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4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
19 – Cooling  
Cooling system  
The cooling system is under pressure when the engine is hot!  
Danger of scalding by steam and hot coolant.  
Cover filler cap on expansion tank with a cloth and open care‐  
fully to release pressure.  
Secure all hose connections with the correct type of hose clips  
(same as original equipment) ⇒ EKTA (Electronic parts cata‐  
logue) .  
The arrow markings on coolant pipes and on ends of hoses  
must align when installing.  
Coolant hose schematic diagram ⇒ page 238  
Draining and filling with coolant ⇒ page 241 .  
Checking cooling system for leaks ⇒ page 246 .  
Coolant hose connection diagram  
Inclusion of auxiliary heater in coolant circuit ⇒ Rep. gr. 82  
Vehicles with manual gearbox  
Rep. gr.19 - Cooling  

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