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4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
20 – Fuel supply system  
Safety precautions  
Safety regulations for working on fuel  
♦ Fuel supply line is pressurised. Wear protective goggles  
and protective clothing to avoid injury and contact with the  
skin. Wrap a cloth around the connection before loosening  
hose connections. Then release pressure by carefully  
pulling hose off connection.  
For reasons of safety, the power supply to the fuel pump must  
be interrupted before the fuel system is opened. The fuel pump  
would otherwise be activated when the driver's door is opened.  
Use the following options to interrupt the power supply:  
♦ Disconnect battery  
♦ Removing fuse for fuel pump control unit - J538-  
♦ Pull off connector from fuel delivery unit flange or fuel  
pump control unit - J538-  
Observe the following points during all installation work, in par‐  
ticular in the engine compartment, due to the space limitations:  
♦ Route all the various lines and electrical wiring so that they  
are in their original positions.  
♦ Ensure that there is sufficient clearance to all moving or  
hot components.  
To prevent injuries to persons and/or damage to the injection and  
ignition system, the following must be observed:  
♦ Do not touch or pull off ignition coils with output stage when  
engine is running or turning at starter speed.  
♦ Switch off ignition before connecting or disconnecting injection  
and ignition system wiring as well as test instrument cables.  
When removing and installing fuel gauge sender or fuel pump  
(fuel delivery unit) from a full or partly full fuel tank, observe the  
♦ Before starting work, the extraction hose of a switched-on ex‐  
haust gas extraction system must be laid near to the assembly  
opening of the fuel tank. This draws away the fuel fumes that  
escape. If no exhaust gas extraction system is available, a ra‐  
dial fan with a displacement greater than 15 m /h can be used  
providing that motor is not in air flow.  
Rep. gr.20 - Fuel supply system  

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