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VW Passat B7 Service Manual ➜ Reducing agent (AdBlue®/DEF): changing

Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
– Install spare wheel -2- (if available), tightening wing nut -3-  
– Insert foam part (if fitted) beneath floor covering.  
– Fold floor covering -1- down and pull forwards.  
After filling the reducing agent tank, switch on the ignition and  
leave it switched on for at least 30 seconds so that the system  
can detect the replenishment.  
Reducing agent (AdBlue®/DEF): chang‐  
⇒ 4-cylinder diesel engine (2.0 l engine, common rail, generation  
II); Rep. gr. 26 ; SCR system (selective catalytic reduction);  
Draining reducing agent tank  
Tyres: checking condition, wear pattern,  
tyre pressure and tread depth  
Checking condition of tyre ⇒ page 51 .  
Checking wear pattern ⇒ page 52  
Tread depth (including spare wheel): check ⇒ page 52 .  
General notes ⇒ page 52  
Tyre pressures, Passat Saloon ⇒ page 54  
Tyre pressures, Passat Estate ⇒ page 63  
Tyre pressures, Passat Estate "Alltrack" ⇒ page 74  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
♦ Tyre inflator - VAS 5216-  
Tyres: checking condition  
If damage is determined, always check to see if a new tyre  
should be fitted.  
4. Descriptions of work:  

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