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VW Passat B6 Service Manual ➜ Removing and installing fuel system diagnostic pump V144 (Eos)

CC 2010 ➤ , Eos 2006 ➤ , Golf 2004 ➤ , Golf 2009 ➤ , Passat 2006 ➤ , ...  
4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
Removing and installing fuel system di‐  
agnostic pump - V144- (Eos)  
– Pull off vacuum line -1-, breather line (air outlet) -2- and breath‐  
er line (air inlet) -3-.  
– Unscrew nuts -arrows-.  
– Remove diagnostic pump with bracket and disconnect elec‐  
trical connector.  
Installation is carried out in the reverse order. When installing,  
note the following:  
♦ Reconnect electrical connector before securing diagnostic  
pump with bracket.  
♦ The breather line -2- must engage audibly.  
Specified torques: ⇒ page 413  
Checking fuel system for leaks  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
♦ Fuel system tester (so-called smoke tester) - KLI 9210-  
♦ Adapter hose - KLI 9210/55-1-  
♦ Vehicle diagnostic tester  
♦ Hose clamps to 25 mm - 3094-  
The plug-in connectors for fuel, vacuum and breather lines are  
colour coded. There is either a coloured dot on the plug-in con‐  
nector or the release button is coloured.  
Plug-in connector  
Colour code on plug-in connec‐  
Fuel supply  
Fuel return  
white, beige  
Test specification:  
A leak has been detected by the fuel system diagnostic pump  
- V144- .  
Guided fault finding has been performed with the vehicle di‐  
agnostic tester .  
Rep. gr.20 - Fuel supply system  

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