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VW Passat B7 Service Manual ➜ 4.63 Clock and date: setting

Passat 2011 ➤ , Passat Variant 2011 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 01.2019  
Clock and date: setting  
Clock with buttons in dash panel insert  
The clock can be set when the time is displayed in the dash panel  
insert and is not overlaid with another display.  
The time is set using buttons -1- and -3- in the dash panel insert.  
– Press button -1- to mark the hours on dash panel insert dis‐  
– Press button -3- briefly to advance the time one hour. Keep  
the button pressed to fast-forward through the hours.  
– Press button -1- again to select minute display.  
– Press button -3- briefly to advance the time one hour.  
– Keep the button pressed to fast-forward through the minutes.  
– Press button -1- again to complete setting the clock.  
Underbody: inspecting for damage to  
underbody sealant, underbody panels,  
routing of lines, plugs  
During inspection, also check floor pan, wheel housings  
and sills.  
♦ Always ensure that all lines are secured in their mount‐  
ings, all plugs are available and that there is no visible  
damage on the underbody.  
♦ Faults found must always be rectified (repair measure).  
This inhibits corrosion and rusting through.  
Camshaft drive toothed belt (diesel en‐  
gines): renewing  
TDI common rail engines:  
– Removing and installing toothed belt:  
⇒ Rep. gr. 15 ; Cylinder head; Removing and installing toothed  
– Power unit→Select engine→Rep. Gr. 15→Cylinder head→Re‐  
moving, installing and tensioning toothed belt.  
For technical reasons it is possible that several cross references  
are not directed to the correct chapter. In this case select the pro‐  
cedure manually in the information.  
4. Descriptions of work:  

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