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VW Passat B7 Service Manual ➜ Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester

Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
Service sticker valid for vehicles to model year ►2013  
– Service sticker “Your next service”: Enter a cross in position  
for next oil change service or inspection service or legal check  
such as legislative inspection or gas system check (next serv‐  
ice due) and enter date and mileage.  
Service intervals ⇒ page 7  
– Attach sticker to driver side door pillar (B-pillar) -arrow-.  
Attaching “vehicle data sticker” in cus‐  
tomer service schedule:  
– Apply the lower of the two vehicle data stickers -arrow- in the  
service schedule.  
Entries in service schedule  
If a component is changed which has a change interval prescribed  
by the manufacturer, e.g. the toothed belt, the new change inter‐  
val begins at the time the component is changed.  
Therefore it is very important, every time a component is  
changed, to document this in the service schedule.  
This also applies to components which were changed before  
the regular change interval.  
Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
3. General information  
Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
♦ Diagnosis system - VAS 6160 A-  
♦ Diagnosis system VCI - VAS 6150 C-  
Ensure that the selected vehicle diagnostic tester is used only  
with the respective diagnostic cable.  
♦ During a road test, you must always secure testing and  
measuring equipment on the back seat.  
♦ Only a passenger may operate these devices while the  
vehicle is in motion.  
– Perform the following procedure:  
– Connect diagnostic line connector to diagnostic connection.  
– Switch on vehicle diagnostic tester .  
– Switch on ignition.  
Now follow information given on screen to start desired functions.  
Vehicle identification number  
♦ Vehicle identification number on lower edge of windscreen  
⇒ page 25  
♦ Vehicle identification number on bulkhead above coolant ex‐  
pansion tank ⇒ page 25  
♦ Significance of vehicle identification number ⇒ page 25  
3. General information  

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