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VW Passat B7 Service Manual ➜ 4.40 Road test: performing (driving behaviour, noises, air conditioner etc.)

Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
– Insert hand-cartridge gun with -VAS 6621- at rear end of guide  
rail -1- and turn it by 90° -2-.  
– Apply lubricant - G 060 751 A2- for guide rails in direction of  
-arrow 3- towards front of guide rail, applying uniform pressure  
while operating hand-cartridge gun .  
– Turn hand-cartridge gun with -VAS 6621- by 90° -4- and re‐  
move it -5-.  
– After lubricating, open and close panoramic sliding roof once,  
then remove excess grease.  
– Repeat the process on the other side of the vehicle.  
Faults found must always be rectified (repair measure).  
Wind deflector: clean.  
– Check wind deflector -1- for soiling. Thoroughly check lower  
part of wind deflector for soiling -arrows-.  
– Remove dirt deposits with e.g. wet and dry vacuum cleaner.  
– To remove insects and particles from the net and wind deflec‐  
tor frame, use a sponge and a soapy solution.  
Mixing ratio for soapy solution: 3 drops of washing-up liquid to 1  
litre of water  
Do not use a commercially available insect remover or other  
solvents, because these products have not been tested and  
– Then remove insects and particles using a vacuum cleaner  
with a suitable nozzle.  
The net on the wind deflector could be damaged if a wrong  
nozzle is used.  
– When doing this, ensure that no dirt drops into vehicle interior.  
Road test: performing (driving behav‐  
iour, noises, air conditioner etc.)  
Which of the following can be checked depends on vehicle equip‐  
ment and local conditions (urban/country).  
Check the following during a road test:  
♦ Engine: output, misfiring, idling speed, acceleration  
♦ Clutch: pulling away, pedal pressure, odours  
♦ Gear selection: ease of operation, stick position  
4. Descriptions of work:  
Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
♦ Automatic gearbox: Selector lever position, shift lock/ignition  
key removal lock, shift behaviour, dash panel insert display  
♦ Foot brake and handbrake: function, free travel and effective‐  
ness, pulling to one side, juddering, squeal  
♦ ABS function: pulsing must be felt at the brake pedal during  
ABS-regulated braking  
♦ Steering: function, steering free clearance, steering wheel  
centred when vehicle is travelling straight ahead  
♦ Tilting roof: function  
♦ Radio/radio navigation system: function, reception, GALA, in‐  
terference noise  
♦ Multi-function indicator (MFI): functions  
♦ Air conditioning system: check function (At low temperatures  
the function of air conditioner must be checked in a workshop).  
♦ Vehicle: pulls to one side when travelling straight ahead (level  
♦ Imbalance: wheels, drive shafts, propshaft  
♦ Noise/vibration: wheel bearing, exhaust system  
♦ Engine: hot starting behaviour  
Wheel securing bolts: tightening to  
specified torque  
♦ Pulling off wheel hub trim: ⇒ page 120  
♦ Pulling off wheel trim ⇒ page 121  
♦ Pulling off wheel bolt caps: ⇒ page 121  
♦ Loosening/tightening anti-theft wheel bolts ⇒ page 121  
♦ Tightening wheel bolts ⇒ page 122  
♦ Installing wheel centre cover, wheel bolt cover caps and wheel  
cover ⇒ page 122  
Pulling off wheel hub trim  
On vehicles with light alloy wheels do not lever wheel hub trim  
off with screwdriver, only use the special tool for this purpose  
(puller hook in vehicle tool kit).  
The puller hook -1- to remove the cover caps is located with the  
vehicle tool kit.  
– Hook puller hook into one drilling of wheel hub trim and pull off  
in -direction of arrow-.  
4. Descriptions of work:  

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