conditions for the engine to be switched off  
automatically are met during a vehicle standstill phase, the  
engine can also be switched off afterwards, e.g. For  
example, if the defrost/defog function is switched off.  
The status of the Start-Stop system can be displayed  
on the instrument panel display.  
In infotainment systems with a navigation function, a quick  
access bar to information on the status of the Start-Stop  
system can additionally be displayed if necessary. Click  
on the i in the bar to get more information about the system  
Conditions that cause the engine to restart automatically  
The engine can start automatically in the following cases:  
— If the passenger compartment gets very hot or cold.  
— If the vehicle moves.  

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