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VW Passat B7 Service Manual ➜ Descriptions of work

Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
Descriptions of work:  
Swivel joints, axle mountings, coupling rod bearings and anti-roll  
bar rubber mountings: visual check for damage ⇒ page 38  
Activation of environment monitoring system (Front Assist):  
checking ⇒ page 39  
All-wheel drive coupling: changing oil ⇒ page 89  
Automatic headlight control and static cornering light: checking  
function ⇒ page 39  
Front passenger airbag: checking key switch and “ON/OFF func‐  
tion” ⇒ page 40  
Battery: checking battery terminal clamps for secure seating  
⇒ page 42  
Battery: checking with battery tester (always refer to workshop  
manual) ⇒ page 45 .  
Status of battery: reading, sending diagnosis protocol via online  
connection ⇒ page 45  
Tyres: checking condition, wear pattern, tyre pressure and tread  
depth ⇒ page 51  
Brake and clutch system: changing brake fluid ⇒ page 77  
Brake system and shock absorbers: inspecting for leaks and  
damage ⇒ page 81  
Brake fluid level: checking ⇒ page 84  
Brakes, front and rear: checking thickness of brake pads and  
condition of brake discs ⇒ page 82  
Diesel fuel filter: renewing ⇒ page 97  
Diesel particulate filter: checking ⇒ page 85  
Dual clutch gearbox 02E: changing gear oil and filter  
⇒ page 85  
Window regulators: checking positioning (open and close func‐  
tions) ⇒ page 86  
CNG tank: renewing ⇒ page 87  
Natural gas system: inspecting natural gas tank for corrosion and  
leakage ⇒ page 170  
Natural gas system: checking wax layer between natural gas fuel  
tank and fuel tank shut-off valve ⇒ page 175  
Natural gas filler connection and sealing cap: checking condition,  
cleaning if necessary and checking seal ⇒ page 87  
Fault memories of all systems: reading with vehicle diagnostic  
tester and correcting possible faults according to repair guidelines  
⇒ page 87  
Bonnet: greasing catch hook ⇒ page 88  
Gearbox, final drive and drive shaft bellows: inspecting for leaks  
and damage ⇒ page 88  
Interior and exterior body: inspecting for corrosion when doors  
and flaps are open ⇒ page 93  
Poly V-belt: renewing ⇒ page 93  
Poly V-belt: checking condition ⇒ page 93  
Cooling system: checking frost protection and coolant level  
⇒ page 95  
4. Descriptions of work:  
Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
Air filter: cleaning housing and renewing filter element  
⇒ page 99  
Multi-purpose additive for diesel fuel: adding ⇒ page 102  
Multi-purpose additive for petrol fuels: adding ⇒ page 104  
Memory seat: Perform initialisation ⇒ page 105  
Engine and components in engine compartment: inspecting for  
leaks and damage (from above and below) ⇒ page 105  
Engine cover panel “top”: removing and installing ⇒ page 106  
Engine compartment cover (noise insulation) “bottom”: removing  
and installing ⇒ page 109  
Oil level: checking ⇒ page 109  
Engine oil: draining or extracting; renewing oil filter and replen‐  
ishing engine oil ⇒ page 110  
Engine oil: capacities and specifications ⇒ page 116  
Panorama tilting/sliding roof with rear panorama roof: checking  
function, cleaning and greasing guide rails, and cleaning wind  
deflector ⇒ page 116  
Road test (performance, handling, noises, air conditioner etc.):  
carrying out ⇒ page 119  
Wheel securing bolts: tightening to specified torque ⇒ page 120  
Radio/radio navigation system: entering PIN of anti-theft coding  
and storing local radio stations to station buttons ⇒ page 124  
Radio code: reading using vehicle diagnostic tester ⇒ page 123  
Reducing agent (AdBlue /DEF): replenishing ⇒ page 46  
Reducing agent (AdBlue /DEF): changing ⇒ page 51  
Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator: performing basic setting  
⇒ page 124  
Tyre repair set: checking ⇒ page 127  
Window wash/wipe system and headlight washer system: check‐  
ing function ⇒ page 127  
Wiper blade protection: removing ⇒ page 131  
Headlight adjustment: checking halogen headlights ⇒ page 134  
Headlight adjustment: checking gas discharge headlights without  
DLA ⇒ page 137  
Headlight adjustment: checking gas discharge headlights with  
DLA ⇒ page 141  
Headlight adjustment: checking fog lights ⇒ page 147  
Sliding sunroof drains: checking for blockage, cleaning if neces‐  
sary ⇒ page 149  
Service interval display: resetting ⇒ page 149  
Service interval display: recoding ⇒ page 152  
Sunroof: checking function, cleaning and lubricating guide rails  
⇒ page 154  
Track rods: checking clearance, attachment and boots  
⇒ page 154  
Auxiliary heater: setting weekday in menu of dash panel insert  
⇒ page 154  
4. Descriptions of work:  
Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
Dust and pollen filter: cleaning housing and renewing filter ele‐  
ment ⇒ page 155  
Transportation mode: switching off ⇒ page 156  
Transportation devices: removing blocking pieces from springs  
on front axle ⇒ page 156  
Transportation devices: removing tie-down rings ⇒ page 158  
Door arrester: lubricating ⇒ page 160  
Clock and date: setting ⇒ page 161  
Underbody: inspecting for damage to underbody sealant, under‐  
body panels, routing of lines, plugs ⇒ page 161  
Camshaft drive toothed belt: renewing (diesel engines)  
⇒ page 161  
Spark plugs: renewing ⇒ page 162  
Swivel joints, axle mountings, coupling  
rod bearings and anti-roll bar rubber  
mounting: inspecting for damage  
– Check boots -arrow- of upper swivel joints for leaks and dam‐  
– Check also suspension link mountings -arrow- for following  
♦ Large cracks, perforating cracks or cuts in rubber material.  
♦ Complete separation of rubber and metal parts.  
♦ Large play between mounting and suspension link, which has  
a considerably negative effect on the function of the mounting.  
Superficial cracks and cuts as well as minor separations of the  
rubber element from the metal part do not significantly affect  
the operation of the elasto-kinematic mounting and do not  
constitute a basis for a complaint.  
Damage to the thin rubber skin over cavities due to construc‐  
tion is also permissible.  
Play between bearing and axle component is permissible as  
long as there is no negative effect on the function of the bear‐  
4. Descriptions of work:  

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