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VW Passat B8 Service Manual ➜ Poly V-belt: renewing

Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
♦ Area around trim strips  
♦ Windscreen roof edge  
♦ Outer and inner A-pillar  
♦ Inner and outer bonnet  
♦ Wheel arches  
♦ Inner and outer tailgate  
Poly V-belt: renewing  
Sequence of operations  
⇒ Rep. gr. 13; Cylinder block belt pulley end; Removing and  
installing poly V-belt  
Poly V-belt: checking condition  
Sequence of operations  
– Crank engine at vibration damper on pulley using a socket.  
Check poly V-belt -1- for:  
♦ Sub-surface cracks (cracks, core ruptures, cross-sectional  
♦ Layer separation (top layer, cord strands)  
♦ Base disruption  
♦ Frayed cord strands  
4. Descriptions of work  

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