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4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
28 – Ignition system  
Repairing ignition system  
General notes on ignition system ⇒ page 561 .  
Safety precautions ⇒ page 561 .  
Assembly overview - ignition system ⇒ page 562 .  
Removing and installing ignition coils with output stages  
⇒ page 562 .  
Spark plug test data ⇒ page 565 .  
General notes on ignition system  
♦ The battery must be disconnected only with ignition switched  
off. If a coded radio is installed, ascertain code before discon‐  
necting battery.  
♦ Observe required procedures after connecting battery ⇒ Elec‐  
trical system; Rep. gr. 27 ; Disconnecting and reconnecting  
battery .  
♦ For trouble-free operation of electrical components, a voltage  
of at least 11.5 V is necessary.  
♦ After completing work, read event memory of engine control  
unit. Clear all events that may have been recorded while  
checks and repairs were carried out. If the event memory was  
cleared, the readiness code must be generated ⇒ Vehicle di‐  
agnostic tester “Guided Functions”.  
♦ If, after fault finding, repairs or component tests, the engine  
starts, runs for a short period and then stops, then the fault  
may be that the immobilizer is blocking the engine control unit.  
In this case, the control unit must be adapted ⇒ Vehicle diag‐  
nostic tester “Guided Functions”.  
Safety precautions  
To prevent injuries to persons and/or damage to the injection and  
ignition system, the following must be observed:  
♦ Do not touch or pull off ignition coils with output stage when  
engine is running or turning at starter speed.  
♦ Switch off ignition before connecting or disconnecting injection  
and ignition system wiring as well as test instrument cables.  
♦ If the engine has to be turned over at starting speed without it  
starting (e.g. compression test), first unplug the connectors  
from the ignition coils and the injectors. Read and delete event  
memory after completion of work.  
♦ Always switch off ignition before cleaning engine.  
♦ Disconnecting and connecting the battery must only be done  
with the ignition switched off, otherwise the engine control unit  
could be damaged.  
Note the following if testers and measuring instruments have to  
be used during a road test:  
♦ Test instruments and measuring equipment must always be  
secured to the rear seat and operated by a second person from  
this location.  
If test and measuring instruments are operated from front pas‐  
senger seat and the vehicle is involved in an accident, there is a  
1. Repairing ignition system  

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