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VW Passat B8 Service Manual ➜ Panorama sliding roof with rear panorama roof

Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
Panorama sliding roof with rear panor‐  
ama roof  
Only special lubricant may be used from the following vehi‐  
cle identification number.  
WVWZZZ3CZHP010945 (3G5)  
WVWZZZ3CZHE009158 (3G5)  
The lubricating paste used until now and the new special  
lubricant are not miscible.  
Lubricating paste G 060 751 is coloured grey and easy to  
detect. The new special lubricant G 060 567 is colourless  
and barely noticeable.  
Employing the new special lubricant results in a new proce‐  
dure in the course of servicing.  
A differentiation is made between countries with high dust ⇒  
page 37 and low dust levels.  
In countries with low dust levels, only function and noise are  
checked. In countries with high dust levels, the panorama  
sliding roof must continue to be cleaned and lubricated.  
An inspection must be carried out to determine which grease  
is in the area of the guide rails.  
Panorama sliding roofs in which lubricating paste G 060 751  
was used must continue to be cleaned and greased.  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
♦ Lint-free cloth  
♦ Brush  
♦ Lubricating paste G 060 751  
♦ Or  
♦ Special grease G 060 567 A2  
♦ Wet and dry vacuum cleaner  
Noise and function: checking ⇒ page 140  
Guide rails: cleaning and lubricating ⇒ page 141  
Wind deflector: cleaning ⇒ page 142  
Seals: checking for damage and cleaning ⇒ page 142  
Noise and function: checking  
– Check roof system for damage.  
– Check function of roof system, i.e. open and close glass  
panel and sliding headliner/roller blind completely.  
Other than the noises associated with normal operation there  
should be no unusual noises, such as chattering, squeaking,  
clicking, nor should there be any vibration.  
4. Descriptions of work  
Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
Cleaning and greasing guide rails and  
mechanism support  
– Open roof system completely and remove loose particles of  
dust in guide rails in advance using a wet and dry vacuum  
– Remove residual grease and dirt from guide rails using iso‐  
propanol and a lint-free cloth.  
– Lubricate inside and outside of whole guide rail -arrows-.  
– Repeat the process on the other side of the vehicle.  
4. Descriptions of work  
Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
– Clean coarse dirt from support for mechanism -1- using a  
grease-free brush or a lint-free cloth.  
– Grease support for mechanism -1- using a brush.  
– Repeat the process on the other side of the vehicle.  
– After lubricating, open and close roof system once complete‐  
ly and then remove excess grease.  
Ensure that no other components are soiled.  
Faults found must always be rectified (repair measure).  
Wind deflector: cleaning  
Glass panel completely open.  
– Clean net and frame of wind deflector -1- with a sponge and  
soap solution.  
– Remove loose particles of dirt from wind deflector slot  
-arrows- using an industrial vacuum cleaner.  
– Close glass panel completely.  
Seals: checking for damage and clean‐  
– Bring glass panel -1- into tilt position  
– Check seal on rear glass panel -2- for damage and then  
4. Descriptions of work  
Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
– Open glass panel -1- completely.  
– Check seal on roof -3- for damage.  
– Clean seal on roof -3- and sealing surfaces on glass panel  
Road test: performing (driving behav‐  
iour, noises, air conditioner etc.)  
Which of the following can be checked depends on vehicle  
equipment and local conditions (urban/country).  
Check the following during a road test:  
♦ Engine: output, misfiring, idling speed, acceleration  
♦ Clutch: pulling away, pedal pressure, odours  
♦ Gear selection: ease of operation, stick position  
♦ Automatic gearbox: Selector lever position, shift lock/ignition  
key removal lock, shift behaviour, dash panel insert display  
♦ Foot brake and handbrake: function, free travel and effec‐  
tiveness, pulling to one side, juddering, squeal  
♦ ABS function: pulsing must be felt at the brake pedal during  
ABS-regulated braking  
♦ Steering: function, steering free clearance, steering wheel  
centred when vehicle is travelling straight ahead  
♦ Tilting roof: function  
♦ Radio/radio navigation system: function, reception, GALA,  
interference noise  
♦ Multi-function indicator (MFI): functions  
♦ Air conditioning system: check function (At low temperatures  
the function of air conditioner must be checked in a work‐  
♦ Vehicle: pulls to one side when travelling straight ahead (lev‐  
el road).  
♦ Imbalance: wheels, drive shafts, propshaft  
♦ Noise/vibration: wheel bearing, exhaust system  
♦ Engine: hot starting behaviour  
Wheel securing bolts: tightening to  
specified torque  
♦ Pulling off wheel hub trim: ⇒ page 144  
4. Descriptions of work  

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