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VW Passat B6 Service Manual ➜ Engine oil

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4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
Engine oil:  
Oil capacities:  
With oil filter, 4.7 l  
Without oil filter 4.2 l  
The oil capacity was determined experimentally. Due to toleran‐  
ces, the oil temperature and the drip time, the actual oil capacity  
may differ. The oil capacity also depends on the type of repair  
work which has been performed. The correct oil level is indicated  
by the marking on the dipstick.  
Engine oil specifications ⇒ Maintenance ; Booklet ; Service ta‐  
bles .  
Change engine oil ⇒ Maintenance ; Booklet ; Engine oil: Drain or  
extract; renew oil filter and replenish engine oil .  
Check oil level:  
The oil level must not be above the max. mark - danger of damage  
to catalytic converter!  
Test conditions  
Engine oil temperature min. 60°C.  
Vehicle is level.  
Wait a few minutes after switching engine off to allow oil to flow  
back into sump.  
Test sequence  
– Pull out dipstick, wipe off with a clean cloth and insert it again  
to stop.  
– Pull out dipstick again and read oil level.  
Markings on dipstick:  
a - Do not top up oil.  
b - Oil may be replenished.  
c - Oil must be added.  
The oil level must not be above the max. marking -arrow 1- and  
not below the min. marking -arrow 2-.  
Rep. gr.17 - Lubrication  

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