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VW Passat B8 Service Manual ➜ Clock and date: setting

Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
– To rectify dents, slide bellows upwards, reach inside the  
bellows with your hand and press out the dents.  
– Check that bellows are properly engaged in axial bearing:  
♦ Correct position: bellows can be turned around rotational  
axis while seated in axial bearing.  
♦ Otherwise pull bellows all-round out of axial bearing by one  
♦ After that, the bellows should be able to be turned around  
rotational axis.  
Clock and date: setting  
Setting time and date in Infotainment system  
– Switch on ignition.  
– Switch on Infotainment system.  
– Press Infotainment button CAR.  
– Press Setup function button.  
– Press Time and date function button.  
– Select function button Time and set current time.  
– Select function button Date set current date.  
Underbody: inspecting for damage to  
underbody sealant, underbody panels,  
routing of lines, plugs  
During inspection, also check floor pan, wheel housings  
and sills.  
♦ Always ensure that all lines are secured in their mountings,  
that all plugs are available and that there is no visible  
damage on the underbody.  
♦ Faults found must always be rectified (repair measure).  
This inhibits corrosion and rusting through.  
Warning stickers, Passat GTE: check‐  
There are warning stickers on all high-voltage components.  
When performing maintenance work, make sure that these  
warning stickers are not soiled or damaged and are present  
on all high-voltage components.  
4. Descriptions of work  

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