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4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
Exhaust system (Tiguan)  
Do not bend the flexible joint in the front exhaust pipe by more  
than 10° because it might otherwise be damaged.  
Renew seals, gaskets and self-locking nuts.  
After working on the exhaust system, ensure that the system  
is not under stress and that there is sufficient clearance to the  
bodywork. If necessary, loosen clamp and align silencers and  
exhaust pipe so that sufficient clearance is maintained to the  
bodywork at all points and the mountings are evenly loaded.  
The exhaust manifold and the turbocharger are one compo‐  
nent, removing and installing ⇒ page 432 .  
CCTB, CCZA, CCZB, CCZC, CCZD) ⇒ page 546 .  
Assembly overview - exhaust system (engine codes CAWB,  
CCZA) ⇒ page 549 .  
Separating centre and rear silencers ⇒ page 550 .  
Align exhaust system free of stress ⇒ page 551 .  
Removing and installing catalytic converters with front exhaust  
pipe ⇒ page 552 .  
Installation position and specified torque of clamp  
⇒ page 556 .  
Checking exhaust system for leaks ⇒ page 557 .  
Assembly overview – exhaust system (engine codes CCTA, CCTB, CCZA,  
Rep. gr.26 - Exhaust system  

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